Tuesday, March 30, 2010

why pug does not get invited anywhere

Because he'll do some redecorating.

And not the good kind, but more like a bad episode of Trading Spaces where the homeowners return to find all the furniture suspended upside down on the ceiling.

Yep more like that.

His most recent work came on a visit to see my parents where he felt the lamp was no longer working in the living room.

So he removed it.

And I stopped, closed my eyes and prayed so hard that her hand-scraped gorgeous floors did not sport a big gash.

Thankfully they did not.

And thankfully my awesome parent's will only accept reimbursements in pug cuddles despite our insistence.

Ignore the terrible blurriness in the photo. I was torn in that moment to help my mom clean up or catch a quick photo.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Guest Room Part 1

So, we have this poor pitiful forgotten room in our house that serves as a lame excuse of a guest room. When we moved into our house we somehow inherited some old bedroom furniture that my parent's had no use for. I gratefully took it and tossed it in a spare room threw a Pottery Barn duvet over it to tone down it's disco vibe all while saying I'll mess it with it another day.

That was 4 years ago and from the pictures you can see that Pottery Barn, although wonderful, can only do so much to help disguise the orangey wood. Although while taking it a part boy commented "I think it's nice...is this not in style?" Really?

So the rooms getting a new do because later boy acknowledge his decorating opinion doesn't count. I should also give you some more background information. We will most likely be putting our house up on market within the next year or two. We're dreaming of some land and since we're in no rush we're just kind of slowly taking are time fixing up some parts of the house while we wait on the market to look a little shinier.

With that in mind I'm not tossing in a lot of money into this room. I'm going shabby chic cheap here and trying to decorate with what I have. I thought of painting the furniture, but it really crowds an already small room so an upholstered headboard came to mind. It was so much easier than I could have imagined and ridiculously cheap. Less than $40!! I used the matelasse I showed you in the last post and hung it on the wall.

Here's how it turned out. What do you think?

So that's all the progress on the room. I'll share more pictures as I progress.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

some spring craftiness

With the nicer weather I'm tackling these projects that have been on my to-do list for sometime. One I'm working on today involves this adorable matelasse that I scored over 3 yards of for just $17. I literally cried at the deal. {I ordered it from one of my favorite fabrics shops fabricguru.com if your curious. They sell remnants and have some amazing deals}.

I'll be back with hopefully a finished project and not a huge mess and me saying I'm never doing anything crafty again.

Not that I've ever done that.

Monday, March 22, 2010

miscellaneous bin

1. I finally was able to pick my jaw off the ground only 48 hours after KU lost. We're still so devastated! I'd like to take this time to apologize to UNC for gloating when you did not make it into the tourney and also to the commentator who back in November predicted KSU would make it in and go far. This is called NCAA humbling.

2. It snowed Saturday night and we're sunbathing today...allergies much.

3. Did anyone watch Food Revolution last night? So crazy and what a teaser...how can I wait till Friday?

4. Has anyone sold any furniture before on Cr@igslist? Any tips to avoid my pic. on the 10 o'clock news?

5. Pug somehow has a chip on the tip of his ear. No bleeding, but should I be considered or just start calling him Chippy.

Friday, March 19, 2010

a book review by pug

I was sorting through an old box of books this week and came across this one.

Once upon a time when it was just a boy & a girl we bought this book. I think from there it sat on a shelf. Looking back maybe we should have read it because it probably gave some crucial information on how to not let your pug get a hold of this book.

But he did. And now he'd like to offer up a little review full of his thoughts.

Apparently he felt this was a delicious and meaty read.

Now I'm not debating this author's knowledge, but we must have two very different pugs because they said things like this

and this. And I laughed.

I'm guessing they've never had tackle a pug to clean his ears.

Monday, March 15, 2010

basketball & knitting love

Oh how I love March Madness!! And I love it even more when KU is ranked #1...rock chalk! So today I'm joyfully filling out my bracket for the family pool and anxious for some non-stop weekend basketball, anyone else?

On a totally different note, I've expanded my knitting from just scarfs (we're set for next winter) and whipped up a few baby cocoons. I'm sending this one to a photographer friend of mine as a thank you! I'm so loving this knitting thing!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

book shopping

So, I haven't done a whole lot of reading in the last month, but here is what's on my bookshelf.

Read: {The Friday Night Knitting Club} and loved it! Think Steel Magnolias & The Jane Austen Book Club on this one. I'm thinking of picking up the sequel...has anyone read it? Love to hear if it's just as good.

Reading: {The Last Song} I'm liking this book way more than I thought I would. I love Nicholas Sparks, but when I first picked it up a few months ago I just couldn't get into it. I picked it back up this month and after making it past a few more chapters I can't put it down. Oh and thank you movie promos because now Miley walks around in my head as I read this...does anyone else do that when you read?

Next Read: {Leata's Garden} Someone loaned me this book forever ago so I probably need to read it and return it (I'm so bad about that). I love all of Francine Rivers so I'm sure this will not disappoint either.

I'm anxious to hear what y'all are reading because for the first time in awhile my to-read shelf is dwindling!! Here's some I'd like to pick up...please add or save me from disappointment on any of these.

{Nanny Returns}
{Comfort Food}
{Twenties Girl}
{Sarah's Key}
{Loving Frank}

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

departuring the wings of love

I dreamed last night that Jake had somehow dumped the sweet and innocent Tenley and picked Vienna instead.

What a crazy nightmare huh?

Oh wait! It wasn't a dream!!

I know I've kind of fallen off the Bachelor blogging bandwagon the last two seasons. Boy has kind of a wonky schedule and during Jillian's season his off days were on Monday. So I had a decision to make...spend quality fun time with boy or watch a love story with a 98% chance of failure hanging over it.

I pondered it for awhile... and picked boy!

So, not really watching Jillian's season and not knowing who Jake was I contemplated not watching. But when boy's schedule flopped again and Chris said "It's the most shocking rose ceremony yet"

I came running...to "on the wings of love" of course (which is now engraved in my brain for life...thank you ABC!)

I'm speechless at the outcome. I thought it was the easiest pick in Bachelor history ever! I'm sure Vienna is a sweet girl, but against real life Cinderella/Belle/Sleeping Beauty. What's there to ponder Jake?

I'm beginning to wonder if that St. Lucia fresh air doesn't mess with your ability to make good choices.