Monday, July 14, 2008

The History of BB

Okay, so when I started this blog a year ago it was during Big Brother 8 and I thought "No, I'm never going to talk about the one cares!!" and then so many of y'all left fun comments last week wanting to talk about it and well since I'm the type of person that could easily have her own car sold back to her...I'm caving. This might be fun after all! I haven't really thought it all through, this will NOT be all I talk about though so rest assured you non- Big Brother fans. Oh, and I probably won't talk every episode, cause that could get real old. So I'll just add in a fun bb10 post here and there among the other ramblings of my life. So any thoughts on any fun ideas to discuss let me know.

And yes, it has been awhile since my last post. We had a crazy week with a new baby being born in the family and after that event I've made up my mind that I'm going to wait until they introduce painless labor/delivery before we walk down that journey :-)

Before I kick-off chatting about the season premiere of BB10 let me give y'all a throwback of my history with Big Brother seasons. I started watching with season 2 back in high school. I think it just happened to be on one night so I watched it then the next night thought "oh I wonder what happens" and that's how I got hooked. Then my mom sat down watched one and folded too while my dad would walk by and remind us how dumb the whole idea for the show was. Fast forward 2 years from that and one day daddy-o somehow got forced to watch an episode. And from then on he'd "just happen" to walk in the room when it'd start and gradually he stopped making fun of us. Then I met boy in college. Back in the day there were few BB fans out there so he made fun of me too. 8 episodes later...hooked. I'm sad to admit that the day of our wedding, August 20th, fell on a Saturday and amongst the chaos of flowers and wedding bells we made sure that someone had it Tivo'd. You can't start a marriage having missed a veto ceremony! It's an addiction I tell you...Julie sucks you in. And here we are today with family dinners that revolve around BB's such a blast to have a fun and silly bond. I dread the day the slop will end.

So here we go. I called my parent's after it aired and the first thing out of my dad's mouth was "Renny has got to go!" I couldn't agree more. But first the house. I love the decor. I always think it's so fun the stuff they come up with. The only house I did not like was BB8. It was an Alice and Wonderland theme and it just looked creepy. Okay, so now you know that I love the decor, back to the important things...I won't hit on all the houseguests today, just the ones that standout.

Jerry-the old man & HOH. I love him, he's super adorable and I think he will do well in the game. He's smart, but I think his age can allow him to be that father figure in the house and fly under the radar like Chicken George and Jack from previous seasons. He choose brilliantly in the nominations by throwing it back on Jesse and Renny with their confrontation.

Renny- oh dear! She might drive me bonkers if she stays. She has that annoying whine like Natalie (BB9). Nuff said she's got to go.

Libra- seriously, she just had twins and is on the show. I don't think I would have left my babies. She's going to be a strong houseguest though.

Memphis- I think the man really loves himself. I would like to see him go quickly.

Ollie- Love him. He seems very down to earth and loyal to anyone he aligns himself with. I really hope he goes far.

Okay so any thoughts? I'm kind of wondering if there is a big twist out there.


Heather said...

They said no surprises ... we will see. They said "old school BB" not sure if they will hold to it or not.

Not sure Jerry will go that far .. dan seems to be stringing him along. Could be wrong but I think first chance he gets ... he'll ditch Jerry. Totally can't believe he touched her though! And the comment Libra made about the defibilator ... had me on the floor!

I can't believe Libra left her 5 month old twins either ... or the 4 year old for that matter. I couldn't leave my kids. By the way they have epidurals for the pain! I am a WHIMP and I'm on my 3rd child! :) You can do it!

Renny ... totally must go but I doubt she will ... reality tv I think is fixed and so I think they will keep her around because she is so annoying.

Can't wait to continue the season with you. I too hooked my man on the show and my parents are hooked as well. Can't believe I have watched all 10 seasons ... don't tell anyone ok?! :)

Aubs said...

Yay!! More tv talk!! I think i am going to really like this season! I am pretty much in agreement with you on everything you said....i posted on my blog about it as well! There's gotta be a twist...surely there is huh?? Looking forward to seeing the season unfold.....looks to be a good one!

Heidi Zawisza said...

Oh, I'm soooo mad I forgot to set my tivo!! I missed it! Well, rest assured my tivo is now set for the whole season, so I can't wait to get started......and to read your thoughts. I will probably post some of mine as well....I LOVE this show! Ha!lol!

Heidi Zawisza said...

oh, and I'm adding you to my blogroll...I keep losing your I won't anymore!! ha!ha!

Allikaye's Mama said...

I am wondering if there is going to be a big twist too! And you and your fam sound just like us! I started and slowly everyone has come around to watching BB and now we all have dinner convos! Ha! I am agreeing with you about your evals on the houseguests...please get rid of Renny! Definitely!! So glad we will get to chat about this season! Yay!!

Ashley said...

I stumbled here thanks to Blogher and I am very glad I did. I missed the first 30 minutes of the show on Sunday so your notes were helpful! Is there really not going to be a twist? I hope there is something that shakes up the house a bit... oh I heart Big Brother!! :)

Heather said...

OH MY goodness!!! What did you think about last night's episode???? I'm SOOO excited they all did that ... but will they vote him out? guess we will see tonight!

Carrie said...

I love Big Brother so much I agree with everything but after tonight I think Brian played his game way to quick!