Monday, September 23, 2013

from our weekend

We had an awesome weekend that started off with some much needed rain followed by some cooler weather.  And by cooler I'm talking in the 90's which after months of Texas 100's I'll happily take. 

This allowed us to get out a bit and go for some walks.  I had a moment of insanity where I thought I was superwoman and could take the pugs by myself with Declan.  Yeah not so much.  I'm sure we looked like a freak show.  I had pugs going every which way and a screaming baby who wasn't so pleased at all the stopping we had to do to mark our territory.  Pug also had a hard time grasping that concept that if you dart in front of the stroller while we are walking you will get hit.  So from now on we'll be walking in shifts.

I also made a trip to one of those big baby consignment sales.  I'd never been and didn't know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised.  I was able to score lots of deals on some baby gap and tea collection that looks brand spankin new.  I'm a fan now.  I'm also a huge fan of Moxie Jean.  If you haven't checked it out you must.  I've gotten some amazing stuff for Declan off that site.  I learned pretty quickly I'm crazy to pay retail for some of his stuff for as fast as he grows out of it. 

I'm sad to see our weekend fly by so fast, but I am pretty excited for the return of fall TV this week.  I've missed Parenthood dearly and am excited for some new ones premiering.  I have high hopes for Hostages and Robin William's new one.  So, my Tivo is getting put back to work this week. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

two months

dear declan,

i'll probably say this every month, but where does the time go?  i can hardly believe i've had you in my arms for two months now.

right now your weighing about 10.5 lbs and are 21.5 inches long.  lots of changes this month in growth.  i teared up when i pulled out a box of size 1 diapers for the first time and wept when i traded out your newborn clothes for 0-3 month outfits.  you smiled for the first time this month and now that we are getting your silent reflux a bit more under control we're seeing lots more sweet smiles from you that melt this mama's heart.  you love being out and so we've introduced you to some of our favorite restaurants and you've done some shopping with me this month too.  we make great target buddies.  you're not a huge fan of sleep, which your daddy and i can't figure out where you got that from.  for the last week you have hardly napped during the day, but you do fall asleep at about 9:00 pm and are waking up about 9:00 am with one feeding at about 3 or 4 in the morning.  mama is loving those long stretches of sleep.

you're still rolling over on your back when we do tummy time.  you're a strong one and this month you have discovered my hair. 

i've been startled to see some strands of it in your fists.  you still love being held and rocked, which i absolutely love.  and you know our voices.  bath time is your favorite and waiting to be feed is your least favorite.  when you get mad you purse out your lower lip and it's just so pitiful and adorable all at the same time.  you're slowly getting in your hair.  it's that gorgeous shade of red like your daddy's.  not a day goes by that i don't praise the lord for allowing me to be your mama.

i love you my little man,

Thursday, September 12, 2013

camo print love

I'm having a really hard time this year grasping that it's September already.  When did this happen?  I'm trying to get pumped about the season so yesterday I busted out a pair of skinny jeans to meet a friend for lunch and was sure I was going to die.  100 degree weather in jeans while hauling around a baby is not a wise fashion choice my friends.  So, I'm going to put my fall wardrobe on hold for a little bit longer. 

And speaking of fall fashion one thing I never ever thought I would say is I'm digging the camo print. Especially having a hubby that hunts and all the camo gear taking up space in my garage.  Never say never because Target has the power to convince you otherwise.  I mentioned this to boy, who was more insulated that it isn't always a trend.

These ballet flats from Target had me at hello.  I have had this same flat in a leopard print and it's actually really comfortable for the price.  I'm not one to splurge on really trendy items that may be out the next season.

And now I may need an intervention from the camo selection in the baby department.  It's just so stinking cute!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

not the happiest baby on the block

I begin my day with the intention of blogging and then come 8:00 when I'm so stinking tired and it's blogging or dishes.  Sadly, dishes win.  So I'm happy tonight to sneak away from the mess and try and catch up. 
Declan has had a rough few weeks (me too).  He became increasingly fussy a few weeks ago before and after feedings.  It wasn't just fussy fussy it was screaming banche fussy.  People that saw it told me he's hungry just give him more.  Breastfeeding, there was no more and I kept thinking I'm doing something wrong.  Insert mama guilt.

Look at that sad face.

Finally over labor day weekend our aunt pointed out that she thought he might have acid reflux.  I've had friends with babies that have had reflux, but theirs always involved excessive spitting up and so the thought never crossed my mind that Dec might have it.  Sure enough there is what's called Silent Reflux and he fit the bill.  Our pediatrician put him on some medication and it's slowly starting to kick in.  I hope.  Poor little man has just been miserable.  So lot's of cuddling has been going on and not much else.  When boy called on his way home yesterday from work I felt the need to warn him that I was still in my sweats, there was no dinner and I had watched 5 episodes of Revenge on Netflix while rocking Declan all afternoon.  I was surprised he still came home.  I might not have.

Anyone have any reflux advice or stories?  Always game to hear.