Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007!

This year has completely flown bye and I'm sitting here stumped trying to sum up the year into words. To place one word to the year I say rooted. That's sort of the first word that pops into my head. Boy and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary this year and in 2007 we grew past the newlywed stage of everything being new and challenging and sort of feel like our feet are planted and we are watching life grow. We are no longer newlywed seeds we are now gaining our roots.

My heart is just bursting as I look back at the year and think of all the new memories we made, new friends we found and our faith that continues to grow.

Thank you 2007!

And might I add that no New Year's eve is complete without chowing down on a sonic cheeseburger and eating chocolate frosting straight from a jar. This is how we party hopping folks roll.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

O' Kidney Infection O' Kidney Infection how perfect is your timing... (please sing to the tune of O' Christmas Tree)

Merry Christmas sweet blogging friends. My plans were to wish you all good tidings, but a little Christmas gift came early for me, a kindey infection. A brand car would have been my first choice. So my days leading up to the 25th were spent wrapping presents and trying to figure out how to take out my own kidneys.

Now here's what really ticked me off about the whole ordeal. This could not have happened the week before or during normal doctor office hours. Praise the Lord though, I had called my doctor's office Sunday night and my Christmas miracle came at 8:00 am on my way to an urgent care clinic when my doctor's office called and phoned in a prescription for me. I literally cried glorious tears for the nurse on the other end. It was a miraclous day!

With antibiotics in tow, we headed out on our Christmas journey visiting grandparents, parents and family. What a blessing this Christmas was. I hope y'all had a wonderful day celebrating the birth of our Savior!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

cake balls

Christmas came a little early over here at A Boy, A Girl and A Pug today. We had Christmas with boys family yesterday and today. We got smart about it and started doing it a week early that way we can totally kick back and relax and not have to worry about getting to the next household.

Now on my previous post I mentioned our enjoyable search for a metal detector and that gift was given today. What a blast y'all! Who would of thunk it? We all were fighting over it and although we found NADA we did leave my in-laws backyard with a few rather large holes.

After unloading the car I rushed to the kitchen to whip of these bad boys for a Christmas gathering tomorrow. Now there is no formal name... just call them Cake Balls. They are super easy and just about the best dessert I've ever made.


Cake Mix (make as directed)
Chocolate Almond Bark

Bake the cake mix.

While the cake mix is still warm mix it in a bowl with the frosting. Stir it well. Form into ice cream scopp sized balls and place on foil. Pop in the fridge or freezer to cool them down. 30 minutes later. Melt almond bark in the microwave. Dip cake balls into it and cool on foil.

**check out my fine dining styrofoam christmas plates!

So tasty. You can mix it up and do vanilla cake mix or vanilla frosting. If I'm going to endure the workout after these though I'm going for the good stuff.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

cribbled in cabela's

I would prefer to title this post "Stupid Chi Hair Straigthener", but I feel that might be too harsh.

Yesterday while rushing to get ready for church my Chi fell off the vanity and landed precisely on my left foot right about the fourth and baby toes (notice my knowledge of bone names).

Ouch! I whined for a few moments and shook off the pain scoring threw my foot and as we headed out the door.

Now I have to make note that this is the second severe injury caused from hair straightening. Last year while sitting on the floor straightening my hair I set the darn thing down, leaned in towards it, and fried my leg a bit. The scar still remains. It's a hand made beauty mark.

Well low and behold a ginormously swollen foot with a bruise to match graced me this morning.


I can wiggle the toes so I don't think it's broken and even it was I've been assured by many folks that there is nothing to do. So save your copay and have a nice dinner to ward off the pain instead.

That I can do.

But oh no not without those last minute Christmas errands.

One being Cabelas. Now ladies you may not have ever graced the presence of one of these large man stores filled with aisles of camo gear, fishing poles for all and let's not forget the deer heads looking at you. Ugh! It's always a dreaded visit. You can't help but laugh as men sort of gallop in joy to the door dragging wives behind them that look bored to death. I would make a killing if I opened up a Gap next door!

Before we get out of the car to go inside I sweetly remind boy that my foot is killing me and this is not a shopping trip to look around, we're in and out to get a metal detector.

Yes, friends a metal detector. That purchase is a whole other blog post. If you ever need to know any information on purchasing one of these treasure hunters I'm your gal.

This store is huge and here I am hobbling around praying we can just pick one metal detector and leave. Nope that would be too easy. I seriously considered curling up in a display tent and rest while he decided. 30 minutes later and a detector in hand we we get to go home.

