Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a spill

Tis the season for lots of weddings.

And with all those weddings comes lots of cake and lots of great free entertainment.

Well we attended a wedding a couple Saturdays back for some friends of ours. It was one of those awkward weddings where none of the guests no each other so you find yourself talking way more about the weather then you ever imagined possible. Seriously, it's not news a fellow Texan how hot it is outside. Anyway, boy and I were talking on the way over to the reception about who we might sit with and finally thought if worst comes to worst we can bust out with a duet to Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'" and surely someone will invite us to join them at their table.

And yes you would be correct that "Free Fallin'" isn't really made for a duet, but I assure you'd never know it wasn't because we know how to rock it.

So we make it to the reception after a beautiful church ceremony. Boy and I find a table with a young couple and a few bachelors. We ask if we can join them and sit down. Boy and I spot the cheese and fruit table and make a mad dash. We were head over heels to discover this magical table full of 4 different kinds of cheese. It was a beautiful sight after skipping lunch.

We headed back over to the table and as we munch on the appetizers we try to start up some small talk. We find out very quickly we picked the least lively table in the room as our table buddies text away on their iPhones. We realize we might have to begin warming up our vocal chords as we play "If you have to eat one of these cheeses for the rest of your life which one would it be?"

I tell you we're never short of the entertainment in this house. And just when we feared this might be a long evening an elderly couple that were the sweetest things you ever did see sat down next to us. We had a great time talking to them and finding out they are 20 years a part, married in 3 months of meeting and are still so deeply in love. During the conversation the little old man got up to get his bride a glass of red punch and as he comes back spills the entire cup on her beautiful ivory silk dress. I gasped at the sight and scrambled for all the napkins I could find. Regardless of all the blotting we did it left a huge stain on her gorgeous dress. The best part was....she never once blamed him. But instead thanked him repeatedly for getting her the cup.

I love that.

How cool to witness a marriage that can only be strengthened by a spill.

Monday, July 28, 2008

a little more on the devo discussion

I sat down this evening and watched for the VERY first time Steel Magnolias. How have I made it this long without ever seeing it? A very cute, but oh so sad!

So, I've been meaning to get back to this post from over a week now...thank you all for your awesome suggestions on bible studies, devos and books.

Go back and read the comments if you are searching for something too. A lot of y'all recommended Beth Moore and some of your just can't go wrong with a Beth Moore study. They are especially fun to do in a group so you can laugh together and pass a box of tissues around to one another. Some discs need a mascara alert on them.

The Cheek of God recommended John Ortberg. Oh my word how I love his book "If you want to walk on water, You've got to get out of the boat". Please put this on your list if you have not read it. I've got my dad reading this one right now and he's loving it. It's a powerful read. I distinctly remember being late for a class in college while reading this during a break.

Okay, so before I tell you what I picked here's some devos that I've used or am using that I love. I thought I'd share in case you may be searching for something to dig into His word with.

~ My father-in-law always tosses in my purse on the way out from a visit the latest issue of "Our Daily Bread" from RBC ministries. It's a little book that has 3 months of devotionals in it at a time. I love doing one each day. I'm pretty sure you can get them sent to you if you navigate around the website.

~ 2nd I just recently fell in love with the classic "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers. This is some deep reading so this is the devotional boy and I try to do together. It's a great time to bounce what we read back and forth and it's our time together. I will be perfectly honest and say we do not read it every day. I feel this is one that we go through even when we get dentures and grey hair.

~ Lifeway's HomeLife Magazine. I know shocking that I read a magazine that's title isn't People or Instyle. But this is seriously one of my favorites that I look forward to each month. It's filled with scripture and some great articles on faith and marriage. Highly...highly recommend.

Oh, my list could go on but I'll stop there. There's a few I still want to try including Beth Moore's Jesus 90 Days with the One & Only and Kelly Minter's No Other Gods (this is a group one that I may have to get some of my gal pals to do with me in the fall).

