Thursday, December 6, 2007

Because diamonds don't poop

Let's talk about pug. I'm just going to lay down why my days are exhausted chasing after a dog that is pretty convinced he's human. I was never a dog person. I had dreamed of owning a pug because after all they are pretty cute. And maybe I could put it in a little purse and take it with me everywhere. I quickly learned better. Pug doesn't do purses

Pug was a bridal gift. Some brides get diamonds or jewelry. I got something that poops. The best gift I've ever received, but also the most exhausting and high maintence too. Boy gave it to me a few days before our wedding date and so here I am getting a wedding together with this THING all by myself! I was terrifed and even more so when he got worms the next day and what they call kennel cough. I clearly remember calling boy in tears while he was at work. The wedding came and we passed our new little family member off on some poor souls for the night with his cough medicine. Hubby works like a mad man so we did not take a honeymoon and the next day we picked up pug to start are new life.

Well this cough med he was on caused some sort of side effect and we found ourselves driving home with a diaherra dog. Oh yes ma'am we could have fueled up the car with his gas. So with the windows down and me sobbing thinking what have I done we head to home. Poor boy, he should have run for the hills. And there we started our marriage.

And now our life is so full of joy with this little guy my heart could bust.

Every once and a while boy and I get on this kick about expanding our family. No, another pug. What did you think I was talking about? We are not ready for real people yet.

So this talk will come and I dream about a little sibling for pug. And then reality hits me square on the head when he jumps into the Christmas tree, pulls credit cards out of my purse and chews on them, knocks over the trash or hops on the dining room table while we are eating.

Pug would not know what do with himself not being the center of attention and have I mentioned before that he sleeps till NOON! Yep, my dog sleeps 14 hours every night. I usually get up creep into my office and for hours never hear a peep while I work. We are blessed. On Sundays we have to get him up and so one of us will go to the laundry room physically pick him up, put him outside to pee and go back out 10 minutes later and he is sound asleep in the grass.

I think we are complete for now!

**Thank y'all for your great suggestions on the gift for hubs. I love them all. Tam you cracked me it girl!


Tam said...

You are so funny! Not ready for "real people" -HA! I have 2 of those and a Yorkie - some days the 2 humans are easier =) But my Yorkie IS a little manic!

Oh, and Boy will probably like my suggestion more than you!

Erin said...

My pug sleeps a great majority of the day also. He sleeps in my bed, and in the mornings I have to roll him out of the way just to get out of bed!

Heather said...

I can loan you 2 "real people" to get you ready. we have a yorkie and I can agree with Tam some days the real people are easier :)

So ... what did you think about last night? I wanted him to stay and wanted Todd gone. I think they made a bad move. So glad that she won the reward. I almost cried!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Pugs are so naughty, but so cute!