Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"we're going to party like it's 2009"

not really...instead I'm guessing I'll be catching up on some laundry and ironing. are you so jealous??

it is so hard to believe that 2008 is coming to an end and even harder to believe that it's been 10 years since we sang the 1999 version of that song. I hope you are enjoying the day relaxing and reminiscing of the blessings 2008 brought.

Happy New Years everyone!

Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm going to be bidding on items in my sleep tonight

I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas!! We're getting ready to celebrate Christmas this weekend with both families. I'm very excited to give everyone their gifts...and the weekend better come soon before I burst and call them all to tell them what they are getting.

In the meantime, we've been entertaining ourselves with some Wii Price is Right! I just the love watching the Price is Right!! So far I've won a Lincoln Town Car and a riding lawn mower...fancy! I'll just sit outside and wait for them to come (ha!). This game is such a blast.

And today I found and ordered me one of these. How brilliant is this?!?! We love getting gift cards, but I'm embarrassed to say how many slip to the bottom of my purse and then we forgot about the balance on them. It's genius I tell you!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

a few of her favorite things

The sweet and hilarious Whitney (who by the way is my "Lipstick Jungle" bud...we are very devastated that it got the ax) had a drawing for her favorite things and guess what? I won!!

Her goodie box came today and oh-my-word!! I can't even begin to describe how generous and thoughtful it all was. Pug and I had such a blast opening it all up. I just had to show you all her adorable items.

Pug quickly found his item, a bag of Ida Claire's favorite bones! He was very demanding that these get opened right away. Thank you Ida Claire!!

Everything came in a cute pink stocking and even look at the "Legally Blonde" movie film ribbon!!

Each item had a cute little note saying why it was her favorite (how fun is that) and included:
1. Beauticontrol's Lip Apeel- she was so right about how amazing this is and couldn't be more right. I love it!
2. Clinique's 15- minute facial- Whitney my skin is thanking you!
3. Some fun notepads
4. Tide to go- I'm going to toss this baby in my purse!
5. Starbucks- I am so craving a hot chocolate now.
6. An adorable Christmas towel!
7. The cutest necklace!
8. An Office dry erase board! Oh how we love "The Office"!
9. Below- a bath fizzy from Lush! Smells amazing!
10. A personalized ornament...and look it says "Boy Girl Pug" on it. I absolutely love it!! One of her friends makes these and now I have a little bit of the blog on the tree.

Thanks so much again Whitney for so graciously gifting me with your favorite things!

a book meme

Dugout Daisy (I just love her blog name) tagged me for a little book meme. The rules are to find the book closest to you and then turn to page 56 and write out the 5th sentence and 2-5 sentences following that.

So here goes...the book that I can reach without much exertion is Karen Kingsbury's "Even Now". A friend told me I had to read it and loaned me her copy and although I read it some time ago I cannot seem remember to return it (and that is also why I do not own a library card!). But it came in handy for this meme so on to page 56...

""Yes." Sheila folded her hands in her lap. She was careful not to look too long into Angela's eyes. "It's craziness for a girl her age to keep a baby, Angela. We've been over all this." She paused. " that why you called me here?""

I'm supposed to tag some of y'all, but I'm going to open it to anyone game. Let me know if you do... I'd love to see what you're reading!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

come on in!

It's 9:00 at night and the Fedex dude just came. The doorbell rang and were like "what in the world!" My heart goes out to all the delivery folks during this time of the busy! Have I told y'all my UPS man looks like the UPS man in "Legally Blonde". Ya know the 'bend & snap'...I seriously have to hold in my giggles every time he makes a delivery.

Anyhow...I'm a bit behind on my tour of Christmas decorations. But better late than never I guess. So welcome to my damask themed Christmas. I really heart the damask prints!

Yeah I zoomed up to the top because my tree's belly lights are still out. My tree is being such a pain! I searched for 3 years for a damask black & cream ribbon and thanks to my mom I finally found it and it's 3 inches wide. Snaps for 3 inch ribbon!

The mantle. I know the garland needs a little something else and that mirror could use a cleaning too.

I've started the wrapping. It's my favorite part it's so relaxing to me for some reason. We haven't had our presents under the tree in 3 years...or since the purchase of pug. So far there has only been one bite mark with them on the fireplace. I give it 2 more days before they have to move to higher ground.

