Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The pug has gone and done it

This blog just about became "A Boy & A Girl" yesterday when pug decided to hop up onto my desk and spill the Dr. Pepper that I was enjoying everywhere because he is crazy and curious like that.

Oh yes ma'am he did.

I stopped breathing for a few minutes as I soaked up the disastrous mess. But I was a few seconds too late and now have a fried keyboard to show for it. I didn't know whether to scream or cry so I did a little bit of both at the same time. Boy was rather grateful that he was not here to witness the chaos or I'm pretty sure he would have been handing me bottles of Ativan to stop the madness as I dried bills, Cd's and books between sobs.

For about 24 hours I was shut off from the Internet world not being able to return e-mails or blog. What did we ever do in the 90's without this technology? We had planned on heading out to my parents this morning, and since I was able to check e-mails just not respond I spent the car ride talking out urgent e-mails for my mom to send from her computer. Oh how she saved me once again. I love her so. When we return I'll have to beeline it to an Apple store to complete me again. Wow am I ever so glad it was just a desktop right now.

And pug let's talk about pug. I love this sweet pug dearly. He is just as cute as can be. He truly is hilarious and so loving, but frankly this pug is wearing me down. He's a toddler with 4 legs. Each year as his birthday rolls around we say "This will be the year he calms down a bit". And each year he gets a little bit more energized and a little more curious. If he were in human form I'm pretty sure he would be the child that would make a teacher throw up her hands and make this her last teaching year. He has that effect. After a friend of ours watched him while we were out of town I asked how it went. She goes, "well he's just quite the character". Yes that is a polite way of saying it.

And we really have tried. So far he's completed two dog obedience schools, but you sure wouldn't be aware of it now. This week has been particularly challenging as he escaped out of our backyard for the first time and learned how to climb up onto my bistro kitchen table. So, I'm heading out to buy a few more baby gates tomorrow to limit his roaming square footage in an admit to help. Feel free to pass along any dog tips my way.

Pug, you melt my heart, but you should be thanking your little stars that craigslist didn't have a new listing last night.

Monday, April 28, 2008

I caved

The Dr. Pepper and Coca-Cola and all their deliciousness got the best of me. If you will join me as we jump in my time machine and visit this post and this post.
I know I know here I was going blah blah blah, it's so bad for me, yada yada yada. Could I be anymore hypocritical? Call me weak, but I'm not a coffee drinker and frankly you can only drink so much Sprite and Kool-Aid before you want to pull your hair out one strand at a time because it got so mundane. I do love my Sprite and Kool-Aid, but the caffeine cravings were taken me down.

Driving home a few weeks ago I told boy I couldn't take it anymore. I had made it almost nine months and Lord help me I needed some caffeine. I caved that night. At Sonic. And it was so good.

I freely admit that I do not regret it.

Friday, April 25, 2008

And we have two winners...

Thanks y'all for playing in the bloggy was so much fun getting to read everyone's music picks. I was reminded of some great songs to add to my playlist.

Using here we go...

The winner for the $15 iTunes gift card is # 59 Jennessa!


The winner for the $10 Target gift card is #275 Skyle Lee at!

I've either commented or e-mailed the winners for a mailing address, so ladies do get back with me so I can mail them on out to you!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

What are you reading?

Okay, so I love to know what you all are reading. I think some of the best books I've read have been recommendations from friends. And in case you are looking for something to read also...well here is what I've read in the last two weeks, what I'm reading now and what is still lingering on my list to read.

1. And the Shofar Blew by Francine Rivers- love this author and although I'm not too far into it I am really enjoying this book.
2. My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers- this is a devotional and I recently gave this to my dad who seemed to be enjoying it so I got it for us. Boy and I try to do one of the devotionals daily. Doesn't always happen, but we try. This will most definitely get you asking questions and thinking. Love reading this with boy!

