Tuesday, September 23, 2014

jack jack

We get lots of random comments on Declan's gorgeous red hair and every so often people will tell us who they think he looks like.  My favorite so far happened to be from last week when someone came up and told me how cute he was and that he looked like a Keebler elf.  Umm, thank you I think?  But the one we get the most is Jack Jack from The Incredibles and the first time our friend mentioned that I went and googled it because it'd been awhile since I had last seen it.  Yup bless his heart and those ears!!  I just wish his super power was being an awesome napper!

Friday, September 5, 2014

a day in the life of

I always love seeing bloggers document just and ordinary day in their life.  I think this will be fun to look back upon in a few years at what a day typically looked like with a one year old.  So here we go...

7:00 am- My alarm clock (aka Declan) is hollering at me.  Boy's already out the door for work and pug is sleeping in the laundry room and Landry is in bed with me.  I grab Dec who's standing up in his crib letting me know how hungry he is.  We do a quick diaper change then grab a bottle and curl back up in my bed to snuggle (my favorite part of the day).

7:15 am- Thankfully he dozes back to sleep and so do I.  I am so not a morning person.

8:30 am- We're up!  We grab a bite for breakfast today (waffles and fruit) and then while he plays in the living room I feed the pups and let them out then start the routine (unload dishwasher, toss in a load of laundry, pump).

9:15 am- I shower and get dressed for the day while he tries to get into stuff in the bathroom cabinets.    He likes just crawling around the closet and pulling out shoes and stuff off the lower hangers (I make it a quick shower).  Add in a little pug chasing to get the day started then get him dress Declan.

10:00 am- We head into the next town over (big city for us) because I've got the crazy project in my head to do and need a few things for it at Lowes.  He looks bored already!

11:30 am- Spent way more time in Lowe's then I had planned, then hit one more store to try and find a birthday present for his buddy's birthday party coming up.  No luck.

12:15 am- Head to our favorite sandwich shop Which Wich and grab a sandwich to go.  I'm not feeling brave enough to eat out in public with a messy baby.  That's a two man job!  So we drive home.

12:45 am- Declan snoozes on the way home I'm praying he will eat then nap for me.  I'm kicking myself that I took so long.  Never a good sign when baby falls asleep in car right before nap time.  Wakes up for lunch!

1:15 am- After a yummy sandwich and some carrot sticks we head off to nap.  And mama can finish up stuff around the house and return phone calls (all that boring stuff).

1:30 am- Not napping just talking to ourselves in the crib.

2:00 pm- Crying now not wanting to nap.  I go in there pick him up, soothe him, kiss him night night then lay him back down.  Wanting no part of this nap business he's putting up a good fight.  I try and plead with him but it's not looking good.  Finally after two hours of trying I cave :-( and go get him.  Now we're both worn out.

3:15 pm- With the looks of no nap in our immediate future I decide to run another errand in town that's been on my to do list.  And we take a baby selfie!

3:58 pm- Make it to Sonic in just the nick of time before happy hour ends.  Mama needs a pick me up.  Confession I sometimes read a book at Sonic.

4:15 pm- My parents have been out the country and just got home a few minutes before so we head over there to surprise them and say hello.  To say they missed Declan is an understatement, my mom basically ran out the front door to greet us.  Priceless.  Declan is full of smiles for his Bubbie and Big Daddy.

5:15 pm- Said goodbye to the grandparents and head home to make dinner.  He tells me "no" strapping him into the car seat (oy!)

5:30 pm- Crawl around while I make a dinner.

5:45 pm- Hubby calls to say he had a meeting run late and will be late for dinner.

6:00 pm- Dinner time for mommy and Declan.  We keep daddy's warm in the oven.

6:30 pm- Neighborhood walk with friends.  Love this time of the day...great mama therapy!

7:15 pm- Daddy's home!!  He eats dinner and plays with Declan.  They're working on walking tonight.  I feed the pugs.

8:00 pm- Bath and bottle for Declan.  Daddy does bath duty and I tackle the kitchen and fold some laundry.

8:30 pm- Declan down for the night.  We watch Big Brother and catch up on our day.

9:30 pm- Pump one last time, return a few e-mails and pay bills and then we head to bed.

10:30 pm- Boy's out for the count so I use this time to binge watch the last season of Parenthood.  This is one of my favorite shows and last season I missed a few episodes being sleep deprived and what not with a new baby so I just held off on watching it until it came out on Netflix.  Love this season!  Sadly I only make it through an episode and a half before I'm out to.  Night night!