Thursday, May 28, 2009

miscellaneous bin

1. Have I told y'all how much I love Subway? I do and there is no other reason it's topped my list other than that I'm craving it right now. Oh and I also hold the title of the world's most boring Subway sandwich...white bread, ham, lettuce with zesty Italian. It never fails that one of the workers asks "why don't you just make this at home?" And I reply "please give me the bread recipe so I can"...oh that bread and it's deliciousness!!

2. Every time we get a precious letter from our Compassion child it sits out on the counter and gets read over and over till the edges get worn and then I carefully file it away for safe keeping until the next one comes. I have never been more wrong when I first thought we were doing the favor.

3. I missed Wipeout last night. Someone tell me was it just as funny as I remember?

4. I secretly love documentaries. Shh...don't tell anyone. I just watched Nursery University and Expelled and was fascinated with them both.

5. I visit this blog everyday. She finds some amazing deals and got me hooked on the site RueLaLa. They're having Fyre shoes on this next week and I am hoping they include some adorable and super cheap flat boots in the sale since I've been on the "Great Boot Hunt of 2007". This mission needs to be completed so I'm thinking happy thoughts on my cheap boots.

6. May is almost is this already? May is my favorite month. Then December, June, July, August, March, April, November, September, October, February, and January. Just in case you wanted to now.

Have a great weekend friends!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

preparenting advice on aisle two

Yesterday I dragged boy to the grocery store with me to be mean and cruel. No actually he was willing because he's got some yummy smelling ribs in the smoker as we speak so he needed the meat. We were barely past the produce when I move my cart so a lady could pass me. Then I notice this lady is not alone and is soon followed by her young duckling who is about two seconds from a full melt down. I stopped bagging my bell pepper to watch this preschooler's persistence as she threw back her head and screamed "BUT I WANT IT!". Boy and I weren't sure if we were more impressed by this mama duckling's cool or the Oscar winning performance by said duckling.

And then when we thought it was all over here comes the third in the bunch, a defeated dad, who as he passes us stops and offers up some wisdom to boy..."Take my advice, do not have children".

Monday, May 25, 2009

purple cadillac

**Spoiler Alert** Getting ready to chat tonight's Bachelorette.

Oh my word there are still so many names. The rose ceremony came and I caught myself multiple times saying "who's that dude?". I'm ready for them to narrow it down a bit more or start handing out name tags.

So, tonight we started out with a pool party. A pool party that started out all fun and games until some poor guy got left on the balcony pretty certain he was getting a rose. I'm not sure what's worse...not getting a rose or being abandoned. Chris comes out and clears up the chaos. Thank goodness for Chris who by the way looked as if he was just popping by on his way to a sailing excursion. He informs the guys that they have to now go hunt down Jillian in Los Angeles. Oh how fun...The Bachelorette turns all Amazing Race on us. I have to admit that I was concerned for the man who was not only shirtless walking around a gas station in Los Angeles, but shoeless as well. I think Tanner P. would have been too. I was glad to see that her first date from the Amazing Rose Race was Wes. I think he seems like a really genuine guy and don't they just have great chemistry?

Then the next night she's off on a date with Jake in a purple cadiallac (which by the way I googled the lyrics and am saddened to learn that the verse goes "oozing down the street" rather then the "cruising" all these years I've been so wrong). You just can't help singing the tune to pink cadilliac when she's driving that thing. They're off to a fancy Western Warehouse so Jake can get his cowboy on then off to a bar with a private Martina McBride concert. I have to say I'm a bit surprised that a bar has so much faith in the Bachelorette that they close down for them. I can see an Olive Garden doing that, but the House of Blues, really? Jake is just adorable too. I think he's one of my favorites and they were so cute two stepping together.

Oh and we can't forget the other group date where the poor men were asked to go head to head with the globe trotters and just when David thought he was so athletic. I'll go ahead and jump past the sunsetting scene where everyone's skipping on the beach with they're cool new jerseys and getting to see way too much of Julien to the whole conflict between Drama David and Juan. Juan turned out to not be my favorite, but I don't think he's as terrible as David makes him out to be. Or am I missing something? I'm just not getting that drama. Juan seems a little cocky, but not near as bad as David sets him up to be. I was kind of glad Jillian vetoed the vote and kept Juan in.

Wasn't really surprised to see who left leave tonight. I think she's been making some good choices? What do y'all think?

pug's puppia

I know I know another pug post, but I have to give a huge thank you for your puppia suggestions on this post. I'm so out of the dog loop I guess to not have heard of these. I found one on ebay for $19.99 and free shipping...can't beat that...then it came in just two days. We tried it out last night and Pug gives it two paws up for comfort. It was so much easier to get on and off him and not to mention he's stylin' on his walks now.

Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

muffin top

Yesterday I turned 25. Gulp. I know that's not old, but when I start thinking how it feels like only yesterday that I was 15 learning how to parallel park and if 10 years can really go that quickly then I'll be 35 then 45 and so on and so on.

