Sunday, August 28, 2011

some randomness

1.  It's Sunday and we're still mourning Thursday's Big Brother episode.  You know you're too hooked to the show when you're still walking around baffled saying, "but she gave her the phone call home"!  It's crazy how fast this season has gone.

2.  So sad for those out there hit by Irene.  I'm thankful this girl (my cousin) wasn't hit too terribly.  She's probably annoyed with my frantic texts and phone calls, but I just had to be sure she wasn't blowing away or in need of a canoe like my pessimistic weather man was leading me to believe.   

3. I'm trying to organize myself.  The back to school supplies have provided some inspiration.  So far I haven't made much progress, actually I haven't done anything.  I'm hoping to sort out all the manuals for stuff that are taking over my house and get rid of some books that I've read and really don't need to hang on to.  We need to have like a blog book swap or something.  Anyone interested?

4. Meet Landry.  Our latest foster pug as of this weekend.  Why do they keep getting sweeter and more lovable?  We're smitten with this dog, especially my husband.  They've really bonded.  He's two and bless his heart is just so shy and timid.  He's just content to be near you.  I need a doggy Bjorn.  He does have some skin problems, which I'm not really familiar in dealing with so if you have any tips I'd be so grateful.  He's has some bald spots and some dryness.  I think a lot of that was caused by stress so I've already noticed a huge difference in a few days.  Pug is a little jealous, but really is getting along pretty good with him.  They make good napping buddies!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yesterday, I decided to treat myself to a day at the DMV.

Are you jealous?

Oh my word.  How could I possibly forget that the word "quick" and "DMV" can never ever be in the same sentence?  But I did.  It took all of about 15 minutes packed into a hot stuffy room full of miserable people to contemplate if driving again was even worth it.  Maybe I'll just get a bike instead of renewing my license?  But I was there, it needed to be done and most importantly I primped for a good hour before I came because by golly that driver's license photo was going to be my best!

45 minutes in of standing and trying to maneuvor my body so the guy on my left would quit watching over my shoulder as I played words with friends on my phone, another man near me exclaims he's entering his 3rd hour.

Are you kidding me?  I would have cried if I wasn't so dehydrated and concerned about all the maybelline on my eyelashes.  3 hours!

We got to talking and he told me that he left for a bit then came back.  Smart.  So I headed off to wander amongst a few air conditioned stores included Target to give me a good energy boost.  The home section of Target is always a wise choice of refugee.

Then I headed back to endure listening to one DMV worker bark at anyone that opened the front door for more than 2 seconds, chat with a sweet older man, overhear a dad gripe at his teenager for failing the test and watch a 3 year old sleep curled up on the narly lineolum next to a trash can snoring peacefully.

Did I mention the narly lineolum?  Bless his heart and the OCD in me kept having to pull out my Purell just watching it.   

1 hour and 20 minutes later plus some melting MAC foundation, my number was called.  The excitement I felt at that moment would have made you think I won millions in the lottery.  The older man cheered, I cheered and then skipped to greet the annoyed worker behind the counter.

And that my friends is why my driver's license picture looks like I was beat silly with a bat.

Monday, August 22, 2011


boy and i celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary on saturday.

i'm speechless how fast it's gone by.

most of the time.

there have been a few days here and there where it seemed the football seasons and the baseball and the basketball and the sports center kind of dragged on.

but i still wouldn't change a thing.  i feel this past year we've grown the most.  we're learning to be patient and content and that's a good place to be.  i'm just so thankful for where the Lord has us at this moment.

on saturday, boy surprised me with the most gorgeous bouquet of calla lilies and white roses.  these were the flowers at our wedding, and the fact that he hunted down lilies that are so hard to find is a precious memory on it's own.  good job babe!

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!   

Friday, August 12, 2011

apparently you can fry just about anything

my mailman just brought me the latest issue of one of my favorite magazines ever!

i heart the food network.

boy was looking through it and found an article on fried foods.  the fair lover in him immediately got excited, as well as his college age metabolism.  me not so much.  my digestive system started hating me a few years ago, so i finally caved and realized no item of fried goodness is worth the awfulness that would follow.  but being the good wife that i am i had him pick out a few things he'd like to try and gave it my best in the kitchen.

he choose strawberries & oreos.

do you know how hard it is to slave over a hot stove making a fried oreo that smells too good to be true and knowing you're not going to get to savour it??

i told boy he can present me my wife of the year trophy now...i'll have my speech prepared.

so here's how it turned out.  boy said the oreos where his favorite and the strawberries just were on the weird side. 

i'm sure his dreaming up what treat i get to fry for him next.

happy FRYday everyone!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

sad faces

this weekend we said goodbye to our sweet 1st foster pug goosey.  i wish to tell you i sent him off like a dignified woman, but i did not.  i at least kept the ugly tears in until his forever family had driven away.  then we laid around all while complaining how our hearts had been riped out and stomped on and how would we move on.  we were quite a sorry sight i'm sure.

we are so grateful for the opportunity to have loved on him and get loved by him over the last month.  it took pug a little bit longer to adjust and bond, but once they did they became quite the dynamic duo often referred to as batman & robin, shake n' bake (talladega nights) and starsky & hutch.  many times one of us would say let's just keep him and i'm pretty sure when they left i said call them back make him an offer.  but as tough as the good-byes are i know we're where we need to be.  there are so many pugs in need of homes and even in places to live before they find their forever homes so were following this for now.

here are some pictures i took right before we said good-bye...already some sad faces all around.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

well boy howdy

A few days ago I visited one of my daily read blogs, Nesting Place, and as I scrolled down a picture caught my eye.  I was like "that looks familiar" and then it my word "that's my guest bedroom ruffle curtain!".  I about peed my pants I was so thrilled.

Speaking of pee.  Just an FYI, and this is a total hypothetical situation, if your dog decides to lift his leg and pee on your ruffle curtain.  Do not panic or's totally washable and will come out.  Just saying.

I've gotten some e-mails and comments saying there were going to try it, so if you do PRETTY PLEASE send me a pic. showing how it turned out.  I'm dying to see them.  I also saw an adorable shade of pink from walmart's sheet collection and am really hoping someone will give it ago.

So thank you Miss Nester for sharing my tutorial.  

Oh and did anyone watch "Picker Sisters" on Lifetime!  I am loving this show.  I adored Tracy on Extreme Home Makeover and they turn the most random finds into the coolest pieces.  And their southern accents had me at "y'all"!

Monday, August 1, 2011

random thoughts from the weekend

1. foster puggy discovered a taste for drywall.  lovely.

2. saturday night pug began violently coughing and having trouble breathing.  we whisked him in the car and drove like mad to the pet ER.  thankfully they brought him right on back because he was coughing so bad.  he really sounded like an old man that smoked.  the other folks in the waiting room were trying very hard not to laugh at him.  thankfully we got him all fixed up with some good old drug filled cough syrup and he is living in lala land as we speak.  so thankful it was nothing serious.

3. i'm suffering from "words with friends" hand claw.  i also may need an intervention before long.

4. i discovered pinterest this weekend, which i'm still navigating and figuring out.  but all i can say is i get it now!  also, is there a way to pin things from an iPad.

5. i am ever so delighted that the lovely pioneer woman has added a section dedicated to all things real housewives on her blog.  be still my bravo loving heart.

add in some laundry, cleaning and complaining about the heat and that about sums it up.  hope everyone had a great weekend.

p.s. how is it august already?