Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yesterday, I decided to treat myself to a day at the DMV.

Are you jealous?

Oh my word.  How could I possibly forget that the word "quick" and "DMV" can never ever be in the same sentence?  But I did.  It took all of about 15 minutes packed into a hot stuffy room full of miserable people to contemplate if driving again was even worth it.  Maybe I'll just get a bike instead of renewing my license?  But I was there, it needed to be done and most importantly I primped for a good hour before I came because by golly that driver's license photo was going to be my best!

45 minutes in of standing and trying to maneuvor my body so the guy on my left would quit watching over my shoulder as I played words with friends on my phone, another man near me exclaims he's entering his 3rd hour.

Are you kidding me?  I would have cried if I wasn't so dehydrated and concerned about all the maybelline on my eyelashes.  3 hours!

We got to talking and he told me that he left for a bit then came back.  Smart.  So I headed off to wander amongst a few air conditioned stores included Target to give me a good energy boost.  The home section of Target is always a wise choice of refugee.

Then I headed back to endure listening to one DMV worker bark at anyone that opened the front door for more than 2 seconds, chat with a sweet older man, overhear a dad gripe at his teenager for failing the test and watch a 3 year old sleep curled up on the narly lineolum next to a trash can snoring peacefully.

Did I mention the narly lineolum?  Bless his heart and the OCD in me kept having to pull out my Purell just watching it.   

1 hour and 20 minutes later plus some melting MAC foundation, my number was called.  The excitement I felt at that moment would have made you think I won millions in the lottery.  The older man cheered, I cheered and then skipped to greet the annoyed worker behind the counter.

And that my friends is why my driver's license picture looks like I was beat silly with a bat.


Payton said...

Yikes! My mom was super lucky and got hers renewed in under 15 minutes. I think that might be a world record or something.

Kitty+Coco said...

Sounds about right. I made the mistake of going early in the morning in December. Not only did I wait for two hours, but an hour of it was in the freezing cold! In my pic, my nose is blood red, my scarf is squeezing my neck, and my nose is runnin. Super.
At least you got some shopping in. Trying to be positive here. said...

While I've never had more than a short 30 minute wait at the DMV, I have a 4 hour drive to get to it last time.