Saturday, October 31, 2009

going bananas

Happy Halloween from a sweet pug that drives me bananas!

I should add that there is a hat, which is ridiculously adorable, but pug's not a fan.

"If you keep dressing me up, I'm going to make like a banana and split!"

I'll stop now.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

do you kindle?

The other day I was eyeing out the new cheaper Kindle and Barnes & Noble's version the Nook. Just dreaming. They're pretty aren't they? And nifty.

And then tonight as I watched television and read during the commercials...multi-tasking at it's finest...I realized how much I love to hold a book. The book is used and it has that wonderful old musky book smell. The binding is worn at the bottom from waiting patiently on a shelf and on the inside in cursive is a name and a date. Maybe because it was a gift? Or maybe a stamp of ownership? And I love the trek through a book the daunting weight on your right hand when you open the first page and the victorious shift to the left. Then that bittersweet moment when you close the book shut and add it to your collection of trophies.

Maybe if I were a globe trotting girl with a passport in hand. But, I'm not. I'm just a simple girl with a well traveled book.

Maybe one day though.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a halloween warning

Dearest Trick-or-Treaters,

Please accept my sincerest apologizes ahead a time for the LAME bag of pretzels you're about to receive. I know, I know you can text all your friends in kindergarten and tell them what a terrible neighbor I am. But you see I was standing in line at Wally World with a huge cart of groceries when I realized I needed something to hand out and to avoid making a second trip to Wally World I grabbed the nearest thing to me.

Hence, the halloween shaped pretzels.


So, friends what are you handing out this year? It has to be cooler than pretzels!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

month recap

So, I sort of fell off the blog wagon these past few weeks. Oops. It's always hard jumping back in after I do that.

So, I figure I'll try jumping back in with a run down of the good, the sad and the ugly of this month.

1. Building up our immune systems- We seem to have caught some of the funk floating around earlier this month and wouldn't you know it I can't find anywhere to get a flu shot in the DFW area. Please flu stay away.

2. My childhood cat of 18 years, Sammy, passed away from cancer this month. This is our first pet we've had to say goodbye to and my word nothing can prepare you for it. What a blessing pets are! We had 18 wonderful years.

3. Lots of football...I'm finally figuring this thing out and boy's ever so proud.

4. I have a list of items I want to learn how to cook and now I can cross tamales off that list. good too.

5. Took pug to get a bath, on the paperwork there was a spot to check for if your canine is difficult. I checked it. Then pug caught something and had a case of the "cheesy blasters" (sorry had to do an ode to 30 rock). Poor pug and poor boy who handled most of the event.

6. "The Great Boot Hunt of 2009" is complete. I found some cute ones at Belk. Loving them!

7. Now I need some cute skinny jeans. Anyone have a brand they like?

8. Read "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom. Such an amazing read!! I'm so sad it sat on my shelf unread for two years.

9. I want to learn how to knit. I think it's so fancy if you can.

10. I'm sure there's more, but this list is wearing me out. Now off to catch up on some blogs.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

a pug of few words

words not in pug's vocabulary
{stop that}
{fetch me a coke}

only word in pug's vocabulary

can you guess what word i'm saying in these pictures?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

what tivo has been up to

Here's a good life lesson. Avoid walking into a doctor's office waiting room totally healthy. It will only end badly when you spend the next week lying in bed with a wicked fever screaming instructions from the bedroom to your husband on how to start the dishwasher.


All is well though. And I'm documenting this on the blog so I can pull it back up next year as a reminder.

But good news. I cleared out the Tivo this past week.

And Friends we need to discuss these fantastic new shows! I'm curious to hear about what your watching.

"Modern Family"- how great is this show? This may be my new favorite. I just died laughing on tonight's episode when Mitch discovered Costco.

"The Middle"- I didn't think I would like this one, but I thought I'd tivo anyone and it's hilarious. The youngest cracks me up.

"The Good Wife"- another great one. I'm not big into the dramas, but loving this one.

"Community"- how awesome is Joel McHale? Boy is loving this show too.

I'm curious to hear what your watching. Am I missing a show?

Now I'm off to rerun the dishwasher.