Monday, December 3, 2007

a gift for hubs

Okay creative bloggers out there...I need some ideas. This will be our 3rd Christmas as hubby and wife and each year in the past we've laid out our wants on a list, use the same bank account to purchase them, and fake the same "wow how did you know I wanted this" face.

Catch my drift. I'm really struggling with letting this go on. I just don't want this to be our focus of CHRISTmas.

So, I want to do something different. Something that doesn't take too much time or too much skill. Unique, but must most importantly meaningful. I think some of the best gifts I have received did not come Banana Republic.

So any ideas?


MotoMom said...

I have been married 15 years and know exactly what you are talking about. In the beginning, before kids, we would cuddle up on the couch and watch shows like Animaniacs, Star Trek TNG and Seinfeld. For our 15th anniversary I got him the box set of Animaniacs which has been great fun as we all pile into the bed with the kids and relive our time as young marrieds. Not what you are looking for today, but something to think about in the future.
Perhaps you could go to a place that is special to you both and reminisce. We have gone back to the same park where we shared our first kiss. Or start a tradition of driving around together looking at decorated homes followed by a trip to Starbucks, pick a name off of a giving tree and go to the store together to purchase gifts for a needy child.

Kelly said...

I second what she said above - do an angel tree or something like that and buy gifts together. We work in our church's Christmas store for the needy together each year and it's always my favorite day.
or instead of gifts - plan a weekend away together. That's what we normally do. Gifts don't mean much to me but time together sure does!

Tam said...

I have no idea girl! This will be our 16th Christmas together and he STILL stumps me! He wants an iPhone. OFCOURSE! I'm giving him cash (not ALL of it) and telling everyone else to give him cash too. I honestly think this will make him very happy! It better!

Ok...a little personal here...Give him a a beautifully wrapped box for him to open only to find a piece of lingerie in it for YOU (for him) if you catch my drift (???) was that too personal??? Sorry! I'm just saying...I mean he IS a guy ;-)

Heather said...

Take a trip. That is what we are doing. We absolutely need nothing and so we decided to go to where we were engaged and enjoy a kid-free day! Should be fun!

One year I made him a "coupon book" ... with all the things he enjoyed in it or giving him "off" days for things he didn't enjoy so much. He LOVED it. He would just turn in the "coupon" whenever he wanted to redeem it.