Thursday, June 26, 2008

A cleverless title

We are in the midst of Vacation Bible School this week. Boy and I have been beyond blessed with a great group of kids this year that are so thirsty for His word. This is not a group of kids that we teach during regular Sundays, so it is such a joy to get to get to know a new group and hear their hearts. I love it!

But we are worn out with a capital w. That explains my lack of blog posting.

I'm sitting here weighing out my pros and cons of working out. I'm not sure if I have the strength.

And speaking of working out. I wanted to share with y'all a delicious carb filled recipe that I am loving.

Pretzels!! It's super easy and oh so good...go here for the recipe. I hunted around for a good one when boy needed to take a "manly" snack to a bible study. Apparently they were a hit. Boy loves adding some cinnamon and sugar on top and I like mine with a side of marinara sauce.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Goodbye Graham

Okay, so I've been looking forward to tonight's Bachelorette since...well the beginning of this season. I love the hometown dates I tell you! And today I was gone all afternoon and thought I had seasoned passed all the episodes with Tivo. Well it was not. Tivo why can't you read my mind?? I had a pretty good inkling driving home that I had messed up and it was not being recorded. So I speed hoping to catch as much as I could, but I had already missed an hour. Bummer!

So this is going to be a partial discussion until the episode gets posted on the website. Sorry...I think if there was a fan club and I was a little off my rocker and was a member than this would get me kicked out.

So I picked up right when DeAnna meets up with Jason. And when they head over to meet Ty, his son, could we so not have just added some wedding bells and ended it there? The tears would not stop flowing as he ran to meet his son. I'm a sucker for dad's crying. Gets me every time. So I'm sitting there, tears flowing, waiting for her to go find a rosebush and pick a rose and say here "will you except this final rose...marry me". So that did not happen. But his family was adorable along with his son. Pick him DeAnna!

I hated that she had to go meet Graham. He's extremely easy on the eyes, but she might as well be talking to a brick wall. And was that not a tiny bit odd that he gave her a jersey with his last name on it? I loved his family, but the whole hometown date was so awkward because the chemistry was not there. I was not shocked to see him go. It was thoughtful that he wrote her a note, but just a few weeks late dude!

Sorry for such a disappointing discussion. I'm anxious to see Jesse and Jeremy's dates tomorrow. I'll add on then, but do comment on what you thought about tonight's episode.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The missing phone

We have a missing phone.

It's somewhere around the house.

But it's battery is dead.

Are y'all feeling this familiar woe?

Hardly anyone ever calls on the house phone except the telemarketers, parents and Judy. So, it's not an urgent need with 2 other phones still kicking. It would just be nice. The other night I decided to begin an extensive search. I began with the sofa cushions, then underneath the sofa, then under the bed, in the office, the spare rooms and then the car. Yes, the car because there was that one embarrassing time where I was talking on the home phone and was very deep into a conversation. I wish I could tell you that the conversation was on something really theological, but I doubt it got further than the discussion of what kind of car Angelina Jolie must drive with all those kids. Would you fall of your seat if I told you I graduated cum laude? Yes, it is so. So, I got halfway down the street and turned around when the connection was lost. Don't judge, we all have our days.

But my search proved useless. I came up with nothing just some dog toys, an empty water bottle and some dust. And back on the to-do list the missing phone goes.

Pug Proofed

Y'all make me smile.

I should go ahead and apologize for the false hope of yesterday's blog title. I hadn't even put the two together until I read the comments. And they made me laugh.

But the talk of kids does provide a great intro into today's post...and no we are not having one anytime soon. In fact I think I might have to push my biological clock back 10 more years after a recent trip to Babies "R" Us to get an item off a friends registry. Although the cute itty bitty shoes melt my heart, the bottle aisle filled with preggars and their registry scanners really wore me out. A gazillion brands of bottles and then since when did baby bottles come in levels?...oh yeah and some of the levels carry toxins. Needless to say I opted for a less intimidating item off the list and headed across the street for a Chick-fil-a Dr. Pepper. Because I earned it.

