Wednesday, June 30, 2010

summer tivoing

Around mid-May I always boo-hoo about my regular tv shows ending and whine to boy how September is like FOREVER away and I might not make it without getting my weekly dosage of the Walkers or Michael Scott's hilarious antics.  Somehow I make it.  Most likely thanks to the awesomeness of my favorite summer show, {Big Brother}, which in only 8 days away!  I cannot wait!  Some families spend their late summer evenings having picnics and roasting marshmellows, mine on the other hand can most definitely be found plopped in front of the tv devouring the loveliness of HOH competitions, POV, slop and Miss Julie.  Reality tv at it's finest folks.

There's also a couple other summer shows that I've been enjoying.

1. {Hot in Cleveland}- this show is so funny.  I can't even begin to tell you what a huge Golden Girls fan I am so that the wonderous Betty is back on a sitcom is music to my ears!

2. {Design Star}- my addiction to all HGTV lures me on this one.  They seem to be doing it a little differently this year, not digging a musical instrument competition though.  I hope they start redoing actually rooms soon.

3. {Food Network Challenge}- always a yummy summer favorite.  I was so happy Melissa won last summer!

4. {Wipeout}- Is there anything funnier than grown-ups hopping across giant rubber balls?

5. {Bethenny Getting Married?}- she cracks me up with her one liners.  I'd love to have lunch with this woman.

I'm sure I'm missing some with me being the reality show junkie that I am.  I also have to share that I've discovered {Party of Five} on DVD.  Boy is totally making fun of me for this one...he's made it known I'm going to be a Party of One watching it.  I'm loving it though...I was a little too young to watch it when it first came out, but compared to what's on tv now it's like a Disney movie.  I think my {Lost} & Jack withdrawls drove me too it ha!

What's on your Tivo/DVR this summer?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

meet my secretary

have y'all met my secretary before?  he really is the laziest worker ever...

see, he gets fired at least twice a day for sleeping on the job...

{there better be a really good reason for waking me up}

{i'm debating on going on strike...let me just try out this arm rest first}

{now i'm just going to rest my chin on this desk while i check a few e-mails}

{is that a bird out there?!?!...i think i see a bird}

{i'd like to discuss a raise in treats for all my hard work}

Monday, June 28, 2010

subway scripture art part 2

So many of you had asked how I made my scripture subway art, and my apologizes for taking forever to tell you.  I actually used this wonderful tutorial as an inspiration and kind of tweaked a few thing here and there.

I'm not super handy with tools and wood so I used just a simple piece of medium density fiberboard...or faux wood.  It's a little cheaper (about $9) and the end result turned out just fine.  I had it cut down at Home Depot for free then came home and primed it.

I loved her idea for creating the stenciling, but unfortunately it is so humid here I had a really huge problem with getting the letters to stick.  Next time all though it'd be a little more time consuming I might trace and hand paint.  Also, I think it would look super cute to get some stencils like these for a different look    I used a beige/gray spray paint for the top coat, then because mine looked funky (not a good funky) once I peeled the letters back I spent a good time touching up each letter.  Then to give it a more distressed look and hide the imperfections the humidity caused I pulled out my sander and roughed it up.  Finally, I went back and brushed on and then wipped off my favorite glaze Ralph Lauren Tea-Stained to finish it off.

If I missed something don't hesitate to ask.  

Friday, June 25, 2010

craft hope: project 8

Craft Hope
Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

I recently came across an awesome blog called Craft Hope and they feature a craft project that anyone can join in to help out a cause in need.  How cool is that?  Their most recent project is Project 8 and it's helping the gulf coast oil spill.  There are some awesome organizations helping to clean off the oil from the animals on the gulf and they are in need of lots wash rags and hand towels.  You can go here for more information if you want to join in.  What an easy way to help!   So this week I went through our closets and grabbed some of our many unused tees (we went to a university that handed out a tee for everything!!) and tore them apart cutting them down to 10x10 squares.  Super easy and hey we gained some more closet space too. 

Now they're ready to mail off.  I hope you'll join in too.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

miscellaneous bin

1. I missed celebrating Father's Day on my blog, but luckily we got to spend Father's Day with Big Daddy and grill him up a surf & turf dinner followed by some grilled peaches and ice cream.  Big D did request that since he went to bed early on Father's Day he should be extended an additional 2 hours of being waited on the next morning.  We all quickly denied that can only watch so much golf.  We love you dad!

2. Pug is having a slight nervous breakdown since we replaced our sofa this week.  Oh my word he's such a diva.

3. I'm sleeping better at night now that the Big 12 is staying put...welll most of it. 

4. I had a dream that Linds@ay Loh@an sold me a front load washer & dryer.  What does that mean?  So weird...although I will say she was very knowledgable in the features of the GE and LG brands.

5. And dear Land's End Canvas and your cuteness I'll take it all in a medium.

6. Oh and since so many of you have asked,  I promise I'll do a post with some details on my subway scripture sign soon.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

book shopping

I always love to hear what everyone's reading...y'all give great book recommendations!  Here's what on my nightstand though (and sorry I usually take pic of my books, but I'm too lazy today ha!)

Just Read: "Love Walked In"-  not my favorite, but not my least favorite.  Not sure if I'll attempt the sequel.

Reading: "Leota's Garden"- I keep starting this one and then picking up something else and reading it.  I'm determined to finish it!

To Read: "Firefly Lane"- Not to judge a book by it's cover, but the fireflies made me think this might be a great summer read.

Also for my birthday my parents felt sorry for me that I was the lone family member not on the technology train so they got me up to speed so anyone have any recommendations on good or free e-books.  I just downloaded "Anne of Green Gables" and can't wait to read that again.

Oh, and if your on Goodreads let me know I love getting to see what my friends are reading.  Here's a link to my account
my read shelf:
Meg's book recommendations, favorite quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)

Meg's bookshelf: read

  I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and JoyLove Walked InNanny Returns: A NovelThe Last SongThe Friday Night Knitting ClubDead Ringer

More of Meg's books »

Friday, June 11, 2010

he's this many

Today pug turns 5.  That's 5 years of obnoxious snorting, 5 years of shoe chewing, but it's also 5 years of lots of pug love.

Happy Birthday Pug!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

subway scripture sign

I really wanted a large piece of something for the guest room and I love the subway art out there, but wanted to make it a little more us with one of my favorite scriptures.  So I grabbed a few cans of spray paint and a large piece of mdf and got to work.  It looked dead awful when it was done but thank goodness for the power of a sander and a can of glaze.  I sanded that thing until I was absolutely in love.  So for under $20 I got my large art that by the way never made it to the guest bedroom because I stole if for our master bedroom!

Monday, June 7, 2010

my favorite paint color

This weekend I spontaneously decided to redecorate my office, which involved painting.   And I've learned that nothing good can come from painting when it's 100 degrees outside.  The a/c can be turned down as low as possible and chances are you're going to become extremely sassy not mention loose all feeling in your body and seriously question your ability to make wise decisions. 

We started repainting a bunch of our house in April (because I have serious wall color commitment issues), then we took a little break and I started back with the office.  I so wish I had taken a before picture of my office because I had painted an accent wall of horizontal bold stripes in two sage tones, which I have to say was so cute.  But I was itching for a change and since were thinking of selling within a year we figured sage stripes might be a bit munch for some.  So I went with my new absolutely favorite tan paint color "Relaxed Khaki" by SW and now I'm not missing the stripes at all.

I'll take a picture for you when I can muster up the strength to hold up my camera :-)  So I'm curious do you have a favorite paint color?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

sonic love

dear sonic,
you had me at sparkling strawberry lemonade
love, girl