But the one I picked is Life Lessons with Max Lucado Book of Romans! A lady that passed away in my father-in-law's congregation had asked that boy and I be given a box of books that included some devotionals. We were extremely grateful and humbled to be given such a special treasure that belonged to a truly inspirational person. So I felt this would be a great one to start with.

So there we have it. Again thank y'all for your awesome suggestions. If you think of any more resources to add do leave them in a comment.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

we told him it was pug camp

So, I mentioned we headed out to Abilene last week to move my sis-in-law back home. Even though the thought of moving someone in 100 degree weather was just as exciting a shopping spree to Target I decided we needed a little motivator so we took a small detour up to Possum Kingdom Lake and indulged in this view.

Oh, it was lovely friends. Good food, great view and a book in hand...I was set. Boy had to drag me kicking and screaming from the resort.

Now let me back up and tell you about what we like to call Pug's Adventures 2008. We had to do some planning for pug for this little shin dig so we weren't driving clear across the great state of Texas. In pug's 3 years of life he has never been boarded. We've always had to bribe a family member of friend to watch him. We're running out of family members and friends. I thought this time it would just be simpler to have him boarded and we could swing by on our way back from Abilene. I did some googling, but became a little overwhelmed when I began to see "LCD TVs at your dog's height", "granite accents throughout dog suites" and my favorite "$10 extra for a hug and a bed time story". Seriously! People read to their dogs. I think pug could manage a night without hearing "Goodnight Moon".

I got a recommendation of a boarder on the way so I gave them a call and they sounded just as sweet as can be so I made him a little doggy reservation. We brought him in the day of and each dog has there own little air conditioned stall with a doggy door to the outside. We hugged him good-bye (a free hug by the way) and boy sat him in his stall. Then break my heart and stomp on it, he sat looking at me with those sweet big bug eyes whimpering. We waited a bet trying to help him learn how to use a doggy door and bless his heart he couldn't figure it out. Oh the pug mama pain. I just felt terrible at the moment as we drove off. But the little guy couldn't have been happier to see us and he finally figured out how to push the door with his paw.

After Possum Kingdom, Abilene, the in-laws then my parents I thought he could use a bath so here is his looking all fancy in his bandanna. It's very Texas isn't it?

And so sorry for not mentioning squat about Big Brother. What a week it has been. I'm so glad to see Dan stay and is it just me or is anyone else not really sure who to side with this season? So much drama!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Left with a big pile of laundry

Oh blogging friends how I've missed you so. I had to go cold turkey from the internet for a few days as we headed out of town for the week. I probably should have posted that before hand.

I wish I could tell you that we went somewhere tropical and exciting, but instead we headed up to the big city of Abilene to move my sis-in-law back home before she heads off to a big fancy city and leaves us behind.

So I'll share some more of the trip a little later and catch up on what's new with everyone on their blogs, but until then the laundry pile is growing at rapid rates.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tell me your favorites

So I'm searching around for a new devotional/bible study and thought I'd take it to the blog for some good recommendations. I've just finished a Max Lucado so you know something you can really dig in to, so leave me a comment and tell me your list of favorites that have really blessed you!

The Blue Woman Group

Okay, yeah for Big Brother 10... sorry I couldn't resist with the title since Renny's outfit was so extremely blue during the show tonight. It hurt my eyes. But I did love her definition of a punk yesterday...Webster's needs to pick that one up.

Oh what a season we have before us friends. Could you not believe your eyes on Tuesday? I really liked Brian on day one, but that boy's head kept growing as the hours went by. I've really been trying to remember a season where someone came out guns blazing on day two. The ones that survive the show are the ones that lay low for a few weeks.

I felt for Ollie. I really think he is a good guy, but he has been stung by the love bug and it could seal his fate (that bug was fast too). He was trapped and I hate they go back on their word, but what do you do when someone is tearing through the house like Brian was. So poor Jerry had to be the bearer of bad news and put Brian up. It was a smart move. Does anyone else tear up a little when Jerry speaks...he's so sweet!