Oh and in those 10 years I still cannot parallel park.

But it's been a wonderful 25 years and I can't wait to explore the next 25.

And to celebrate my birthday pug caught bronchitis.

He sounded like a cross between a goose and a heavy smoker. It was pitiful. So pitiful that the vet called me today just to make sure he was recovering because he left quite an impression on the hearts of the nurses. He does have a way with the ladies. But he's almost back to normal after a day taking his better-be-made-of-gold-because-they-cost-an-arm-and-a-leg antibiotics. And during his impromptu vet appointment we were informed that pug has gained some extra poundage.

He's disputing these allegations.

But look there's the muffin top.

"What a muffin? Where's the muffin?"

I had to break it to him that the treats are not going to be falling from the sky like they used too.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

bringing it to the blog

Hey there pug or little dog owners...I need some recommendations.
I'm in a search for a good harness for pug. He has just a cheap nylon one but he hates to wear it because it's kind of bulky and I hate putting it on him because you can never tell which strap goes where and before you know it we both give up and walk away defeated.

So, if you have a harness that you just love do share.

Thanks friends!

Monday, May 18, 2009

"maybe she just doesn't like awesome guys"

**Spoiler alert** Don't read any further if you haven't finished tonight's Bachelorette yet.

Eh, it's the The Bachelorette friends! So, I went back and forth on "to watch or not to watch". Last season was just so disappointing, but on the other hand as my mama brought up it is Jillian and she is such a Canadian sweetheart. I have no expectations for this season though. In fact, I probably have a better chance of winning the lottery than of another Bachelorette relationship working out...and I've never purchased a lotto ticket.

So this will be fun! I'm anxious to hear what y'all thought of the guys? All 30 of them. Oh my word so many names. I don't think I can get them all straight. So forgive me if I start calling them by the color of their shirt...hint the man in the obtrusive lime green button down.

I got a little sidetracked during the show because pug decide to ralph sometime around the introduction of Greg the "fitness model" (anyone catch his nickname) and Leather Jacket Kyle. I guess loser guys make him sick. Single ladies out there feel free to borrow him for your next date. If he doesn't ralph within the first 10 minutes you're good.

So, here's some thoughts on what we've learned from tonight's episode.

1. If you are appearing on the Bachelorette and your wardrobe choices are between a biker's leather jacket and suit jacket...always pick the suit jacket. Safest choice.

2. I'd like to go shopping with Jillian. Loved her dress, and her top at the beginning, and her boots in the limo. Jillian where'd you get those boots.

3. Julien and Jillian sound like a Nick Jr. program.

4. If all you can discuss is feet on a network primetime show you might need some help. It made me nervous the amount of energy put in to check out her feet and then discuss them. I sense a Lifetime Movie idea! Poor Jillian...she needs to be clued in on Tanner Foot Fetish.

5. My favorite line tonight is the title of this post. Thanks Stephen for the great laugh.

I thought she kept some great ones tonight. I loved David. I kind of wanted to cry when he didn't speak I was so nervous for him. Great choice for the first impression rose. I thought Jake, Juan, Wes and Sasha were just adorable! I can't think of any of the others right now...who were some of your favs?

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Friday, May 15, 2009

girl vs. sun

This blonde Irish girl decided to get into a duel with the sun yesterday.

Guess who won?

The sun.

Each year around this time I seem to underestimate the power of the sun when I say "I'm just going to sit outside for an hour and get some color!"

My face didn't burn but my arms and shoulders make it look like I'm wearing a permanent white Gap tank top now.

Maybe one day I'll learn.

But until then I'm befriending a bottle of aloe vera (oh it's so wonderful) while boy continues to ask how the Cayman Islands are this time of year.

Have a great weekend friends...and don't forget the SPF!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

the one birthday photo

Boy's birthday was yesterday {happy birthday my love}. He had a wonderful day getting spoiled with love by pug and feed like a king with his birthday menu that included some Cap'n Crunch French Toast for breakfast, Jalapeno Stuffed Chicken for dinner followed by some chocolate cupcakes (not even from a box I might add...although I have to say I prefer La Bakery of Duncan Hines a little better).

But I woke up this morning and realized the only picture I took on his birthday was of his breakfast. And it's not even of him eating it. I started out with the intention of photographing the whole day, but didn't make it far.

How sad?

For years to come we may not remember what he looked like on his 27th birthday or what we did, but we'll know what he had for breakfast.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the doggie daycare reject

This morning we were gracefully awoken to the sound of birds chirping and my roof being ripped to pieces (we had some hail damage earlier this spring). We knew they were coming but the snooze button kept calling and I told boy no one is ever on time. Guess what?... they were. At 8 am I was convinced 50 elephants where walking on it. By 9 a high school marching band had joined the elephants, but by 11 I became convinced the sky is falling and the pounding in my head will never cease.

It's noon and the workers are at lunch, which means I'm basking in the glorious sound of silence. I could cry it's so beautiful right now.

