Friday, September 21, 2012

adios summer shows

With our slight obsession of all things Big Brother, and now that that's ended, I think it's safe to say summer tv has officially ended.  Our Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings have consequently freed up so we can reunite with society too!  I thought it'd be fun take a moment to dedicate this post to recapping all our summer 2012 favorites.  Honestly, it was sort of slim pickings so we also picked up a few new favorites from Netflix too.

1. Obviously, Big Brother, having watched for the past 12 years I think I can honestly say this might have been my favorite season ever!  Especially, when it comes down to the end it seems the last few years you kind of had an idea who would win or a bunch of floaters were left so it didn't really matter, but talk about a suspenseful ending!  What did y'all think?  As far as game playing goes I think Dan deserved it, CBS should just cut Dan another check for raising the ratings this year ha!  It's just a game, I think a lot of jury votes voted personally.  Hopefully, they go back and watch and forgive Dan.  Ian's a sweetheart and was so fun to watch this year.

2. Duck Dynasty- We discovered this over the summer during a marathon and it did not disappoint.  Hilarious!  I heard it's back on this fall so we are excited to see more of Si!

3. Breaking Bad- I wasn't so sure about this one, I felt it was too "guyish" at first, but after about 2 or 3 episodes I was hooked.  We streamed it off netflix and I'm afraid to tell you how fast we can manage to go through a season when we stream.  This was one of those shows that we'd rush home and eat dinner in front of the tv and watch. 

4. Happy Endings- I don't know how we missed this one because we watched all the stuff around it like Modern Family.  I stole my SIL season 1 copy after she kept talking about it and we loved it.  Very funny!  Kind of a cross between HIMYM and Friends.  I'm anxious for season 2 to come out on DVD.

I really just highlighted the ones boy and I watched together.  I'd loose you on this post if I started listing on the Housewives, Decorating and Drama shows I've tivo'd and devoured on my own.  I have a very unhealthy relationship with Bravo.

So that wraps it up, what were some of your summer favorites?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

bye bye birdie

I ran into Kroger the other day.  And when I say ran in, I literally mean ran because grocery shopping falls on about #4 on my list of things I dread.  As I walk through the first sliding doors, you know where the carts and the giant hand sanitizer wipes (thank you Kroger for that) reside, I'm heading towards the second set of sliding glass doors when all of a sudden I see something fly by my head and then hear a loud thump.

I'm like what in the world.  I look back and see a black bird flailing on the ground.  Apparently, the glass doors to the outside are faster than him.  I immediately thought of the recent episode of RHONY when Heather ran smack into the glass doors.  And then the word "Holler" popped into my head and reminded me how in the world Bravo let that one slide into the intro.  Seriously, could we find another exclamation in the dictionary more age appropriate?

Anyway, back to the bird.  So I run over and all these people are walking past getting their carts and you can see his poor bone and I'm like what do I do...people we need to help the bird.  I don't want to touch it because my knowledge of birds is non existent, so I walk into to the store and grab the first employee I can find because we must help the bird.  I've suddenly become a bird health advocate.

Well the guy comes out and I tell him what happened and he's like it's dead and I'm like it's still moving and he agrees and I feel it's safe that my work here is done and this bird is being left in good hands.  I grab a basket and head in to grab, ironically, a roasted bird for dinner.

About 15 minutes later I'm walking back out, past the scene of the accident, and low and behold that same guy is still there this time tying up a trash bag and dumping it into a bin. 

Yeah I'm pretty sure I know how that ended.  Oh the cruelty.  And I tell boy of my adventures later that evening and he's like what a birds doing flying around Kroger?

Good point.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

book shopping

Each month I like to do a little book shopping...gather some new reads from y'all and share what I've had my nose in the past month.  So here goes my reads from the month.


Broken Harbor by Tana French: This was like CSI: Dublin.  I loved it.  This was my first read from this author and for sure won't be my last.  She does an incredible job of making you feel like your standing smack dab in Ireland watching this mystery unfold.  Great pager turner!