And the nativity scene...lovingly displayed on more damask print!

Well, that's the short I'm off to finish wrapping more presents and find a good ole' Hallmark Christmas movie on tv.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I don't think this scenario is in the parenting books

Yeah, I don't think I can laugh too hard at this clip until we've jumped into parenthood....which has just been pushed back 10 years.

But you have to watch it cause it's so funny and look for the kid washing the windows while all this is going on....hello kid trapped in a vending machine and your going to town windexing.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm thinking these are probably not fat free

Meet my two BFFs Oreos & cream cheese.

Just kidding I do have a life...but these friends make one scrumptious Christmas dessert. I've been going back and forth over the years making the cake balls one year and the Oreo balls the next for the holidays. Boy was very excited to see the Oreo balls being made this year since they're his favorite. It's a popular recipe, but if you've never made them do give them a try. I promise you won't be disappointed...Oreos are very loyal...they never disappoint.

I usually toss the entire box of Oreos into the food processor...but that would mean I'd have to climb up to the top shelf to get it. Too much I decided to just toss them in a bag (double ziploc bag it) and pound away with a rolling pin & or meat tenderizing mallet.

This cures frustration too! You want to get it to a fine consistency.

Add the crushed Oreos to an 8oz. box of softened cream cheese and mix together. If you want to stop here and grab a spoon I won't judge.

Roll mixture into balls then place on cookie sheet and pop in the freezer for about an hour.

Grab some Almond Bark...I like the vanilla flavored for these, but if you're feeling spunky go for the chocolate flavored. I just microwave mine to melt it. Then dip in the Oreo ball and set on wax paper to dry.

I think Santa will be enjoying these!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

the things you miss

My list of things I seem to have missed while living in my big ole' hole just got a bit longer.

Apparently, Extreme Makeover is doing a house somewhat close by.


How does one miss information like this?

Oh, maybe it was because I'm guilty of bypassing the actual news section of the paper and heading straight for the Target ads and the wedding section. Friends, as you can see I have my news priorities very much in order.

After finding this out I'm thinking let's go sightseeing because I love this show and over the years of watching it I've discovered that my mascara company is a total's so not waterproof! You can't help but have a good ole' ugly cry watching it.

So, boy drives because as you all know it's very dangerous to operate a camera, holler for Ty and drive at the same time. We get close to the site and go's all blocked off. Not even close enough to see diddly squat. What a bummer. I tried. I have no idea when it airs, but if I hear I'll let you know.

Now I'm off to see what else I do not know.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

a thread count farewell

Sometimes I feel as if I live in a big ole' hole because I miss a lot of vital worldly information.

Take for example the Pitt-Aniston split. The one day I didn't check and then, go figure, found out that Sunday in church. Yes, church...from the pastor. Don't even remember how that came into his sermon because I went into shock after that. And no we are not members at First Baptist US Weekly...promise!

But back to my story, I just recently found out that the great Linen's & Things is going out of business. Honestly, I'm more of a Bed, Bath & Beyond kind of gal, but forget loyalty when it comes to 40% off.

I'd really been wanting to go so after the Cowboys lost Sunday so I thought I'd cheer boy up and drag him along with me and let him mourn amongst the 500 thread count sheet section. I'm sure he was thrilled. It was chaotic bliss though as fellow shoppers fought over the last of the Egyptian cotton towels and garlic presses. I was able to finish up a few gifts still remaining on my gift list and snag me this beauty for 30 bucks. Whoa thanks Rachel Ray...I'm going to whip up a lot of "yummos" in this deal!

And so dear Linen's & Things...we bid you farewell.

Monday, December 8, 2008

everyday unwrapped {tree}

Emily at Chatting at the Sky has an incredible post going on called {everyday unwrapped}. I absolutely love the idea and had to join in...hope you will too!

This is my Christmas tree y'all. This is the tree that for 3 years I have strived to achieve some sort of picturesque beauty on it's branches. I was on a very delusional mission to whip up the perfect Christmas tree with ornaments that coordinated and that were distinctly placed appropriately, and then a topper with the perfect ribbon and length to set it all off. Each year I'd put up the tree, make it awe worthy all the while putting back into the box the ornaments the represented our true memories.