Just read:
1. Pretty is What Changes by Jessica Queller- My cousin just gave me this book this past weekend. I dropped my other reads and started on it right away because I thought it was cool the author was a television writer and has written for "Gilmore Girls" and "One Tree Hill". Needless to say I finished it at 4:00 in the morning two days later. I will not lie, it's a very difficult read if you've dealt personally with breast cancer. I sobbed many times thinking of my grandmother, aunt, and friends that have all been effected by cancer. It really opened my eyes to the medical side of it as the author is tested and found to have the BRCA gene mutation. A lot to take in, but an incredible read of this author's courageous journey. I'd love to know any of your thoughts on the BRCA test and how it may apply scripturally.
2. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini- I finally got around to reading this after it had been on my list for a year. Amazing story of friendship and love. Be sure to read it though before you rent the movie, they sort of leave off some parts from the book.

Want to read:
1. Things I Want my Daughter to Know by Elizabeth Noble
2. The Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond
3. How to Be Lost by Amanda Eyre Ward
Oh this list could seriously go on and on, but I'll leave it at that for now.

Any recommendations of what you've recently read be sure to add.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Because it's already hot outside

Oh friends, it's hot.

I feel the Texas heat waves a comin'. This year I've already had the A/C on at least twice and I'm doing everything in my power to hold back turning them on. A good rule of thumb: If you break out in a sweat putting make-up on, it's time to turn on the A/C.

Which reminds me I need to have a ceiling fan installed in one room of our house that is still fanless.

So today I am heading out to Home Depot for a fan. I'm going to walk straight pass the hot dog stand out front that makes me gag , pass the paint section that boy has banned me from because he claims he ends up having to finish my great ideas and straight to the ceiling fans to find the least obtrusive looking fan. I know they are not the most appealing to the decor, but key for survival. I remember years ago watching "Trading Spaces" when the designers would remove the ceiling fans because they looked horrendous. Oh, how could they? I would sit there and scream, crying for them to please have some mercy on this sweet family. Because not having a fan in a Southern state is like having a big bowl of tortilla chips with no queso to go with it. It's just down right mean.

And I do realize that my timing it so inappropriate because here it is Earth Day and I'm posting about ways to waste energy. Oh, this is so wrong, but we need air somehow so I'm thinking I need to find a great Eco-friendly fan that will allow me to cut back on my A/C addiction. I will report back with my findings.

Bloggy Giveaways-Target Gift Card

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

I've got one more fun prize for the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival. Y'all know I have a deep love for Target so this prize is a $10 gift card to Target.

~ Please leave a comment to enter (If you do not have a blog, please include an e-mail address).
~ Only 1 comment per person
~ Contest will end Friday, April 25th at 5 pm (CST) Winner announced by Saturday, April 26th.
~ Open to U.S. residents only

Contest now closed. Thanks everyone for playing!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bloggy Giveaways- iTunes

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

It's the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival again! I'm posting this prize and then one tomorrow (Tuesday) so come back and check that one out.

This prize is a $15 iTunes gift card. I love adding new songs to my playlist and I figured someone might enjoy a few new songs to add to their iPod as well.

~ Please leave a comment to enter telling me your favorite song (If you do not have a blog, please include an e-mail address).
~ Only 1 comment per person
~ Contest will end Friday, April 25th at 5 pm (CST) Winner announced by Saturday, April 26th.
~ Open to U.S. residents only

Contest now closed. Thanks everyone for playing!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Sweaty Baby

The other night we went out to dinner with a guy boy works with and his family. They have two adorable children, a two-year old and a newborn. So you better believe that I was squirming in my seat with excitement to hold this little one. Before she even set the car seat down she asked if I wanted to hold her. Yes, Yes, Yes, am I that obvious? Towards the end of dinner, boy wanted to take a turn at holding her. I passed her over and then about 10 minutes later we were clearing out to leave. Boy handed her sweet self back to her mom and I noticed through the transaction that this sweet bundle of joy had a rather large wet spot all through her pants. I glanced back at boy and noticed a rather large wet spot all on his shirt. Well this is funny. They noticed the baby needed a new diaper, but did not see boy's shirt. I didn't want to make the parents feel bad, so I prayed boy would get the hint too and not go "oh man she peed on me".

