Thursday, November 14, 2013

the bumbo & dumbo

pug was checking out declan in his bumbo chair a few days ago.  why do i have a feeling these too are going to make quite a pair when it comes to getting into stuff?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

the birth announcements

I'm sitting here addressing the super cute birth announcements y'all helped me decide on a few weeks ago. I can't thank you enough for helping me decide on which Tiny Prints birth announcement I should choose from because if it were up to me I might have just sent out all 5 designs or better yet never made a decision so they never even got ordered.  You saved the day! 

Want to see them?

The design is the Tiny Prints Today's Special: Peppermint and I adore how they turned out.  Good pick!  I love the quality of each card and the detail of the rounded corners just makes them.

I even had room to add one of my favorite pictures on the back with Declan in his pug knit hat. And because I'm one of those ubber paranoid people I did blur our last name and his middle name, so in case your wondering these won't get mailed with that.

Thank you all so much again!

 Disclaimer: All opinions are my own.  A huge thank you to for providing us with the cards.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

book shopping

I really tried this past month to carve our a little time for me to sit and read.  Even if it was just a page or two at a time while he napped I felt like it did a world of difference for me because I was missing it so.  Hopefully, I can keep it up and we can discuss our reads more often once again.

So, here's my reads:

"Cuckoo's Calling" by Robert Galbraith aka JK Rowling:  I have only read one other thing by Rowling and that was book #2 of the Harry Potter series.  Don't ask how that happened.  And I just never got around to the rest.  All the hype about her actually being the author behind this book and because I do enjoy a good crime novel I decided to give it a chance.  I'm torn though.  Keep in mind that I read this at a very tiring time in my life and over a long period of time so even though I did enjoy the story I felt like it was drawn out more then it needed to be.  If I could of sat down and read more at a time though I might have feel differently.  I like that she didn't stop at the Potter series though and has branched into a new genre.

"Where'd you Go Bernadette" by Maria Semple:  I just finished this this week after seeing so many recommendations for it on pinterest.  Very cute and witty.  The author really keeps you engaged and it's a fast read.  It would make a good travel read if your going away for the holidays.  I'd definitely suggest it.

And that would be all of it unless you could "12 hours of sleep by 12 weeks" a riveting read on newborn sleep ha!  I've got a few on my maybe list to read next but would love to hear your suggestions before I pick up something new.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

oh pug!

I feel like this post may be a little TMI, so be warned, but I started this blog to share the shanniagans of pug and it would just be cruel not to share this one with you.

During the first week of October I dropped a washable nursing pad while pumping.  Pug flew across the room and grabbed it.  I told him to drop it, he pretends he doesn't comprehend what I'm saying, he runs off with it, I chase after him, he puts it in his mouth.

Then gulp.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think he would just swallow it nor can I even figure out how he did it so fast.  It was like the time I served lasagna for dinner and before we could sit down to enjoy it he flew onto the table and ate boy's piece in one bite.

So, I attempted to get the pad back.  Wasn't happening.  We waited a few days hoping he'd pass it, but no luck.  We had a stopped up pug on our hands.  Apparently, when you eat a good amount of cotton this will back things up for you.  And the craziest thing was he was back to usual craziness as if nothing had happened.

 Anxiously awaiting the vet to walk in.

I was just sick over it convinced we would loose him so I took him to the vet.  Which was truly the most embarrassing conversation to have when they asked what he swallowed.  They did a good check on him, were baffled he was as energetic as he was, told me a few signs to look out for, robbed me blind with the bill and sent us on our way.  I was on high alert with this dog watching him and when we went out of town for a wedding he stayed with my parents and I was thrilled to get a report back that he was pooping again.

Although we hadn't seen it we figured all was good. 

Fast forward to a month later when boy's out of town and I'm taking a little snooze with Declan on the sofa.  I'm awakened to pug making some crazy noises and look over and see him getting sick on the rug and chewing on some dark object.  I'm like surely that's not the pad.  I jump up put the baby down, see it is the pad and rush to get it when pug gulps it down one more time. I swear this dog is giving me grey hairs.  Thankfully, later he later got sick again and it surfaced once more.  Why does all this stuff seem to go down when the hubby is away.

Yeah so, my dog walked around with a breast pad in his stomach for a month and has lived to tell about it.  
Goodness pug!

Friday, November 1, 2013

we found nemo

hope y'all had a wonderful halloween!
we had the best time with our little fish.