Thursday, November 25, 2010

some random thanks

happy thanksgiving everyone! i hope everyone had a wonderful day spending time with family and friends, relaxing and stuffing yourself full of good food.  i was going to do a sweet and thoughtful "thankful" list, but then i thought that's kind of boring and so i have composed a very random thankful list.  enjoy.

1. i'm thankful that i was not the person at the grocery store that left their rather large turkey on the bottom rack of a shopping the parking the shopping cart holder... in 80 degree weather.  i wanted to cry for them.

2. i'm thankful for the wonderment of pillsbury crescent rolls. 

3. i'm thankful that my husband unloaded the dishwasher and only had to ask once where something went.  i nearly cried tears of joy.

4. i'm thankful that my neighbor still loves me after we called the cops on her.  she was sitting in front of our house in her friend's car really late at night.  we didn't recognize the car and after an hour called the cops.  thankfully we've had so many laughs over this and note to self burglars probably don't drive volvos. 

5. i'm thankful that the mystery behinds phaedra's due date on real housewives of atlanta was solved.  i was very concerned about this seven month inducement.

6. i'm thankful that my pug sleeps till 11 am each day.  that probably deserves a post on it's own, but yes he does and i'm ever so thankful for all i get done before he gets up.

7. i'm thankful that wally world now carries mrs. meyer's soaps.  basil, lemon verbana i love you all.

8. i'm thankful for the start of endless hallmark and lifetime christmas movies.  yes ma'am the cheesier the better!

9. i'm thankful for finally caving and buying a humidifier for our sinuses.  life changing i tell you.

10. and finally i'm thankful that i well not be standing outside any store at 4 am tomorrow.  god bless you if you are.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


i'm really not much of a clutter bug, but i'm terrible at hanging on to 
magazines.  i save the ones that have good recipes, fun decorating ideas or an article a friend might like and before i know they begin taking over our cabinets.  so i put on my creative thinking cap (had to dust it off) and found an old ladder i had for awhile and put it in the guest room with a few magazines for guest's to enjoy.  now i might have to buy a few more ladders or find some more magazine hiding places :-)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the socially awkward pug

Pug beats to the sound of his own drum. Bless his heart. He loves being around people, but if you put him around other dogs he's either a bit bossy or distant.  A few weekends ago we invited a furry friend down for a little "yappy hour" while at the lake.

meet bentley. he's just the sweetest thing you ever did meet. i love his curls. he's got a little adrian grenier hair thing going on. and did i mention this dog is sweet? oh he is.

and here's mr. socially awkward, who can you tell is not loving sharing his yard?

or his lounge chair.

"mom he's in my chair!!"

he just doesn't get the sharing thing.

Monday, November 15, 2010

book shopping

It's been awhile since I've done a book shopping post.  And in all honesty I haven't done near as much reading as I would like since that last post.  If only I could take that magical trip to a beach filled full of comfy cabana chairs and I bring only my pile of books and a waiter continually refreshes my sonic drink.  It's my Disney World y'all.

Anyway, what I have been reading over the past couple months is "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" series!  It is so good!  This girl (my cousin) was like you need to read this and I was like I don't know I'm not really into dragons and she's like at least read till page 50 and I did and could not stop.  It was totally not what I had expected.  I call her the book whisperer because she has an ubber-talented gift of recommending good reads.  She works in the field and I know I can always call her up and tell her I need a mystery or I need a chick lit read and the girl waves her wand and tells me what to try.  I told her she needs to start charging for this service.  Hopefully I 'll get the family discount though.

I'm finishing up the 3rd book from the millennium series and then I'm not sure what to read next.  I've got on my list the latest John Grisham "The Confession" and Francine River's Marta Legacy. 

What are y'all reading this month?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

cats & dogs

Hello bloggy friends!  Sorry, I didn't mean to disappear for a whole week.  It seemed like there was constantly something, which made it very challenging to juggle life and not miss both Real Housewives series.  Seriously, because I find my week is not complete unless I'm watching someone waltz at their own baby shower or buy diamonds for their 4 year old.  Please someone tell me y'all are also addicted to the craziness of these shows.

Then this weekend we headed out to my parents because deer hunting season began.  And let me tell you I was so excited I couldn't sleep all week.

I kid.

Mama and I did hear about it all week though and were more than ready to send them on their hunting way and only discuss all things girly for the weekend.  We also felt it was so sweet and thoughtful of both Lifetime & Hallmark Channel to both have a new movie on Saturday so we could celebrate the opening of deer hunting season in true girly form.

But it wasn't just mama and I.  I introduced you all a few weeks ago to my parents new cat, Gracie.  This was Pug and Gracies first time together since Gracie got declawed a few weeks ago and because I was sure they'd be the very best of friends instantly I decided to let them play together.  Let me just say this...Disney movies lie.  Their was no Milo & Otising, Homeward Bounding, Oliver & Companying going on this weekend.  In fact, instead we had a pug who constantly TT'd in the hall while ignoring mama because she brought that cat into his spoiled life and a cat who hissed at me for bringing that dog over to annoy her.

I will say that cat looks all sweet and cuddly, but she is totally the instigator. 

Pug what do you think of Gracie?

That's what I thought.

Here's Miss Priss/Gracie/Princess Beyonce wanting nothing to do with me.

I'm being given the silent treatment for ruining her perfectly good weekend.

You can dangle that bee in my face all day, but I'm not going to play.

Oh maybe just this once.  I can't resist a feathered bee.

 So, we're still all recovering from the weekend.  

Some more than others.