Sunday, August 31, 2008

a very bad hair day

Well friends, let me give you all fair warning that you never see me on a season of "Shear Genius" ever!!

And I really mean never because the other night I learned that the equation:

Me + a box of hair color - a professional = COMPLETE DISASTER

Holy cow the horrid of what took place still haunts me.

Although there truly is no logical explanation for what I did other than I normally have to highlight this blonde hair to be seen in public and I literally woke up with an inch of roots that grew out overnight, didn't have time to get in this week to my hair gal and really wanted the roots to vanish immediately so I could walk outside again. We also had a baby being born in the family the next day and I was all like "there is no way this new bundle of joy can witness hair roots on her first day. My word things like this should be held off for little eyes as long as you can. Are you with my thinking?

So I googled coloring ones own hair and bought a box of color. Because if Sarah Jessica Parker can do it then surely I can too.

I will add in that my mom did warn me not to, but I choose to ignore that tidbit of our conversation. Because hello Sarah Jessica's mom let's her dye her own hair.

I think it only took a mere 5 seconds before I realized that this could literally be the single dumbest moment of my life. It was too late so I went for it. Boy was not home to witness Ugly Cry #1 & #2, but did walk into a hair dye tornado that overtook the bathroom and just in time to witness Ugly Cry #3.

If there are any men reading this, please make mental note of this. "Do not laugh at your wife no matter how bad the hair may look". It will take you far.

Which in turn caused Ugly Cry #4.

At this point it's late. I've got two options either wait till morning and call my hair gal and in turn get beaten over the head with a Chi for what I've just done or run to Wal-Mart and get another box and try to fix it to avoid the beating.

Oh yeah. Option #2. Because it's of course the most logical. So boy being the sweet husband that he is (and feeling bad for starting Ugly Cry #4) comes along.

I think I've finally got the perfect color that will fix the mess and we head home. I say a lengthy prayer then go to work. But no it's even worse and if you get it under the light just right it's a nice shade of Kumquat...according to Pottery Barn.

Oh the hair pain.

The next morning I called and begged my little heart out and then sat through a lecture of why I'm banned from the hair color aisle to get my lovely blonde back.

I learned a very valuable lesson.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

sweater ready

I have to admit I'm a little ready for a change in the seasons. I used to not embrace the change from summer to fall with such excitement, but once you are no longer the one boarding the back to school bus...things change.

I'm ready to buy some pumpkins for the porch, open my windows and enjoy the smell of cool air, put on a sweater, eat my weight in mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving and then decorate the Christmas tree.

Can you sense I'm a little past ready?

Well, I must confess I'm in full preparation mode...I've begun the ole' Christmas shopping. Oh, yes ma'am this girl has her game face on. I like to kind of pace it, buy gifts here and there as I go down the list and that way come December instead of losing my sanity in aisle 4 of Target I'm sitting on my couch devouring Christmas goodies and littering my brain with Lifetime's finest Christmas movies. I usually have then by December just a few gifts here and there to buy. It also isn't a huge junk of change being blown all at once which makes Boy a big fan of the plan.

So operation Christmas sanity shopping began a few weeks ago. My sweet neighbor told me about this Mattel toy outlet. I had never heard of such things, so I loaded up and headed out to a Barbie wonderland. Oh, how I miss my that sad? Friends I was mad women on a Barbie and Dora mission loading up my cart and get this I got a $100 worth of toys for $40 bucks. Oh yes, victory was mine.

Now I just have to remember where I put all the gifts.

Anyone have any good ideas for gifts this year?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

3 years

Yesterday boy and I celebrated 3 years of marriage. It's truly been an amazing 3 years that have flown by way too fast.

Everyone kept asking if we had any big exciting plans and truly we are losers because after tossing around some of our favorite restaurants we both blurted out that we'd rather just get a pizza and a movie! I know we've officially fallen into the boring old married category, but it was so fun.

Happy Anniversary's to many more amazing years!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I heart b&w

I have a huge love for everything and anything black & white.

okay, let's get's more of an obsession.

It's just so darn classy & cute.

here are some of my favorite pieces around the house that make me smile.

my bargain bench. i picked this up at an antique store...$20 bucks. i love the vintage shape and of course the toile. oh how i heart this beauty of a find.

ode to the chair. it's white, comfy and restricted from the dog but it's the perfect reading chair.

and that friends is why i heart black and white.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

olympic randomness

1. I love the Olympics! I heart the summer Olympics just a tiny bit better than the winter because gymnastics and swimming are way fun to watch.

2. The sound of Bob Costas voice has echoed throughout my house for 9 days none stop. We consider him family now.

3. Speaking of sounds does anyone else have the Olympic "theme" tune stuck in their head..."buuuuum....buuuuum..bu bum bum bum bum"? It's rather catchy.

4. I cry a lot and I mean a lot during the games. Like when they show the parent's bawling their eyes out when their kid wins or when they do stories like this or this. Tears are just so darn contagious.

5. Dara Torres is a rockstar. To have a 2-year-old, be 41 and win like she has...very inspiring. I'm thinking I may still have a chance at a gold. Let's see that gives me about 15 years to train. Now where do you get the suit?

6. Or if all else fails I can ask the neighbor kids if I can borrow their trampoline for training. The trampoline competition was seriously a highlight with us.

7. How much does it cost to feed Michael Phelps a day? That's some serious caloric intake my friends.

8. Boy has a friend's brother who made it to Beijing in track. Kind of a big stretch in knowing someone, but hey it was a blast to jump up and down cheering for him Saturday night.

9. I'm running out of Olympic randomness.

10. The commercials promoting The Office and 24-Hour Fitness leave me in stitches every time.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

the pug's on drugs

Saturday I learned that I'm going to make a horrible mother because pug threw up and I cried.