And to solve the pressures of family events and the burning question everyone asks, boy and I have decided to make shirts to solve that. We are down to..."Your kids will babysit our kids..."If you ask we will give your kid candy"...and my favorite "10 more years of sleeping in". Now y'all don't be stealing my ideas, or if you do send me a free shirt. I look good in black.

Anyway, back to my original post. Have I mentioned that my house if fully baby/pug proofed. This really throws repair folks and visitors off when they come in, see the baby gates and say "oh how old is your kid?" and I reply "36 months and he's four-legged". The look is truly priceless as they figure that one out. And then they meet pug and it makes way too much sense as he proceeds to show off his unlimited supply of energy. This past year we really had to cut-off pug's roaming square footage so I added some double-door latches and blocked off the upstairs so he could no longer sit at the top of the stairs and mock me pretending like he hadn't just destroyed something.

I think I have finally out smarted him.

Monday, June 16, 2008

And then there were 4

I must keep the Bachelorette posts alive for the 3 of y'all reading...

Okay two things we learned, Twilley is not a supermodel, bless his heart and Sean has more clothes in his closet than I do.

I have to say a pretty uneventful evening. I sort of got the feeling from the beginning of the episode that she was keeping around Jeremy, Jason and Graham. Just wasn't sure who the 4th was...Sean or Jesse? And what about the date with Jeremy, how cool would dinner in Frank Sinatra's house have been?

I'm ready for the hometown dates. It's always fun to watch people with their families. You really get to see who they are. I really haven't been watching too much of the Bachelor the last 4 years, but did see a rerun where one lady hired actors to play her parents. Anyone see that? That was hysterical.

Oh and I ruined boy's night by making him watch a little bit of the Bachelorette with me. He's scarred for life, but I reminded him of the pain I've endured watching the NBA Finals so that kept him quiet. He did help me out by solving the mystery of who DeAnna looked like...Rachel Ray. There's nothing more frustrating then thinking someone looks like someone then not being able to figure it out. Thank you boy.
I will sleep better tonight.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day + 1 day! I hope everyone had a great weekend and spent it spoiling the dads in your life. I was so bummed we couldn't spend it with my dad, but I'm sure my mom did a fantastic job of waiting on him all day. I wish I had enough room in a post to tell you what an amazing dad I've been blessed with. He's the funniest, kindest, most lovable person...oh and so I can score some Christmas points the best golfer around. All kidding aside, I love you dad!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

a birthday pug

Tomorrow is pug's 3rd birthday. Whoa! And yesterday we had our first milestone...pug fell asleep on the couch.

Yes, minor I know, but when you have a four-legged friend made with a dash of ADD and a heaping of curiosity...well, it was a wonderful moment to watch television and not have to shout "No" or chase after suspicious bang and crash sounds. Pug has never just sat or snoozed anywhere besides his bed or travel carrier. We trained him to sleep in his kennel as a baby and now we baby gate him into the laundry room where he has 2 beds piled on top of one another because I'm so mean at won't get him a sleep number bed. Anyway, it's quiet in there and he knows to sleep when he is in there.

When boy found out of his new trick he couldn't help but ask, "Is he sick?"

"Nope, just normal"

Monday, June 9, 2008

Adios Robert

It's Bachelorette Monday!
3 down...6 to go...and Twiggy um I mean Twilley is resilient. I thought for sure he would be the one sent home at the rose ceremony, but poor Brian was sent packing instead. I sure wish they'd edit in some of Twilley and DeAnna's conversations, because I don't think I saw one tonight. And did he even sing a song for her?

Loved the date with Jesse, he looked adorable all jazzed up in his tuxedo. He is so I'm just afraid she may turn around and break his heart. I really don't see the connection there.

I have to admit I was glad to see Robert go. He seemed a little high on himself, but boy I didn't see it coming when she came back outside and let Fred go too. Such a sweetheart. It's first class of her to not leave them hanging, but I hate to see the good ones like Fred and Brian go.