And then someone has to stir the pot up again. At one point I looked over at boy and said Brian's going to stay. I was just about sure of it. Whoa! What an hour that was.

Any thoughts on who Jesse will put up...I'm kind of thinking Renny. To me though he is still a wildcard. I'm not really sure who he's loyal too.

Until Sunday...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

that is one tired pug

I found this the other day on youtube (not my pug) but it totally made my day. Bless this tired little pug's heart!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The History of BB

Okay, so when I started this blog a year ago it was during Big Brother 8 and I thought "No, I'm never going to talk about the one cares!!" and then so many of y'all left fun comments last week wanting to talk about it and well since I'm the type of person that could easily have her own car sold back to her...I'm caving. This might be fun after all! I haven't really thought it all through, this will NOT be all I talk about though so rest assured you non- Big Brother fans. Oh, and I probably won't talk every episode, cause that could get real old. So I'll just add in a fun bb10 post here and there among the other ramblings of my life. So any thoughts on any fun ideas to discuss let me know.

And yes, it has been awhile since my last post. We had a crazy week with a new baby being born in the family and after that event I've made up my mind that I'm going to wait until they introduce painless labor/delivery before we walk down that journey :-)

Before I kick-off chatting about the season premiere of BB10 let me give y'all a throwback of my history with Big Brother seasons. I started watching with season 2 back in high school. I think it just happened to be on one night so I watched it then the next night thought "oh I wonder what happens" and that's how I got hooked. Then my mom sat down watched one and folded too while my dad would walk by and remind us how dumb the whole idea for the show was. Fast forward 2 years from that and one day daddy-o somehow got forced to watch an episode. And from then on he'd "just happen" to walk in the room when it'd start and gradually he stopped making fun of us. Then I met boy in college. Back in the day there were few BB fans out there so he made fun of me too. 8 episodes later...hooked. I'm sad to admit that the day of our wedding, August 20th, fell on a Saturday and amongst the chaos of flowers and wedding bells we made sure that someone had it Tivo'd. You can't start a marriage having missed a veto ceremony! It's an addiction I tell you...Julie sucks you in. And here we are today with family dinners that revolve around BB's such a blast to have a fun and silly bond. I dread the day the slop will end.

So here we go. I called my parent's after it aired and the first thing out of my dad's mouth was "Renny has got to go!" I couldn't agree more. But first the house. I love the decor. I always think it's so fun the stuff they come up with. The only house I did not like was BB8. It was an Alice and Wonderland theme and it just looked creepy. Okay, so now you know that I love the decor, back to the important things...I won't hit on all the houseguests today, just the ones that standout.

Jerry-the old man & HOH. I love him, he's super adorable and I think he will do well in the game. He's smart, but I think his age can allow him to be that father figure in the house and fly under the radar like Chicken George and Jack from previous seasons. He choose brilliantly in the nominations by throwing it back on Jesse and Renny with their confrontation.

Renny- oh dear! She might drive me bonkers if she stays. She has that annoying whine like Natalie (BB9). Nuff said she's got to go.

Libra- seriously, she just had twins and is on the show. I don't think I would have left my babies. She's going to be a strong houseguest though.

Memphis- I think the man really loves himself. I would like to see him go quickly.

Ollie- Love him. He seems very down to earth and loyal to anyone he aligns himself with. I really hope he goes far.

Okay so any thoughts? I'm kind of wondering if there is a big twist out there.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Feud & No Fried Food

Hang on this post is a bunch of random thoughts and nonsense, but it does ends with a wonderfully delicious recipe. So you have to read it.

1. Two of the greatest shows in history come together as one tonight... Family Feud and The Office. I gasped out loud at the preview. Although where is John O'Hurely? It's just not a Family Feud without a host with corny jokes or one from the 80's that kisses women on the lips. And speaking of Family Feud, I heard that they are having auditions in Dallas this weekend. Such short notice I don't know if I can gather enough of the family members to audition, get my hair done, not eat the rest of the week and then find 5 semi-respectable matching outfits that don't make us look like The Wiggles. This dream may just have to wait.

