Friday, July 29, 2011

the sofa that was meant to be

once upon a time i began redecorating our upstairs game room.  with a crazy busy summer it's taking me a whole lot longer than my impatient self would like.

for the past few years this room, which i should add is the only room on the second floor, has been the "catch-all/man cave/dungeon" in our house.  it was embarrassing.  we have a fooseball table and an air hockey table up there, but they rarely got any use because you'd trip over christmas decorations or a box containing all my boys II men cd's just to get to them.  so it was time for a redo. 

a redo on the cheap i might add, because it is very hard to convince a frugal husband why the old oversized leather man chairs don't work in the space.

i knew i wanted something that fit the space and was comfy.  i fell in love with this sofa from ikea.  i loved the lounger on it, the price and the idea of being able to toss the slipcover in the wash.  i'm thinking future here and hopefully some kiddos will be jumping and spitting up on this thing one day, so i didn't want to fork out an arm and a leg.

i was hesitant on making the drive to ikea to pick it up and was tempted to just pay for delivery when i decided i'm going to check out craigslist.  y'all there was only one listing for this sofa and it just happened to be literally 5 minutes from my house.  that's crazy for how big the dfw area is.  also, the best part, the thing was brand flipping new.  they bought it, changed their minds and were selling it.  they hadn't even put the slipcover on yet.  my husband thought i had lost it.  he was so weirded out by this, but he lovingly obliged and hauled it home for me.

this sofa and i were meant to be i tell ya!  my steal of a deal sofa with some fun pillows i made and added.  hopefully, before the end of the summer i'll have the rest of the room finished!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

floors, fraud & farkle

this week we had our floors redone in the living and dining room.  this came to be after we decided the carpet needed to go because of boy's sinus problems (we don't want to do surgery again), my bissell on it's last leg because of pug's lack of ability to use the backyard to potty and in all honesty it just looks pretty.  they assured us it would take a day, so boy had the day off to help me with the puggies and we all camped out upstairs while they redid it.  we also played farkle to pass the time and i think it's become are new favorite game.  have y'all played it?  at about 9:45 pm with the racket still going on downstairs we realized this was not going to be just a one day affair.

so, the next day i wake up bright and early to prepare myself for day two of construction with pugs.  and of course i just happened to have a doctor's appointment scheduled that day, and since it was under 24 hours notice i had to pay (bummer).  as i'm wrangling the pug's together to head upstairs my credit card company called to inform me their was some fraudulent activity on my business credit card. 

i wanted to cry.

thankfully they finished up the floors and we're so pleased with it.  i kept telling myself "so worth it for the floors" as i carried one squirmy pug at a time up and down the stairs for potty breaks in 103 degree heat.  and it so was.  i'm also thankful we talked ourselves out of installing them by ourselves.  once we got a bid from a professional and compared it with our cost for materials and marriage counseling sessions that would most likely be needed afterwards it came out to be about even ha!

here's the before: (sorry these are all from my iphone)

and the after: (my rug hasn't come in yet so it looks a bit overwhelming right now)

and one blurry one of goofy goose trying out the new floors frog style.

Monday, July 18, 2011

tis the season

Tis' the Season...for me to start on our Christmas shopping.

Hobby Lobby reminded me of this over two month ago when they started decking aisles.  They never a miss a beat being first to remind everyone.

Then mama reminded me during one of our daily phone conversations that I had to yet to start bugging everyone with questions on what they wanted this year.

Goodness, I best get myself and my list in gear.

I like to get my shopping out of the way for a few reasons:

1. my sanity
2. lack of personal space at mall during the November & December months
3. more time left for Falala Lifetime.

But I'm kind of stuck on gift ideas.  I love coming up with stuff that I know the person will really love and use.  Last year I came across this site, That's My Pan, and it was the perfect gift.  Everyone that I gave it to loved it, but now I need something just as cool.  So I'm curious what was your favorite gift to give out last year?

And the countdown begins, 5 months people!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"what gets out hummus? what gets out hummus?"

i cannot think of hummus without thinking of that episode from "friends".

truth betold i think everything reminds me of a "friends" episode.  i'm pretty sure i'm going to be 90 quoting "friends" episodes.

back to the hummus though.  we've recently fallen in love with this greek chain resturant and they make the world's best hummus and fresh hot pitas to go with it.  it's divine.  and you can buy it in tubs there too and then go home and eat it with a spoon if you like and no one will judge you except maybe the dog. 

i got the idea that i'd like to try to make hummus.  it's been on my mental list of culinary challenges for awhile so i thought i'd knock it off the list.  well i tried it and it failed.  it was just bland.  there are so many recipes out there that it's overwhelming choosing one, so i'm begging if you have found a good recipe for hummus, would you help a girl out?  because gosh darn i'm going to master the art of hummus if it kills me.

in pug related news, pug is warming up to our foster.  the first night was a little bit like a scene from "stepbrothers" where he was telling the foster what he can and cannot do so we're working on the whole sharing thing.  and our foster is such a love, unfortunately not a fully potty trained love, but still such a sweet cuddly pug.

Monday, July 11, 2011

double trouble

today we rocked pug's world.

meet goose.

we get to love on him for a bit.

i say bit, because we are foster pug parents now.

he's a 7 months old and a total cuddle bug.

as one of my birthday gifts, boy gave me the choice of adopting a foster dog or joining our local pug rescue (something we'd been thinking about doing for awhile).  i was really nervous because pug is my only spoiled four legged baby.  we joined the program last week and went through the process and got matched with this sweet thing today!  pug's a little unsure, but i know he will love having a playmate.

so i'm sure i will have many more stories to blog about through this journey.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

happy fourth!

I know a day late, but Happy 4th everyone!!  Hope y'all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend with good food and lots of fireworks.

In other unrelated, non-interesting but yet earth shattering news, pug has discovered the world's most comfy dog bed.

His little world is complete.

We go through dog beds fairly quickly around here because I wash the thing multiple times a month and we never miss a day where pug decides to drag his bed out of his room (the laundry room) and into the family room.  He does this for two reasons, (1) to drive me crazy (2) to show off his bed to any guests that might have stopped by. 

He can be quite the showboater.

So, I saw the Martha ones at PetSmart, and thought they'd be perfect.  I had to call around to a few stores to find the right size, but finally found it.  I brought it home for pug to give it his paw of approval. 

At first a little weary that it didn't come with a sleep number, but I poor thing is making do.

It even passes his chin rule (does anyone else have a pug that has to have their chin resting up when they sleep? ha)

I think it's increased the volume of his snoring though.