But this year after a good ole' come to Jesus meeting with myself I boxed up the faux memories and put up the real ornaments. And despite the fact that it's now become a canvas of random ornaments and that this weekend a foot of the tree's belly lights gave out (probably somewhat do to the abusive dragging from the attic) and still remain unfixed... it's GORGEOUS! It's a beautiful reminder of where we've been with plenty of room for where we are going.

Every now and then you need that reminder to open up your eyes and breathe it in for what it truly is. Costco's finest pre-lits are not the reason for the season...thank goodness. We have been given something so much better!!

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you, he is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11

Friday, December 5, 2008

from hightops to leg warmers

I mentioned about a month ago of our little HBO freebie. It was a very wonderful movie month indeed. After the month was up I had to call and cancel it to avoid paying for it, so I begrudgingly dialed the cable company and got just the about the sweetest cable lady on the other end.

Me: "Hi I was told to call and cancel our free month of HBO today" (tear drop falling).

Cable Angel: "Well okay...would you like to add it to your account to get it regularly?

Me: "No thank you...I just don't think we'd get our money's worth"

Cable Angel: "Okay well how about I let you try out another month with HBO and the other 3 movie channels".

Me: (Picking up my jaw off the floor to proceed in a happy dance) SERIOUSLY!! Of course we had me at free".

So, we are now officially on movie channel overload. I'm getting diddly squat done on the weekends. We'd never keep it, just too expense for only getting to watch a couple movies on the weekends. But I am loving to watch all these 1980's movies that come on it.

I LOVE 80's can't go wrong with the music and of course the stylish side ponytails. I was born in the early 80's so most of these I have fond memories of renting later on. One of my favorite's that been coming on is The Money Pit. Do rent this if you've never seen it!

And what would be more appropriate talking about cheesy 80's movies than a top 10.
1. Baby Boom- hands down is one of my top favorite movies of all time.
2. Christmas Vacation- we watch this every Christmas!!
3. 3 Men & a Baby
4. Funny Farm
5. Look Who's Talking
6. Ferris Buller's Day Off
7. Big
8. Girls Just Want to Have Fun
9. The Money Pit
10. Turner & Hooch

Oh, I could seriously list 20 because Ghostbusters could be a close 11. This list makes me want to run to blockbuster! Okay, so add away y'all. I used this site to double check some years. Some I thought might have been 1990, but worked out.

Can't wait to hear your favs!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Christmas Decoration Workout

Operation Christmas Decorations has officially begun around here. Boy and I tested our marriage last night by dragging the 9ft. Christmas tree out of the attic and down the stairs. It's tough work those trees, but so worth it once it's lit up. Then today pug's learned that he can in fact pull the little lights off the tree and eat them. Don't plug him in, he may light up.

A quarter of my work-out today...who needs hand weights?

I promise I do love Christmas...I just could not pass up on this sign's glittery cuteness last year.

And Boy being creative with the decorations...yes he's very good at Scrabble.

and the correct way if you missed it!

Happy decorating friends!

Monday, December 1, 2008

thanksgiving play by play

Hello bloggy friends! I hope you all had a wonderfully delicious and fantastic Thanksgiving. We finished out the Thanksgiving festivities with my parent's this weekend having our big dinner Saturday then lounging around doing nothing the rest of the was wonderful! Absolutely nothing screams Thanksgiving like mama's cooking.

Pug was thankful this year for people that drop table scraps.

"That turkey looks mighty delicious!! I think it's ready"

Mom's delicious food in all it's glory. And nothing says
Thanksgiving like mashed potatoes & crescent rolls.

Let's get a close up of those crescent rolls...oh yum!!

And let's not forget the oreo cake...I'm pretty sure this was the
official dessert of the first Thanksgiving.

Then after successfully reaching our calorie goals...we opened up the Christmas boxes and began spreading Christmas cheer. Some find this more exciting then others especially if it interrupts a football game. I had to take a picture of this because my mom is brilliant. She buys new unscented puppy pads and wraps all the breakables in them before storing them in bins. Totally protected in these. I am going to try this when I put our Christmas decorations up.

A tired santa's really exhausting all those decorations.