Wednesday, May 29, 2013

fun finds

Declan's 1st package came in the mail and I just had to share because I think this is such a ridiculously genius and cute company.  It's called The Little Book Club.  I found them through the Plum District deal site (another addicting site).  I thought it might be fun to try it out to help build up his little library.   You put in your child's age and each month there is a theme and they send you 3 age appropriate books.  Think birch box, but with books.

Look addressed just for him...melt a expecting mommies heart!

This month's theme was Love.  Perfect!

We got 3 perfect books that I can't wait to read him.

I just love it and had to share because would this not make the cutest shower gift?  I'm hooked so I'm going to give do a few more months too.  I don't think one baby can have to many storybooks for bedtime!  So genius!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

weekend randomness

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!  A huge thank you to all who have served or are serving our country and the families at home supporting them.  We are so humbled and grateful for your sacrifices.  I thought I'd wrap up this weekend with some random thoughts since I'm struggling to make cohesive sentences these days.

1.  I hit my all time low this week with pregnancy brain when I checked out at Kroger's self checkout and when it asked if I wanted cash back on my debit purchase I hit yes.  Then 20 minutes later at Chick-fil-a realized I never grabbed said cash.  Ugh!  With a hot car full of groceries and my lunch I waddled back into the grocery store fairly certain it would be gone, but would be too ticked at myself if I didn't try.  The self checkout lady spotted me and said "forget something".  Praise the Lord it was returned.  Super grateful for the person that turned it in.  With the combo of pregnancy brain and the heat I'm a bit worried about myself.

2.  After all my years and orders off I got my first scam.  I had contacted someone about making Declan's crib bumper and we got a design in place and I mailed off the fabric to him/her.  I've now learned this business was a scam.  I'm usually so careful about spotting this, but boy this person had me fooled.  Who's out their making scams on custom baby bedding, seriously?  I've reported it and filed it with etsy.  We shall see.  Just breaks my heart.  So word to careful.  But I still adore etsy :-)

3.  Anyone have a breech baby before?  It really started to get painful over the last few days.  I can feel his head just hanging out in the rib cage.  Laying flat on the floor is about the only comfort I can get which isn't awkward at all.  I've spent the afternoon googling wive's tales on turning breech babies.  Anyone have any experience on this?

4.  While I've been hanging out on the hard floor I have finally started "Scandal" on netflix.  So far enjoying it.  Not as good as some dramas, but better than others.  I'm also a tiny bit obessed with her wardrobe.  "Downtown Abbey" is next on my's been there for awhile.  Oh and loving "Motive" too that premiered this week.  Thank goodness for because I finally had to pause it and find out where I have seen the main character chick before.  She was on "The Killing" so thankfully that mystery got solved because it was driving me crazy trying to place her.  And very thrilled for "Arrested Development" tomorrow!!  Any other shows I should check out this summer? 

Have great weekend everyone!  

Thursday, May 23, 2013

the one where we take a tour

Last week boy and I took a tour of the hospital where Declan will be born.  Which let me tell you was just as exciting as it sounds.  I saw the tours listed on the website and figured this might be a wise idea, so come July we are not recreating a scene from a cheesy 90's flick where the husband does 90 mph to the hospital and then flies over the curb to the entrance barely missing the ambulance casually unloading someone then running inside screaming "my wife is having a baby!!".  I was a little disappointed to discover this is not how it's done.  I was sort of envisioning a "Nine Months" meets "Father of the Bride 2" scenario.

So, we found our group and filed in a line of waddling preggos and overwhelmed dads and began the tour with our tour guide, who bless her heart, was so enthusiastic you would have thought we were touring the Smithsonian.  Anyway, as soon as we stepped onto the labor and delivery floor I turned to boy and asked why the room was spinning.  It wasn't.  It didn't help my panic attack when we ventured into an actual delivery room and while I'm focused on not hitting the floor I can see boy checking out the tv situation wondering if ESPN is part of the room package.  Thankfully, I was successful at not making a fool of myself and keeping it together.  I have a feeling the next time I'm there I really won't care.

All in all I'm really glad we did the tour.  I'm glad they offer it and it was full of great information.  Since the hospital is new to us with our move I had never been there before and now feel really confident that we're in good hands.

As we concluded the tour our guide asked if we had any particular questions about the whole process.

"Um yeah, so is this going to hurt?"

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

{27 weeks} & {28 weeks}

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all you wonderful mamas, grandmothers and mamas to be!  I had such a special 1st mother's day.  Boy treated this mama-to-be like a queen, my family did too and then I had so many wonderful friends text/call to make it that much more special.  I just felt so blessed by all the love and encouragement our precious friends provide me.  I hope you had all had a good one too.

