Sunday, January 27, 2013

weekend randomness

1.  I've been craving Chick-fil-a a lot, but why is it I REALLY crave it on Sundays.  Today nothing else sounds good just a chargrilled chicken sandwich.  I should get smart and stock up on Saturday.

2.  I ventured out to Target for the first time in forever.  Oh Target how I have missed you these last few months.  Of course I hit up the baby aisle and this might be TMI, but walked away with a breast pump on this trip.  Being at home I didn't know if I'd really get use out of spending the $200 plus on one, but y'all this was marked down to $74.98.  It was originally $249.99, was never opened and not even damage to the box.  I 'm still running on a high from this deal.  Love me some Target.

3. I'm playing catch up on netflix this weekend with some of my series.  I really need for them to add the last season of Pretty Little Liars though so I can start this season.  It's sad how addicting this show is.  Also, anyone watching Deception on far I'm loving it.

4. We've done a lot of house hunting this week.  Boy has gone completely above and beyond and done most of the house hunting labor of the last couple months to weed them down because I was in now shape or mindset too.  I was glad to feel up to it this week to go through the rest with him.  I realized I enjoy house hunting a lot more when I get sit on my couch and watch another couple visit 3 houses then make my pick for them.  Not as glamorous as it is in real life, but we've narrowed it down to 2 so I'm thrilled.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of your weekend!

Monday, January 21, 2013

seeing the light at the end of the 1st trimester tunnel

I'm still here.  I'm just barely starting to crawl out from the 1st trimester.

Quick question, how is it one goes an entire pregnancy without even knowing they're pregnant?

And how in the world is that number so high they can make a tv show out of it?

For the past few months I felt like someone had kept me up for weeks at a time, thrown me on the Tea Cup ride at Disney World 24/7 and then punched me in the chest repeatedly.

Anyone feel me on that?

I need to give a shout out to Kellogg's and General Mills for their nutritional efforts these past months.  If one says one cannot live on Honeycomb's then I beg to differ.  At one point when boy called from the store asking what I wanted I just requested the entire cereal aisle.  And he got pretty close.  I also have to thank Joel at Subway for giving me the hook up on Subway bread.  Not a sandwich just the loaf of bread.  I have craved Subway bread like no one's business and sadly, their not super quick to just sell you a loaf, but Joel has saved the day. 

And the pug's are still up to their usual craziness.  I told boy I think they've put on a few pregnancy pounds with me and sure enough they have.  With one too many dropped Lucky Charms and no walks their looking a little pudgy.  Also, I am beginning to worry about pug and his response to the baby coming.  I've been doing some googling on it, but wanted to see if y'all had any good recommendations for bringing a newborn home to a dog with boundary issues.  Love to hear your experiences.

And hopefully I can get a preggo picture up this week...13 weeks baby!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

resolution 2013

For the past couple years instead of posting a resolution (that I stick to for a day), I've posted more of a fashion resolution I'm going to avoid for the year.  And not to toot my own horn, but I've keep them all.  I've had the bump-it ( the fear of it falling out was always too high), the toning sneakers (fear of me falling was also too high), and even last year's trend of the poncho I stayed clear of during it's short lived life. 

This year I'm kind of stumped and truth be told I don't feel like I'm in a position to be judging any fashion trends because this pregnancy has had me digging into the sweats drawer.  And  not just the classier sweats and yoga wear, but digging deeper and dusting off the high school/college year sweats.  So I'm really just a hot mess of faded collegiate wear and flannel drawstring pants sans the straw strings to them.

And if that doesn't ban me from the nearest Gap, boy's observation surely will.

"Um Baby, Um Um (the sounds of a man trying not make a preggo cry), babe you have a cheerio stuck to your butt."

And then I did cry.

Maybe my trend should just be avoiding sugared cereals on my behind.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

on finding out

Happy New Year's everyone!   For us New Year's day = Football for boy and endless HGTV for me.  As I type this I feel a real need to move to Hawaii or better yet win the dream home this year.  A girl can dream.

Thank you all for your sweet comments and well wishes on the baby!  I am so terrible at keeping secrets that I struggled to blog during the month of December because every time I sat down to post all I wanted to do was tell y'all.  It was a long month.

It's so fun to sit back now and see God's hand in all this.  We get asked a lot, was it planned?  After 7 years of marriage yes it was very much planned.  We have prayed and longed for this baby and to be honest by October I was in pure frustration mode.  First part of October we had a contract on our house and we thought maybe once we finished building and moved in it would happen.  The type A in me needed a well organized plan and that one seemed to work.  So, we moved in November out to our rental.  I should mention again this rental was minutes from my parents in the cutest town, but not super close to boy's work.  He thought it'd be fun to live out here for the six months of construction and put up with the commute.  We hadn't started construction on the new house and about a week of being here I secretly started to love it.  I loved the small town feel, no traffic and hey it has a Chick-fil-a.  It was perfect.  I didn't make this known to boy because he was the one with the drive so I kept my mouth shut.  About a week later out of no where boy said "I really want to live here...I really want our kids growing up in a town like this" (we didn't know about the baby yet).  He knew I loved it, but we decided to pray about it for a week and go from there. 

Well during that week something felt off.  I was thinking it was just the move or everything smelled, but one morning while boy was out hunting on the land with my dad I decided to find out. 

And that positive sign couldn't have popped up any faster than it did.  I screamed so loud I scared the pugs.  The hard part was waiting for boy to come home in a few hours.  But thankfully he got home early and while I was trying to get him into the bathroom to see the test and record it, he informed me he felt we really needed to be in this town and so on the drive back he cancelled the contract.  I love the timing of this.  He finally figured out why I wasn't fussing over his news when he saw the test and I love that I was able to get it on my phone.  Completely priceless! 

We told my parent's later that day.  I was 5.5 weeks finding out and later that week I found a doctor in our new town that I adore and had our first sonogram and the best part...hearing the heartbeat!!  Amazing!

Bless you if you have read all this.  I wanted to catch you up on finding out and explain why I might be giving birth in a cardboard box come July because we haven't found a home.  It is so true that we plan and God laughs!