Thursday, September 12, 2013

camo print love

I'm having a really hard time this year grasping that it's September already.  When did this happen?  I'm trying to get pumped about the season so yesterday I busted out a pair of skinny jeans to meet a friend for lunch and was sure I was going to die.  100 degree weather in jeans while hauling around a baby is not a wise fashion choice my friends.  So, I'm going to put my fall wardrobe on hold for a little bit longer. 

And speaking of fall fashion one thing I never ever thought I would say is I'm digging the camo print. Especially having a hubby that hunts and all the camo gear taking up space in my garage.  Never say never because Target has the power to convince you otherwise.  I mentioned this to boy, who was more insulated that it isn't always a trend.

These ballet flats from Target had me at hello.  I have had this same flat in a leopard print and it's actually really comfortable for the price.  I'm not one to splurge on really trendy items that may be out the next season.

And now I may need an intervention from the camo selection in the baby department.  It's just so stinking cute!

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Rebecca Jo said...

My husband LOVES all things camo - always has. I've never cared for it... & have given hubs grief over his love for it...

so now, when I see cute things with it, I don't feel like I can say anything because he'll push it in my face :)