Watch out for those beauty tools, they might get you.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I shall call it...the grocery store miracle!

It's funny how the older you get the more the little things in life really make your day.

Our grocery store had their grand re-opening and until February 6th card members get 10% off their grocery bill and a FREE grande Starbucks if you spend $75 (not hard to do if you checked out the price of milk and o.j.)

Oh my word grocery shopping may not be worse than pulling teeth. I think I may have even skipped out of those magical sliding doors with a cart full of groceries and my hot chocolate in tow!

It's sort of sad really.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hey folks we accidentally sent nuts to a real nut!

My apologizes for the intense post from yesterday. I hope I didn't scare too many of you off.

But back to our regular look into all the crazies of the world.

Check out what arrived on my doorstep today.

Oh a package...what could it be? whose's it for?


Dr. Cat my bf! Must be the wrong address!

Nope exact address!

"Boy you having an affair?"

I opened up the outter packing to see if there was a note. And there was one...apparently from someone who spends way too much time text messaging with all the "bf" and "lol".

So because apparently I have way to much time on my hands because I decide to play Sherlock Holmes and investigate this mysterious box of nuts and chews!! I call up See's Candies. I think I sort of shocked Jillian on the other end when I explained the situation to her. She was probably like "hey lady go find something better to do and just take the free junk that showed up at your door". But me being the great citizen that I am wanted to make sure this went to it's rightful owner. And plus I am just dying to know what neighbor is nicknamed Dr. Cat!! Meow!!

So Jillian and I play CSI for about 30 minutes. Although there was no crime scene or real mystery for that matter. She finally just blurted out..."well BF sounds like a boyfriend"

hint hint like go check your husbands coat pockets.

Finally we gave up our search after every scenario possible...I think she enjoyed this little soap opera. I'm sending it back. I don't think I'm ready to take strange candy and stuff my face with it.

Why can't Coach accidentally send me stuff or Tiffany's...why the nuts?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

"for one more day"

I prefer to blog about my love for Jesus, the things that make me laugh, or my hatred for Wal-mart.

But this post has been on my heart for a week. I pray the words flow.

Last week, many of you probably caught it on tv, Oprah had on one of my all time favorite author's Mitch Albom. He wrote "Tuesday's with Morrie" and folks if you do not have a copy of this book on your shelf I encourage you to run out and buy or ask for it for Christmas. It's a beautiful book that will make you laugh and cry over and over.

Mitch had recently come out with another book "For One More Day" and he was promoting the movie (which Oprah made) on the show. He chatted with Oprah how this book was about a man who got one more day with his mother. One more day to get a second chance and share everything he wanted to say.

I bawled for about 3 hours after the show because I couldn't help think about who my "For One More Day" would be.

My grandfather.

I shared in one of my first blog posts about his suicide. In his lifetime he survived a war, the loss of a daughter, depression and anxiety. He had a lifetime of aches.

But if I had one more day with him what that look like.

He loved cards! He taught me everything about the game of spades. And there is no doubt in our mind that our day would be set around our kitchen table playing cards. Then we'd head to McDonald's for lunch. He loved McDonald's I always thought it was so cool how my grandparents always took us to McDonalds. We'd eat our cheeseburgers and then he'd finish lunch off with Mickey D's cherry pies. He still is the only person I know that eats those things as if it's the best dessert in the world. Then we'd head back home anxious to beat grandma and any other family member sorry enough to loose to the best spade players around.

I'd give anything for one more day. Just one more day to tell him I love him. Tell him I'm sorry that you were sad and hurting so badly. That I forgive you. I know you never meant to hurt us by leaving so quickly. I'd tell him that grandma is okay. She is stronger than any woman I've ever met. That she knows you still loved her. I'm sorry I did not call more often. It wasn't that hard to pick up the phone. Despite the whispers and scrutiny you still left with diginity in my heart.

At the funeral they asked if anyone would like to add items into the casket with him. I ran out a purchased a deck of cards and on the ace of spades wrote Hebrews 11:1 and placed it in his hand.

He always ended up with it any game of spades.

Sweet friends if you'd like to share the person you'd spend one more day with I'd love to hear it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And after the arrival of baby Jesus everyone enjoyed Pulled Pork sandwiches

You can stop searchig in your Bibles for the part about the pulled pork sandwiches. It really did not happen. I bet they would have enjoyed it though. Sitting in a manager chowing down on some of my infamous pulled pork sandwiches...yes ma'am.