He said nothing and when we got into the comfort of our own car I said,

"Hey make sure you take your TT'd shirt off when we get home"


"Yeah, you have TT on your shirt"

"That's what it is. I thought she was sweating!"

"Sweating? No. I'm not aware of any babies that can sweat that much"

And so boy learned the hard way that diapers leak.

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Baby Shower Decoration

I'm throwing an upcoming baby shower and can I be totally honest when I say that some of the baby shower decorations to buy are boring. I was looking for something for my mantle and had seen some done in magazines with more of a triangle shape so I tweaked it a bit. It was super easy. Here's how you do it if you get the craft bug.

1. I went to Hobby Lobby, printed off a coupon from their website (40% off) and grabbed 3 coordinating fabrics and 3 yards of ribbon that matched the baby's nursery and shower theme. It depends on how long of a name for how much fabric you'll need. This is for a baby Ava, so the name being only 3 letters needed only about 1/4 yd. in each fabric. Double check the remnant section first, I found both the prints at 3/4 yd. each in there at $3 each. Awesome deal!! The chocolate brown I added and it was 30% off too, so I just used my coupon on the ribbon. Total: Under $8. Score!

2. Make a pattern for the pendants. I took an old file folder that was pretty sturdy, traced half a bowl (flipped upside down) and then used a ruler to make the lines and connect it. It so does not have to be perfect, so just create until you like the pattern you get (Remember, that you will be adding a stitch so if you get a size you like add a little trim around the edge for when you sew it).

3. Plan where you want each fabric to go and then go ahead and cut them out. For a 3 letter name you need 6 pendants. So I cut out 3 of each patterned print.

4. Now you need some letters. I went back to my scraps from my file folder and free handed and "a" and a "v" making it un-perfect and a little whimsical. If that scares you. Find a font you like on the printer, print each letter off at a large font and then trace it around the brown.

5. Attach each letter to a separate pendant. You can sew them on, use a glue gun or like me used a no sew binding tape that you iron on.

6. Sew the pendents together then iron to press.

7. Either using a glue gun or the no sew tape attach your 3 yd. ribbon.

And their you go. I thought it turned out really cute and will be fun to add over my mantle (sorry my mantle is a mess so I just hung it around something else) and then the mommy to be can take it home with her. I think you could so do this for a birthday party or just as a fun accent in a kid's room.

Happy crafting!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

You know your getting old when...

So I clicked on people so I can keep up with the important things and came to the realization that you know you are officially old when Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) from "Full House" has her first baby.

Enough said.

I'm now old.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fashion Fiesta

medium button

Oh sweet blogging friends it's a glorious day because it's Big Mama's Fashion Fiesta. Y'all know I love to chat fashion and I'm super excited to share two of my favorite closet must-haves. Now it is a fiesta as well so I feel we can only do this properly with food, so grab some guacamole and chips and have a seat.

1. I'll start with my favorite. Have I mentioned to y'all that I'm 5'9"? For years I have searched Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, you name it for a tee long enough so that I would not have to spend my days pulling down it down for fear that skin would be showing. And to top it off I live in the great state of Texas where layering is really out of the question for fear that one may pass out from heat stroke. Oh it drove me crazy. But just a few weeks ago I happened to be surfing through the Internet when I found the Hip-T. Oh friends, let me tell you that I'm pretty sure the heavens did sing when I came across this site. This product is just pure genius I tell you. I ordered the black lace one and wear it consistently because it totally does the job. No one can even tell, except for when I tell them and then they scream at the awesomeness of it. I'm no longer pulling down my tee and I love the layered look it gives. For $19.95 stock up; it is worth every penny. Your closet will thank you.

2. I have a slight shoe fetish (oops on my previous late night spelling). Okay, a big one. I love shoes, especially flip-flops. You just can't go wrong with flip-flops. I had ordered a pair of slacks from Kohl's for boy and when they arrived they were 5 sizes off so I just jumped in the car and headed to Kohl's to return them. I took a quick detour through the shoes in the purse section and look at these babies.