I combined the last two bump updates.  Sorry I hope these aren't getting too boring.
How far along?  27 weeks
Weight gain: about 20 total
Maternity Clothes?  yep, still able to fit in some pre-preggo tops.
Stretch marks?  a few...very worth it though.
Sleep?  pretty good this week. 
Best moment of the week?  sonogram!!  we even got to see Declan yawn during it.  best moment ever!
Food cravings?  root beer and hummus
Symptoms?  declan is still really hanging out low so i'm having some pelvic pain.
Gender?  baby boy named declan!
 What I'm looking forward to? the sonogram appointment and seeing his sweet face.  did find out that he's breach right come july i may have to whip out some hand stands.

(let's be geniuses and take this by the garage while i face the sun)

How far along?  28 weeks
Weight gain: about 20 total
Maternity Clothes?  i heart maxi-dresses!
Stretch marks?  a few...very worth it though.
Sleep?  ugh not so much.
Best moment of the week?  seeing his nursery come along...can't wait to show you!
Food cravings? trader joe highbrow chocolate chip cookies (oh goodness do i love these)
Symptoms? feeling pretty good.  i have started having some braxton hicks late at night.  i think that's why sleep hasn't been so great this past week.
Gender?  baby boy named declan!
 What I'm looking forward to? celebrating boy's birthday on the 13th, mother's day, going on a hospital tour and celebrating my birthday on the 20th.  may is a busy month for us.

Friday, May 10, 2013

book shopping

I love when I can report back on my monthly reads with some good stuff.  I'm trying to soak up the last few months with as many books as I can while I have the time and energy before Declan comes.  So here's what been on my nightstand.


"The Storyteller" by Jodi Picoult  I have to say that it's been a few years since I bothered picking up one of her books.  The last few I did read seemed to mirror her other pieces too much for me and I just gave up.  I had read a review about her latest though and everyone was raving that this was her best yet so I got brave and picked it up.  Could not put it down!  Loved the storyline of this book and it was so well written you get hooked very easily.


 "Wedding Night" by Sophie Kinsella  I have a deep love for a Kinsella read if you haven't noticed from my previous book posts.  I just think they are the perfect summer read.  I'm about halfway down with this and have loved it.  I did like her last two, but I think so far this one rates higher for me.

"The Happiest Baby on The Block" by Dr. Harvey Kemp Yeah so apparently, their is a dvd version of this book and I learn that halfway through reading it.  Great read...will put it to the test in July.  Also, boy has informed me he'll just hunt down the dvd rather reading it.

To Read: 

"Heart of the Matter" by Emily Griffin  Can you sense I'm on a chick-lit role right now.  I bought this a few months ago and need to get around to reading it.


"The Kitchen House" by Kathleen Grissom  I've heard really good things about this book as well so I'm hoping to pick it up this month.

So, I'd love to hear what's on your nightstand or kindle.  Any summer must reads we should check out?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

adventures in registering

I have to be totally honest.  The whole registering thing totally overwhelms me.  Before I was pregnant it seemed fun and then that first trip into a baby store when your pregnant makes you want to grab a boppy and curl up in the corner of babies"r"us and cry.  And then take a nap because walking around any store preggo is exhausting. 

Although we've had one shower and received quite a few things for Declan I still thought it be fun and not to late to enlist the help of you awesome blog mama's for some advice.  I'd love to know what was the best thing you registered for and the thing you wish you hadn't because it never got used.  With 50 different infant tubs and a gazillion pacis on the market it's a bit stressful so hopefully this will help some other preggo mom that stumbles upon this too.

I have to add ironically, that I didn't register at Babies"R"Us or Buy Buy Baby.  I feel like a preggo rebel breaking the code.  I ended up going with another physical store and then (have loved using for years and I just feel like free shipping is a huge plus and their 20% off first orders to the gift giver is a huge score).

So spill mamas...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

i heart the bluthes!

I feel like I should be really embarrassed about this, but I'm not.

I am over the moon-counting down the days-pumped that one of my all time favorite shows is coming back the end of this month..."Arrested Development".

Insert me squealing. 

Boy and I have a deep love for this show and it was such a shame it was taken off the air too soon.  This is one of those shows that is so quick witted and has such a brilliant cast you can't help but watch it over and over.  But pinch me I'm dreaming that netflix is releasing the 4th season at the end of this month.  Happy birthday month to me!

Source: via Bianca on Pinterest

Oh and I should probably also include my excitement that Boy Meets World is coming back at the end of the year.  I mean what kid of the 90's did not live for TGIF and Corey and Topanga?  Very excited that this is coming back too...I'm just pretending that it seriously has not been 13 years since it was on and I am really getting that old.

Now if we could just get a "Friends" reunion going all would be right in the world.