Monday, March 31, 2014

what we've been up to

enjoying spring weather and taking lots of walks.  this is how we roll on our walks by the way.

loosing too early in the ncaa tourney.  mama is also majorly loosing in the family bracket.

barking at every.single.animal on tv.  it could be the geico gecko or bears using toliet paper.  even mucinex mucus is game.

 and getting ready for easter too!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

the one where we try squash

So we're full on into the world of solid foods with Declan.

Which, by the way, is totally messing with my issues on cleanliness.

No matter how hard I try to contain it...IT. ENDS. UP. EVERYWHERE! 

But besides the fact that some days I feel it would just be a whole lot easier to roll in the garden hose and hose him down; it's allowed me to spread my culinary wings a little bit too since I've been making all his foods.  Which is ever so ironic because my childhood lunches consisted primarily of Lunchables and PB&J.  My mom is reading this dying inside because Lord knows this woman tried every trick in the book to expand my palate.  It's a true miracle my system didn't go into a massive shock when I eventually outgrew this (to some degree).  You'll be relieved to know that my days of Lunchables are long gone and when I pass them at the grocery store I gag a little.

I'm praying Declan does not inherit my picky palate, so I'm really trying my best to introduce this kid to everything, even stuff I won't touch.  Case in point, butternut squash.  True story...I have never ever had butternut squash in my life.  Before a few weeks ago I couldn't even point one out to you in the store.  I know I'm embarrassing myself here.  Thankfully pinterest was able to talk me through on locating and cooking that one.  And so Declan and had a joint introduction on butternut squash together. 

I think it's safe to say we're both not big fans.  A whole lot of gagging going on from someone.  I think if I snuck it in another dish though we may like it better.  So we'll keep trying (or maybe he will).

Now sweet potatoes...a whole different story.  This kid takes after his mama's love for sweet potatoes.