How cute could these be! And guess what. They are $10. $10!! This purchase deserved a skip out of the store. The other day a lady came up to me and was like "I love your shoes, you got those at Nordstrom's right?" She about passed out when I told her they were $10 at Kohl's. A shoe bargain has that powerful effect.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

99 bottles of water on my nightstand

Hi my name is Girl and I have WBCD- Water Bottle Collecting Disorder.

Okay, yes I am aware that this is not a real disorder, yet, but if it were recorded in a medical journal I'm pretty sure my blond self would be pictured next to the definition.

In a previous post I had mentioned that one of my bad habits was I was terrible at leaving unempty water bottles lying around on my nightstand and in my car. It's like they multiply in my sleep and don't worry boy consistently reminds me that their are people in this world that could use one of my water bottles. Oh the guilt, I feel so horrible. I'm sure it's no help, but I'll add that I do recycle them. I did, however, learn that I am not the only one. Y'all cracked me up with your comments and e-mails so that is why I felt this post was a must.

Now I do have to say that this habit has its plus every once in a blue moon. A few years ago the church e-mailed a mass e-mail to all the teacher's asking if anyone had a few water bottles lying around the house for an upcoming craft. After I cleaned out the back of the SUV I do believe no child was left out of the craft due to yours truly!! And if I ever get stuck on the side of the road I'll be well hydrated. That is unless it's 104 degrees out and in that case I can cook up some mac & cheese with my boiling water bottles.

So my fellow WBCD peeps, dry your tears you are not alone.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Get 'em Hawks

Be still my heart my Jayhawks have gone and done it. I'm a little nervous about posting before tonight's game against Memphis because I didn't post about UNC Saturday and we won, so I'm afraid I may jinks the whole team by posting today. Are you with my crazy thinking?

Now let me back up and talk Saturday when our lovable Jayhawks took down Roy's boys in a victorious defeat Saturday night. Oh what a glorious day it was. If you are not aware KU fans are not very fond of the light blue UNC Tarheel's. In 2003 Roy came out and said no I will not leave KU for the UNC coaching position (his alma mater), 2 weeks later he was redecorating his North Carolina pad. Of course it's all business. You have to take great opportunities for your family when they arrive, but frankly, every KU fan and player felt so betrayed by his actions. Don't lie, it's not cool. But I've forgiven you Roy!!!

And Saturday as were doing a KU victory dance the phone rang. It was my father-in-law telling us a sweet man in his congregation had an extra two pair of tickets for tonight's game and knowing our deep love for the Hawk's wanted to know if we could head down to San Antonio. Oh my star's, did I just win the lottery?

Well I'm not in San Antonio. A thing called boy's job got in the way and I do believe somewhere in the marriage vows it says "For richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, and if you get tickets to see KU play in the final two and one can't go you don't experience it without your soul mate".

No sadness though, my parent's went instead. My dad insisted over and over that my mom and I should go as "just the girls". This man is so unselfish it brings tears to my eyes!! They are so deserving of the opportunity, I wouldn't let them pass it up. I don't know if they've ever missed watching a game and for 20 years they were faithful season ticket holders. This is so cool for them!

So Rock Chalk Jayhawks!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Our household was a bit rocked (in a good way) this weekend with our four-year old guest, Miss H. Oh my we love this child, but we are worn out to the bone. God Bless you mamas out there for your patience and energy!! And sweet pug is so tired he can barely lift his head, or that may be the side effects of bitting one too many bubbles and being feed a crayon or two throughout the weekend.

We had a great weekend playing at the park, ice cream from the ice cream man and bedtime stories galore while her parent's were away. We learned a thing our two that I'm sure many of you have mastered.

1. The ice cream man has a sixth sense of when you show up at the park. Day one we splurged for a $2 ice cream that melted too fast. Day two we exclaimed that we suddenly had forgotten our money!! Oh how forgetful we can be.