I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I hate throw up. I know, who really enjoys it, but I fear it. I think the fear all started in Kindergarten when Patrick threw up during story time causing a spiral of kiddos to throw up.

I came home and announced I was dropping out of Kindergarten.

Needless to say I didn't have as much as a voice in the family as I thought I did when I ended right back in my desk the next morning coloring pictures of rainbows and butterflies while avoiding Patrick's vomit cooties.

But back to my story. By Monday he still seemed out of sorts and I thought I might as well go ahead and call the vet.

We have also been struggling with the fact that every time pug goes outside he starts up an anxious bark. We are surrounded by construction as they finish building up our neighborhood, so as soon as I put him outside he begins to bark and I have to bring him right back in and then he potties in the house. I've called up a trainer, read articles, you name it we've tried it. So pug mama needs a new plan. Oh and he was due for his shots anyway so let's knock it all off with one examination fee. Brilliant.

Pug loves the vet. I dislike the vet for trips that result in bills such as these.

Oh yes ma'am!

That would be the cost of 3 shots, over-priced flea and heart worm medication, the examination, drops for a rather ugly ear infection, a steroid shot for the ear infection, and then anti-anxiety medication to top it off.

I never thought I be saying Pug and anti-anxiety medication in the same sentence. The vet's plan is to have him take them for just a month.

I am drawing the line on a therapist for him.

Friday, August 8, 2008

is there something on my nose?

**updated to add** It's ironic that after hitting 'publish' the pug would feel the need to poop right next to me. It's the smell of evil. If only I could plug my nose like he can.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

keeping it on the down low

I'm going to be nosey and ask a question to y' friends/family know you blog?

The blogging thing to me a such a hoot because some people get it and some just don't. Honest to goodness most people do not know I blog. I think besides my husband it would be my parents & my sweet cousin...that's it. I don't not tell people to be mean it is just really a creative outlet for me. I love to write and share the funny happenings and probably deep down I fear that they won't get that this isn't just sharing your dirty laundry with's oh so much more. I can't even begin to tell you how fun it is to read what so many of you write and go "I've so been there" or "I'm so glad I'm not the only one". It's getting the honor to pray for each of you when you really need it and the grace of prayers when we need them too. It's truly one heck of a therapy session and I feel so grateful to have blogged with some amazing people that I'd love to sit down to lunch with and meet in real life...over some chips and queso of course.

Just as fun as it is, I think it can be a little scary too. It took me a couple months before I posted that my name was Megan, and not just girl. Blogging can be a little like jumping off a diving board for the first time. It's a little scary looking down and once you jump in there is no turning back. So, yeah I do keep it on the down low a little, but who knows maybe I'll brave up before 2009 and post a family picture.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the red suit

Save the drama for your mama in the Big Brother house...

My word I don't remember a season so full of hooping and hollering. Okay, so it's been awhile since we chatted about this season. After tonight I was like "I sooo need to hear what my Big Brother Bloggy friends thought of the madness!"

First off let's address the one we learned from tonight's episode taught by Jessie...
If you have a large back you cannot play golf (how does one know if they have a large back). Poor guy he does not think before speaking in that diary room.

Okay, now that we all feel complete with that bit of knowledge...I am so hearting Dan! I was beyond thrilled that he was named America's Player and he is doing a fantastic job..i.e. the 10 sec. hug. He so pulled that off. I'm cheering Dan on!

I mentioned in a previous BB post that this has been one of the first seasons where I have not latched on to an alliance right away. I have to say I am probably leaning more towards Ollie/Aprile/Libra/Keesha side than Memphis/Michelle/Jessie side as the weeks move on. And who knows how stable those are anyway since Memphis and Keesha are hanging out and then the whole blow up with Libra, Aprile & Keesha. Ahhh the mess.

But besides all the drama earlier let's talk about the POV and the infamous red suit. Okay, from day one I haven't been a real huge Michelle fan and tonight sealed that deal for me. We saw Aprile get her prize of 10K, which good for you, you won it, take it. She worked extremely hard to get the HOH and she was safe so for her to have to take someone off the hot seat and put someone else up really wouldn't have been that big of deal, right? Then Jerry was out. He won the letter home and he really isn't a 100% safe so he probably should have gone ahead and taken the POV to guarantee his safety, but I was really surprised when he said "Let's split the money 3 ways". What why?? She won it. Then Libra won, got the dreadful red suit and of course exchanged it. She won it all, she shouldn't be stuck with it. That did not surprise me. I was shocked that she did not take the POV or even the letter home, but the trip instead. It did throw me a little. I'm really anxious to see what Aprile & Jerry thought of that and hope that Julie asks her Thursday.


what drove me crazy was Michelle's attitude. My word it's just a game. No need for calling people names. Put a smile on your face and wear the suit.

I can't wait to see who is going home Thursday. My dad was commenting on how he hasn't seen a season where no one votes for what they want that it's such a group vote. Totally agree. I know Aprile wants everyone to vote out Memphis, but it would really be nice to see Jessie go.

I'm sure I'm leaving out a ton, so y'all spill your thoughts.

Monday, August 4, 2008

bloggy blues

I've got a bad case of the bloggy blues.

The 105 degree weather has sucked my brain dry...hence the random postings.

And the fact that my blog is sill buck naked looking because I don't know how I want it to look.

Oh friends the heat is truly miserable and every time around this year I ask

"why do we live in a giant sauna and not some place with a breeze?"

But then I'm reminded that you can't beat the cost of living and the simple fact that chips & queso has it's own spot on the food pyramid here in Texas.

For that I will sweat.