Hi I'm Meg, the girl behind the blog A Boy, A Girl & A Pug.  Boy and I are college sweethearts who married in 2005.  Some brides get jewelry for their wedding presents.  I got a pug.  It's the gift that has kept on giving.  I started this blog in 2007 to document the craziness of our pug.  By the way his name is not really pug.  He just likes to keep his identity on the down low.  And plus I wouldn't want anyone to track him down and kidnap him because I've invested a lot of energy and xanax into keeping him this cute and crazy.

In 2011 we signed up with the DFW pug rescue, an amazing organization, to become pug foster parents.  That lasted a good month before we got Landry as our second foster and I had to call and ask where to send the check because he was a keeper.  You can read about his journey here.  He also gets to sleep in the bed at night because who can resist that sweet face? We don't show favoritism at all here.

We're Texans who last year sold their suburban home and fell in love with a small lake town near family and decided to call it home.  It was a good thing because a few weeks later we found out we we're expecting a baby boy, Declan, this July.  We could not be more thrilled.

Here's the cliff note version of me:  I'm a child of God.  I have a deep love for my DVR as well as all things HGTV and Bravo.  I can't remember squat from high school Chemistry, but I can sing to you just about any theme song from a 90s tv show.   I always have a least 2 books going at once.   A few years ago I succumbed to the reality that I'm lactose intolerant and so you can read back to my post where I mourn my love of queso.  I love decorating our home and secretly would love to gut and redo a house one day.  We live for Kansas Jayhawk basketball, I eat at least one piece of Dove dark chocolate a day (ok that's a lie, more like 4 pieces) and my happy place is the aisles of Target.  Stick around I'll tell you more.

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