2. And this comes as a shocker, but we watch way too much television. I mentioned to boy that maybe we should do a week long television fast and he cried out, "what for!!!" See too much of the tube. We seem to always find something to keep us entertained and keep Tivo in business. Anyone loving Wipeout and Baby Borrowers? Are there too versions of this show? Oh yeah and Big Brother 10 starts next week! We are easily entertained here.

3. The blog header. I became quickly reminded of my computer illiteracy last week when I got the itch for a new look (oh and the other one said spring 2008). I've created two headers before and got them all up lickty split, but no not this time. So the frustration got the best of me and I told blogger that he can just look naked for awhile if he was not going to cooperate. Maybe I need to just fork over the bucks and pay a professional? Any recommendations?

4. I love Monte Cristo's, but apparently in recent health news fried food is bad for you. What a bummer! So unless I plan to strap myself to a treadmill for 3 days to burn off the calories from this deliciousness I don't eat them. I did find this amazing knock-off. Oh, sweet friends it is so delectable.

But first I'm going to dedicate this recipe post to a dear sweet friend who is very anti-Eggo waffles. Yes, gasp out loud if you need to. I truthfully do not even know if she knew frozen waffles even existed because she makes everything from scratch. In fact her kitchen looks as if William-Sonoma got lost and stopped at her place instead. I'm truthfully envious of her beautiful gizmos and mad cooking talents though. So here's to frozen waffles and Monte Cristo's!!

Oh it's a beauty indeed.

Just melt about 1 Tbsp. of butter in a pan on med. heat. Then add 2 waffles. Let them soften a little, add two more to the pan then flip over your first two and add swiss, ham and turkey. Flip over your second two and top them on your meat and cheese. Make sure that you have swiss on the already toasted sides of the waffle to hold it together. Keep an eye on it and make sure it browns a little, but does not burn. Once waffles are cooked and cheese melted remove from the pan. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and add a side of raspberry jam. Enjoy!

(makes two sandwiches)

Monday, July 7, 2008


Someone wake me from the dream! I truly sit shocked y'all as I just watched 3 hours of the Bachelorette season finale. Truly speechless, I hope I can gather some thoughts to share. I really thought she'd go for Jason and as I watched him interact with her family, I got giddy thinking about how he'd be a part of it. Oh the crazy reality tv show pain!

I have to say it was extremely hard to watch. I got nervous for him as the limo pulled up and then when she told him to get up off his knee my stomach dropped. What were you thinking DeAnna? My heart just broke for Jason and Ty. Okay, now he should be the next Bachelor.

I can't say that I didn't want to see Jesse picked it was just I thought Jason was such a stronger soulmate for least what I saw. It was an extremely sweet proposal from Jesse. I thought it was adorable on the way to pick out the ring how he had to stop and breathe. They will make a very cute couple...he is growing on me!

Jason was once again first class at hour 3 of tonight's "After the rose ceremony". What guts it took to face her and the fact that he said how glad he was that she picked someone she was in love with just proves what a great guy he is. Oh and did anyone catch before tonight that his wife left him? Break my heart again!!

I'm gradually remembering things as I type from the marathon of anticipation we just faced so bear with my randomness. What about Jeremy coming back? For a split second I thought she might take him back. Talk about what a soap opera this season could have become. It was just sort of random and I'd love to know if it actually happened right after they broke up or if she really did go back to Georgia and then when she came back the Bahamas he flew back out again. That has me stumped.

But yeah...she's engaged. They are so sweet together! This is been so much fun getting to chat it up with y'all each Monday!

Friday, July 4, 2008


Growing up outside of Texas the 4th always meant a great day of setting off those things that let out colored smoke, black jacks, and poppers. Notice my extreme knowledge in firework terminology.

