Tuesday, September 10, 2013

not the happiest baby on the block

I begin my day with the intention of blogging and then come 8:00 when I'm so stinking tired and it's blogging or dishes.  Sadly, dishes win.  So I'm happy tonight to sneak away from the mess and try and catch up. 
Declan has had a rough few weeks (me too).  He became increasingly fussy a few weeks ago before and after feedings.  It wasn't just fussy fussy it was screaming banche fussy.  People that saw it told me he's hungry just give him more.  Breastfeeding, there was no more and I kept thinking I'm doing something wrong.  Insert mama guilt.

Look at that sad face.

Finally over labor day weekend our aunt pointed out that she thought he might have acid reflux.  I've had friends with babies that have had reflux, but theirs always involved excessive spitting up and so the thought never crossed my mind that Dec might have it.  Sure enough there is what's called Silent Reflux and he fit the bill.  Our pediatrician put him on some medication and it's slowly starting to kick in.  I hope.  Poor little man has just been miserable.  So lot's of cuddling has been going on and not much else.  When boy called on his way home yesterday from work I felt the need to warn him that I was still in my sweats, there was no dinner and I had watched 5 episodes of Revenge on Netflix while rocking Declan all afternoon.  I was surprised he still came home.  I might not have.

Anyone have any reflux advice or stories?  Always game to hear.


Aubs said...

Poor lil man and poor Mama! Dylan was my only one to have it and he did spit up some but his was mostly the silent type as well. I felt so bad because it took us a while to figure it out and then after a nightmarish couple of months of different combos of meds & formulas we got the perfect mix for him! The meds were fantastic for him and we were able to wean him off of them by about 14 months! No more mommy guilt ~ you're doing a fantastic job and I'm sure you rock those sweats!! ;)

Rebecca Jo said...

Poor things... when baby ain't happy, no body is happy - right?

I wish I had some experience here for you, but I do know a friend of mine had a baby with HORRIBLE reflux & she used some sort of natural treatment & it worked wonderfully... I just cant think of it... see? I bite.. search that though!