Sharp Object by Jillian Flynn: I picked this up because I really enjoyed her latest book Gone Girl.  Good read, just not to the level of her latest.  The story is pretty dark and I just kind of felt pretty far fetched.  That's just my opinion and it's hard to compare against Gone Girl.  I have heard really good things of her 2nd book "Dark Places" and would like to give that one a read do.  Did I dream up I read this or is it true that Gone Girl is being made into a movie already?


Divergent by Veronica Roth:  This is the first book of a trilogy, which I've heard if you liked the Hunger Games you need to read this.  So I'm giving it a go.  This genre usually isn't my cup of tea so we shall see.  I really just picked this up last night and am hardly a few chapters in.  So far so good.  I'll let you know if I pick up #2.

To Read:

I'm hoping I enjoy the Divergent series and end up reading the rest.  I also really want to read Where We Belong by Emily Giffin which has been on my list this summer.  What about y'all any must reads you couldn't put down?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

birthday pug landry

someone turned 3 today!

it also marks just a little over a year since we failed at the whole pug foster family thing and called the rescue organization saying sorry but he's home.  so we're also celebrating landry's one year with his forever family.  this pug has brought so much love and joy into our house and made us such big encourager's of dog rescue.  we couldn't recommend it more.

since it was a beautiful evening (and we had a showing) we took the pugs to the local dog park to run off some energy. 

while all the other small dogs ran around and chased pug hung out at the watering station by himself and then took that as an opportunity to roll around in the grass and mud that had piled up by the bowl.  one guy leaving with his dog said "he sure likes to roll doesn't he".  what can i say, he walks around to the beat of his own drum i tell ya.

i told boy i felt like pug was that one kid in the classroom that likes to eat glue and everyone just sits around disgusted and amused.  then we sprung to catch pug before he rolled down a small hill.

so, thanks to pug landry got a birthday bath too!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

always an american girl

Recently while at my parent's house, mom came inside from getting the mail and said "you got something" and then handed me an American Girl catalog.

Apparently, American Girl hasn't received the memo that I graduated from middle school 14 years ago.  At first I was like what, should I be offended or maybe flattered, maybe they're trying to say something.

a. Maybe they were banking on me popping out little mini mes by now and were jumping on the next generation kind of thing.

b. Maybe they found out I watched the Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl movie a few years ago and know that I secretly loved it.

c. Maybe they had an early inkling that I'd be 28 with a 1st grade reading level and back living with my parent's collecting dolls.

d. My name just never got removed from the mailing list.

I'd like to think that the answer is D.  Yes, let's hope it's D.

So, I did what any normal 28 year old woman would do...and plopped down on the sofa and read it front to back. 

I got a little nostalgic flipping through it despite the fact that the characters I knew and loved didn't even fall under the historical catagory aka really old.  I didn't even see Samantha and Kirsten which is a crying shame because how else is one suppose to learn what a petifore is or about all the awesome Swedish holiday traditions. I said this to mom and her immediate response was "does this mean their worth more" which now means I need to make a trip up to her attic to retrieve my boxed up American Girl collection before she tries to cash in my childhood.

One thing I did notice that hasn't changed is the price.  I remember them being special and expensive, but to see the numbers from a mortgage paying citizen perspective good night!  It now makes since why Santa ran out of Samantha's deluxe bedroom set before hitting up our house.

A fun trip down memory lane though, anyone else still getting mail at their parent's house?  Maybe a Seventeen Magazine will finds it's way the next time I'm there.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Well hello.

Happy Labor Day!  Happy September! and Happy Back to School!  I meant to spread these out a bit, but this past week something knocked me off my feet and according to webmd it could have been about 42 different alliments.  Is it West Nile, flu, allergies, bug  I need you to tell me webmd right away.  Thankfully lots of sleep and Army Wives on the Netflixs did the trick.  I'm back and feeling 100%.

Did you also know this past weekend was opening hunting season weekend?  I failed to write this down or care so I didn't put two and two together until earlier last week when boy asked if I knew where his rifle cleaning spray was.

Oh yeah, you know since I'm using it all the time.  Not.

Which made this quote I found on pinterest even truer.

On a totally different subject, please tell me you are watching Big Brother?  Is it not the best season ever or what?  Some years I'll kind of turn on Big Brother's Showtime special just to see if anything exciting is going on, but this year it's like my bedtime story so much going on.  I'll be sad to see the season end in a few weeks!