One firework I always made a point to stay away from was the sparklers. They are beautiful to watch at night, but horribly scary to hold. I was the kid running around crying with one in hand praying the colorful stick of fire would not torch my cute little Espirit outfit. To this day that does not look at all fun...the poppers were as daring as I'd get.

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th celebrating our amazing country and what a blessing it is to call it home...just be careful with those sparklers.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

a thief with a tail

Well a Happy Belated Blog-versary (how does one even spell that) to me! I was sitting around thinking, "Has it been a year since I first started writing to the whole big internet about a dog that won't behave and other randomness?" And my word it has (June 28th to be exact)!! So grab a Dr. Pepper or Diet if that's your liking and celebrate with me.

And for some pug entertainment, let me share what I discovered under my little four-legged friend's dog bed yesterday while cleaning the laundry room.

Yes, that would be $25. I only wish I could make this up.

"What?!?! What'd I do?"
I lifted up his little bed and low and behold found an envelope with two Presidents staring back at me. I sat baffled. Maybe the tooth fairy paid him a wealthy visit or maybe he is saving for retirement or maybe just maybe he is saving up to buy himself those cute black front load washer and dryers as new roommates.

I'm still trying to figure this one out because if the envelope did not have boy's name on the outside I would have feared he snatched it out of someone's purse that came to visit. How horrible would that have been? I do know it's been pretty recent because I'm consistent on doing major cleanings in his room. So he either grabbed it out of my purse or one of us accidentally dropped it and he hide it.

I'm thankful this is our only incident otherwise I'd fear we'd have a kleptomanic on our hands. I might have to hide my jewelry.

But I'm $25 richer today, so whoa for that! Pug do you have any hundred's lying around?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Final Two Lovebirds

Just say it isn't so! Did we really just say goodbye to Jeremy from the Bachelorette? I'm speechless y'all. I really had it pegged that he would be sitting in the final two right now.

Since there were two big parts to the episode, I'll start with the first hour.

Part One: Jeremy was first up on the dates and I could really tell something was up. I've always thought Jeremy was so eloquent with his words and does a great job communicating, but tonight DeAnna was really hunting down something he wasn't delivering. Poor guy. Although, Hallmark needs to give the man a job because he has some great one liners!

Then with Jason, it is always so much fun to watch him and DeAnna. I love how he always runs to her when they meet up; he's just as cute as can be. They have great chemistry and I will without a doubt be totally devastated if she does not pick him.

Jesse, I totally have to hand it to the man. On the first episode I just did not think he would last at all. He didn't seem serious enough, but he's really done a great job of convincing us that his heart is in the right place. He's a sweet and genuine guy. Since, I was a huge Jeremy fan from the beginning I really would have rather seen him be in the final two over Jesse, but Jesse has really stepped it up and done exactly what he said about being her friend first.

I did just about loose it when she said Jason's name and the camera showed Jeremy's face. I hate that hearts get broken.

We shall see next week, although I don't know if I can last that long knowing she is for sure engaged! Whoa...please be Jason!

Part 2: Did anyone else sit with their jaw dropped? Well, first my heart broke for Jeremy. It was so painful to watch. ABC, Jeremy so needs to be the next Bachelor? He looked so hurt I wanted to cry. And then if the man weren't already in the dumps rude where the rest of the guys? Someone please give this sweet man a break!!

Okay, so I'm rambling but here is my two cents on Graham. Although he blew it not be completely open and honest. I really just do not think that is his personality and you can't be someone your not. He seems like he is an extremely shy guy and I'm just not sure she was used to it or that you can be that shy on a show like this. He was so right on displaying that when he told Chris he needed to take it slower.

So, I thought those guys did a great job in the "hot seats", and I was quickly reminded of how much Ron drove me crazy and then DeAnna came out. Now I love DeAnna, but she came out pretty defensive. I thought she made some harsh comments that weren't really provoked from Jeremy and Graham. I never felt they were blaming her, they were just confused with a broken heart.

I'm worn out typing, so y'all spill and tell me what you think.