Wednesday, July 30, 2014

recycling the soundtrack to my life

We had to take everything down from the attic when we had a water softener put in last week.  Not super fun to do when it's 100 degrees outside, but we used this opportunity to do a major purge on some junk that shouldn't have even made the last two moves.  It feels good.  Those college textbooks we held on to because it literally felt like throwing out hundred dollar bills.  Gone.  Christmas Decor I didn't put up last year.  Gone.  My rather large CD collection aka my life's soundtrack.  Gone. Eek!

This last one was not so much my idea.  But I got tired of hearing my husband's laughter every time he tossed another Now That's What I Call music CD into the trash and poke fun at my soundtrack collection.  What can I saw I went through a very big soundtrack phase in high school.  Borderline intervention from Hastings.  But no worries I've come to terms that it's been years since I've used a CD since everything is downloaded these days.  I did steal back from the trash my very first CD I ever bought...the Free Willy Soundtrack.  5th grade.  Good times what can I say.  So I'm curious do your remember your first CD?  You must share!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

declan's hundred acre woods

We had sweet Declan's First Birthday celebration this weekend!  Oh how fast this year went.  It turned out precious.  I had another theme in mind when I first started party planning, but a friend gave some good advice that you kind of only get one opportunity to do something a little be "babyish" and sweet before it's all trucks and superheros so that's when I decided to do a classic Pooh theme.  Declan has a classic stuffed Pooh that my parent's gave him for Christmas and he snuggles with it every night so it was perfect.  Here's a little glimpse of Declan's Hundred Acre Woods Party.

 I just loved his invitations I ordered off etsy and then printed myself.

 We had our water softener installed this week and it came on a wood pallet.  As soon as I saw it I told the hubby not to toss it or let it get trashed and I just sawed off some pieces and painted the wording on with craft paint I had on hand.  You can't go wrong with free.

A burlap banner spelled out "declan is one" and hung above the food table.


 Thankful for pinterest for the help in making a chalkboard sign in photoshop.

 If there was a "rumbly in your tumbly"...

On the menu we had:
Pooh's Honey Ham Sliders
Tigger Tails (chocolate covered pretzel rods with orange melts drizzled on top)
Piglet's in a Blanket (pigs in a pretzel blanket)
Rabbit's Garden Pasta Salad
Eeyore's feelin' (Blue)berry cobbler
Honey Hibiscus Iced Tea
Instead of a cake I got cupcakes and made some cute much easier then cutting a cake

Our sweet friend made his smash cake.  It was gluten free, low sugar and made with all natural dyes.  A healthy cake was perfect for a babies first taste at the good stuff.  And honestly it was delicious.  Everyone kept tasting it and raving about it.  Loved his little "hunny pot" smash cake and so did the birthday boy!

And that wraps up our tour of Declan's Hundred Acre Wood!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

twelve months

dear declan,

oh sweet boy i'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it's been one year since you came into this world and we got to hold you for the first time.  what a year it has been. that's one year of snuggles.  one year of your sweet smiles.  one year of staring into your beautiful blue eyes.  one year of calling you mine.  this past year has been everything.  you are our everything and the years before you somehow don't seem as meaningful or worthy as this last year has.  i have these simple moments that i try to grab hold to remember forever.  like when it's just you and me and you grab my cheeks with your chubby fingers and stare into my eyes and you smile so big and coo so hard and i can't help but think it doesn't get any better then this. and if it does i don't think my heart can take it.

at 12 months, little man, you are filling out weighing around 21 pounds and sporting 12 months clothes.  enjoy those dimples on your legs now, because once you hit 30 no one will be gawking and ahhing at them then.  you wear a size 4 diaper.  you're also babbling up a storm.  we've gotten mama, apple and bubble out of you speech wise.  your poor daddy has been so patient and so eager for you to say dada.  you're so close though.  you've really taken off this month crawling around and exploring your surroundings.  i love watching you discover new things like the door catchers.  thru your little eyes those things are just the coolest and it's precious to see you figure it all out.

we celebrated your birthday with lots of family and close friends.  everyone couldn't wait to see you dig into your smash cake and you didn't disappoint.  you did exactly what i thought you would, sort of take your time and be cautious about it and then on your own time dug into it.  it was a precious moment.  

you've blessed our lives so much sweet boy.  happy 1st birthday declan!!

all my love,

Friday, July 18, 2014

someone is one!

i had declan's one year pictures done this week and our sweet photographer sent me a few sneak peeks.  melt my heart i love this little boy.  if anyone needs me i'll be curled up in the fetal position bawling that my baby is already one.  happy birthday my sweet boy!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

eleven months

dear declan,

my sweet eleven month old...almost one year old!  how is that?  this month you have mastered crawling.  it's a whole new world for both of us.  i'm having a hard time adjusting to the fact that i used to be able to sit you down on the floor run grab something and you'd just be hanging out where i left you 2 seconds ago.  now if i do that i have to go on a hunt to find you.  you're so quick, but thankfully you've usually just gone to find me.  the other day you and the pugs followed me into the other room one by one.  it was like follow the leader...i couldn't help but laugh at the sight.

you're weighing around 22 pounds, in 12 month clothing and wearing a size 4 diaper.  your beautiful red hair is really starting to thicken up and there are these curls on your chubby little neck that are to die for.  oh how i pray you keep that red hair.  you have the sweetest personality.  you're a bit shy meeting new people, but it doesn't take you long to flash them one of your precious smiles.  you're always laughing too.

we had to lower the crib this month because you started standing up in it.  so now when you wake up from a nap or in the mornings you're standing up babbling away...sometimes screaming at me too if i don't get you fast enough.   the other morning i walked in and you were standing up in bed with your pants off.  how you got those off still remains a mystery.

i love you so much little man.  you've started giving hugs to me and it just melts me.  i'm so blessed to be your mama and hope you never stop giving me your precious hugs.

all my love,