I knew it would be a noisy day and pug would be a mess so I enrolled him in a day of doggie daycare thinking it would be fun for him and then maybe he'd return exhausted. He's never been to doggie daycare before and now I know why when I saw what this is going to cost. So, I call to "enroll" him yesterday and the lady gets my information and tells me to bring a copy of his recent vaccinations. I also get the low down on all the days activities. Halfway through the converstation I had to double to check and make sure that we were still discussing dog daycare and not real child daycare because my dog has on occassion eaten his own poop and lived to tell about it so consistent supervision isn't completely necessary.

This morning boy took pug along with his shot records. 20 minutes later I get a phone call from boy.

"They won't let him into daycare"
"He has to have the bortedella shot every 6 months instead of every 12"
"But the vet has always told me every year and they never mentioned that on the phone"
"Well they want every 6, but they'll keep him he just can't play with any other dogs".

Oh brother, I can't even successfully get my dog into daycare. I'm going to have to call the vet and see why were getting shorted a shot though.

I am surprised I didn't have to write an essay along with his application.

Well, lunch is over.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

what mama and i talk about

It's Mother's Day tomorrow! I hope all you mamas out there have a wonderfully blessed day. You all deserve it!

So, the other day my mama and I were discussing the season finales coming up this week. We're not going to lie to you we love our primetime tv. We pretty much watch the same things except I haven't wheeled her into "The Office" or "30 Rock" yet, but she has a valid excuse since "CSI" and "Grey's Anatomy" conflict. The Tivo can only do so much you know. Oh, and she watches "NCIS" aka Nobody Cares It's Stupid...I wish I could claim those genius words but I read it in a magazine and now make sure to tell her that each time she discusses Mark Harmon.

Here's some of the finales I'm looking forward to:

1. "Celebrity Apprentice"- I know I know I'm embarrassed to admit I watch. Our cable network holds some series from networks that you can watch whenever so after mom had been discussing this I found it on the OnDemand at 2 am. Hooked ever since. Who do you think will win?

2. "Brothers & Sisters"- This is such a great show. I'm going to miss this one. But you know it's a great episode when the whole fam goes on a vaca.

3. "The Office"- I want Jim & Pam to get married. I was sort of hoping they would this season.

4. "Grey's Anatomy"- I took a hiatus from watching the Seattle Grace drama in October...the whole Dr. McDreamy/Grey dating thing drove me crazy. Come on 4 years folks! But I started watching again these last six weeks just in time for the wedding. P.S. I haven't watched that one yet so if the wedding didn't happen don't tell me. I like that it's moving somewhere, but I'm going to miss Izzie.

5. Oh and have I mentioned on Tuesdays I loose brain cells watching "The Real Housewives". I know...boy tells me I need help. I started watching with the OC one back a few years ago and got hooked, and then they followed in with the NY one and I thought I'd just watch one, and then comes along Atlanta oh and next week we have New Jersey which looks mighty interesting. Oh the drama. Cannot wait for the reunion special.

Well then mama and I started talking about what we are going to be watching for the next 4 months. We decided we're going to have to set up a support group because although we have a tendency to get sucked into ridiculous shows we're not going to get sucked into "Help Get Me Out of Here I'm a Celebrity". We have our reality standards. But we are looking forward to "Big Brother", "Wipeout" and "Army Wives".

So whew, forgive me for my tv ramblings. What finales are you excited to watch this week and what summer shows will you be watching?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a memo to pug #3

To: Pug
From: Upper Management
Date: 5/6/09
RE: Stealing

Dearest Pug,

Let's discuss your issues.

As I'm sure you are well aware you have some problems with confiscating things that do not belong to you. In fact, you remind me of a girl that lived on my dorm room floor in college that had the same problem only hers involved clothing and hair straighteners. Yours seems to involve money and food, but here you are getting caught trying to drag the neighbor's dog toy underneath the fence. I knew you were up to no good when I glanced out the window.

I know you're proud, but I'm embarrassed.

You wear me out pug.


Monday, May 4, 2009

here's some randomness

How was your Monday friends? I'm afraid this post is coming to you in list form...

1. It's May can you believe it? I love the month of May. It's my birthday month and then also the month my a/c gets to rest up before it goes full blast into a long hot summer.

2. Okay, so on that last post 4th grade teacher was just as sweet as can be, but very allergic to chalk. What are the odds? So everything I learned in 4th grade was from an overhead projector (this was during the pre-dry erase board days). Boy read that post and was like "what about the teacher and the chalk?" So thought I'd deconfuse you there.

3. I caught my first Texas fish this weekend while we were at the lake. Yes ma'am...look at that.

That would be boy holding up that fish. There's no way I'd put my fingers in it's mouth. Oh and Big Daddy put the worm on the hook so pretty much all I did was sit there holding a pole. Does that count as fishing?

4. I'm ready for the swine flu to take a hike.

5. I'm loving this magazine.

My second issue came today so I'm going to curl up on the sofa and get hungry looking at it tonight. They have some great recipes in it.