Well today I woke up at 4:30 am. AM! Dumped 4 lbs of pork and some ingredients in the slow cooker and then went back to bed. I felt really domestic for a few minutes, but told boy not to get used to it.

We awoke a few hours later to wonderful barbeque smells. Yum!

The plan was head out of the house at 5:30 to see our sweet cousins play in their churches outdoor Christmas play then come home to some awesome pulled pork. It's like a journey thru Bethlehem and we wanted to show our support by standing in the cold taking pictures and snickering at them. We are so supportive.

So we pull in. CANCELED. What?!?! I wasn't so much disappointed at the fact that we wouldn't have to stand in the cold, but that I got dressed and straightened my hair. When you work from home things like that don't happen every day.

I like to think I got fancied up to eat my pulled pork.

And to show you how our Christmas decorating is coming along. Please check out my mantle.

No your eyes are fine. We are singing "Jo to the World" this year minus a stocking for boy. Maybe I'll get to sewing it this week.

Or as boy likes to change it up...we are celebrating "OJ"

I really can spell...every store it just out of "y".

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Because diamonds don't poop

Let's talk about pug. I'm just going to lay down why my days are exhausted chasing after a dog that is pretty convinced he's human. I was never a dog person. I had dreamed of owning a pug because after all they are pretty cute. And maybe I could put it in a little purse and take it with me everywhere. I quickly learned better. Pug doesn't do purses

Pug was a bridal gift. Some brides get diamonds or jewelry. I got something that poops. The best gift I've ever received, but also the most exhausting and high maintence too. Boy gave it to me a few days before our wedding date and so here I am getting a wedding together with this THING all by myself! I was terrifed and even more so when he got worms the next day and what they call kennel cough. I clearly remember calling boy in tears while he was at work. The wedding came and we passed our new little family member off on some poor souls for the night with his cough medicine. Hubby works like a mad man so we did not take a honeymoon and the next day we picked up pug to start are new life.

Well this cough med he was on caused some sort of side effect and we found ourselves driving home with a diaherra dog. Oh yes ma'am we could have fueled up the car with his gas. So with the windows down and me sobbing thinking what have I done we head to home. Poor boy, he should have run for the hills. And there we started our marriage.

And now our life is so full of joy with this little guy my heart could bust.

Every once and a while boy and I get on this kick about expanding our family. No, another pug. What did you think I was talking about? We are not ready for real people yet.

So this talk will come and I dream about a little sibling for pug. And then reality hits me square on the head when he jumps into the Christmas tree, pulls credit cards out of my purse and chews on them, knocks over the trash or hops on the dining room table while we are eating.

Pug would not know what do with himself not being the center of attention and have I mentioned before that he sleeps till NOON! Yep, my dog sleeps 14 hours every night. I usually get up creep into my office and for hours never hear a peep while I work. We are blessed. On Sundays we have to get him up and so one of us will go to the laundry room physically pick him up, put him outside to pee and go back out 10 minutes later and he is sound asleep in the grass.

I think we are complete for now!

**Thank y'all for your great suggestions on the gift for hubs. I love them all. Tam you cracked me it girl!

Monday, December 3, 2007

a gift for hubs

Okay creative bloggers out there...I need some ideas. This will be our 3rd Christmas as hubby and wife and each year in the past we've laid out our wants on a list, use the same bank account to purchase them, and fake the same "wow how did you know I wanted this" face.

Catch my drift. I'm really struggling with letting this go on. I just don't want this to be our focus of CHRISTmas.

So, I want to do something different. Something that doesn't take too much time or too much skill. Unique, but must most importantly meaningful. I think some of the best gifts I have received did not come Banana Republic.

So any ideas?

hello my name is...


I was cracking up when I scrolled through sweet Angie's blog the other evening and saw everyone's name and then their blog title listed on her blogroll. I saw an anynomous and was like "who is that?". and then saw a boy a girl and a pug next to it and put two and two together and figured out it's me.

I felt I should come clean. Come out of my anynomousness. My name is Megan. You can call me Meg, Megan, girl whatever fits your fancy.

And in case you care I've now used the word fancy in back to back posts. Maybe it will be my new word. Everyone needs a catch phrase. Paris Hilton has "That's hot" and now I have "That's fancy".

makes me feel fancy

i know i'm a loser.

i don't drink coffee.

but i do love the winter months where i get to join the rest of the world at starbucks and feel fancy with my hot chocolate.