And then the party...anyone left confused. I think it might be the way it was edited again, because I feel like we really missed what set DeAnna off. One minute everyone was hanging out having fun then the next she was ticked that everyone wasn't around her.

Still loving Jeremy & Jason. I'm ready for the hometown dates...those are always my favorites. Any thoughts.

Shower Survivor

Mission accomplished the baby shower went off completely smooth...except for the fact that I got so busy that I did not get to go around and take pictures before everyone arrived. I did have one of the guests send me what she took. I did a baby book shower theme, which turned out great. Everyone brought one of there favorite children's books and then I had everyone sign a copy of "Guess How Much I Love" instead of doing advice cards. I will most definitely be doing this theme again.

And I really meant to take a picture of the corsage (from the post below) just to show y'all. I took everyone's advice and ended up going through with the plan. I just attached two pacis to one of those $2 bows that all you do is pull the string and it turns into a super big bow and then added a safety pin to the back. Super cheap, super easy!

My mother-in-law is the cupcake and cookie guru. She still doesn't believe me when I tell her she needs to start a bakery and hire me as the chief cupcake tester. Adding ribbon to fondant cookies is genius I tell you!

Cookie bouquet used as a centerpiece

Sorry the food picture is so small.

and a cookie for the road

Okay no more baby shower talk. I'll be back with Bachelorette talk later.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Corsage

My word! I'm flopping in the blogging department. Boy has been on vacation this week, so the days seem to be flying by without blogging time. So much to catch you up on!

This weekend I'm hosting a baby shower. I've been super excited and feeling totally prepared and then last night it hit that I'm in complete denial and am no where near prepared when I started pulling out recipes and cleaning bathrooms. I sat down wrote a huge list out organizing everything I needed at La Super Target, so when I was out on my errands I could knock it all out in one stop. That will solve it all.

Well, it will only solve it all if you remember to bring the list with you when you go shopping. I realized I was listless as I walked through the Target doors. I pulled myself together and decided I'll just go down each aisle and hope that my memory would help me out.

And that brings me to my next point. If you decide to do that make sure you did not skip breakfast and lunch because 2 hours and 35 minutes in Target un-feed well make you extremely weak and fussy.

But I made it out alive with food for the shower, a baby gift, an outfit to wear, 1 weeks worth of groceries and a noteworthy idea to substitute a "mommy-to-be" sash.

So, I got this great idea with this cute bow that I would attach something baby like to it for the mommy to wear. I started with socks and then thought no that's lame, how about a paci. I bought a package of pacifiers to match the decor, got home started assembling it and realized how it would look when the corsage was placed on the guest of honor.

Oh yeah so didn't think this through...I hope your getting this by the way.

And about that time boy walked through the room stopped and burst into laughter going "Are you grandma's going to be at this shower!"

I think this mom to be may just have to go sash less to keep this shower G rated.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Rejected Ron

Excuse my lack of blogging in the last week. We got hit with a big storm, which in turn wiped out the internet, phones, cable and surged a tv, xbox and sprinkler system. It was a long week.

But we got the ole' cable back up for The Bachelorette. And can we say pass the tissues? I love Jason even more after this episode. I teared up as she told him about her mom, but then when she gave him the certificate with the star named after Ty...who didn't lose it there? Mascara alert!

Okay and Twilley, although tonight I called him Twiggy because the boy needs to eat some carbs...someone please tell me why he got a rose? Not really understanding that. We had to have missed a conversation between them that radiated some sort of chemistry because I'm not seeing it.

And Ron...that boy wore me out. If it makes you sleep better at night to think you were just "not chosen" then be my guest. I'm jumping back, but I can't seem to remember the exact event that has caused him to despise Jeremy so much.

So great episode! I'm going to make a huge prediction here and say Jeremy and Jason will make the final two. I know it's early, but I've got that Bachelor gut feeling. Let me know your thoughts!