2. Always have bath toys on hand for your guest's enjoyment. H was rather disappointed that we did not keep a supply on hand. Thankfully my creativity came in hand with a supply of empty water bottles that I pumped up to being the greatest thing ever!

3. You never get to watch what you really want to watch, and we quickly learned what channel Disney & Nick. is found on. I can't seem to get the theme song to Dora out of my head. Someone make it stop.

4. Does anyone know what Fifth's Disease is? I do!! I noticed a sort of rash on H's legs after bath time Friday. Called her mom and found out this child must have a relapse. She was totally fine, but I went ahead and canceled a playdate for the next day and scheduled a sub at church. Too many pregnant women and children to infect. So we kept to ourselves.

5. This four-year old doesn't nap and kids wake up really early. REALLY EARLY!!

6. According to H, I'm fabulous at coloring in a coloring book. She was awestruck at my ability to stay within the lines. What can I's a gift.

7. Crocs are just the cutest things ever on little girls.

8. We aren't in any rush to have children anytime soon.

As I was buckling her up in her car seat to meet her mom and boy and pug were getting loaded with lots of kisses and hugs she exclaimed,

"Are you returning me now!"
"Yes sweet girl, but we will rent you again soon!"

Friday, April 4, 2008

Caution: Highly Yummy

I got a few inquiries on my previous post about one of my favorite snacks. I pour this incredibly delicious raspberry chipotle jelly over cream cheese and then dig into it with low fat wheat thins. It's pure bliss in a bottle I must say. My favorite raspberry chipotle sauce is made by Fischer & Wieser called "The original roasted raspberry chipotle". I usually keep a jar in the house because we're beyond addicted. It is not uncommon for me to toss some of this on an ounce of cream cheese and call it lunch. 300 calories of pure satisfaction. It's made in Texas so I'm able to get it in few boutiques and select grocery stores. I googled it and found their website, but it doesn't say where they carry it. It's about $7 a bottle, but the jelly goes a long way.

Happy Snacking!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

5 things meme

The Roaming Southerner (love her blog name by the way) tagged me for a 5 things meme. So here we go.

What was I doing 10 years ago:
1. Beginning my 4 year journey into High School with my backpack on ONE shoulder (because it was cooler that way).
2. Watched "Titanic" 3 times in theaters and thought Leonardo DiCaprio was the hottest thing ever!
3. Hearing the name Monica Lewinsky over and over that year.
4. Was this the Doc Martin sandal era???...if so wearing those clunky shoes that I just had to have.
5. Dancing on a competitive team. Sports were so not my thing.

Five things on my to-do list:
1. Make dinner.
2. Work-out.
3. Fold the laundry pile that continues to multiply.
4. Return e-mails.
5. Watch a movie tonight with boy.
I must note that I have only a few hours left in the day to do this because I'm really good a procrastinating.

Five snacks I enjoy: (only five!!)
1. Chips and queso
2. Cream cheese drenched in raspberry chipotle sauce with wheat thins...yummy.
3. String Cheese
4. Dr. Pepper
5. Cheetos

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Buy a new house
2. Retire.
3. Give our friends in the missionary field more than they'll ever need.
4. Bring back Concord and fly to Australia.
5. Invest the rest.

Five of my bad habits:
1. I open a water bottle and then leave them everywhere. It's a disease I believe. They are piled in my car and on my night stand.
2. Worrying too much.
3. Not organized enough.
4. Waiting until the gas light comes on before filling up my tank.
5. Forgetting people's names. Doh!

Five places I have lived:
1. Kansas
2. Chicago
3. Texas
4. ?
5. ?

Five jobs I've had:
1. Dance studio
2. Pilate's instructor
3. Court ordered supervised visitations- Intern
4. Small business owner
5. ?

Now I'm supposed to tag 5 people to do this, but I've noticed a lot of y'all have. If you haven't, join in and be sure to let me know you did so I can check it out.