Thursday, April 24, 2014

nine months

dear declan,

you turned nine months last week.  you're a whole pregnancy old basically!  i am loving this season that we are in with you.  you've got such a personality and i just love watching it blossom.  there's a song out by taylor swift called "never grow up" that we listen to all the time and each time this mama is a blubbering mess. 

you're growing so much.  you're wearing 9-12 month clothes with few 6-9 month clothes that I have to stuff you into.  i swear i spend have my day squeezing your chubby thighs.  you're also still wearing size 3 diapers.  you love mealtime and we can't shovel it into your mouth fast enough.  still not loving the greens, but we'll keep working on it.  big milestone this month...teeth!  you got your bottom two.  sadly both at the same time.  i feel like everyone warns you about those sleepless newborn nights, but they failed to mention the grueling days of teething.  lots of cuddles with mama and even a few nights where after my 5th trip into your room i picked you up and brought you back to bed with us.  also lots of runny noses.  we made best friends with the snot sucker.  thankfully, we survived and your back to sleeping great through the night.

you started swim lessons this month, and while you don't hate it, you don't seem overenthusiastic about it either.  i think you're warming up to it.  also, i'm pretty sure your favorite time of the day is when daddy comes home.  you light up and the two of you catch up on the day and just laugh and laugh together.  one thing i've really noticed this month is you know "your" people.  if someone you love is holding you like big daddy or bubbie (grandma) you flail your arms up and down in excitement smiling so big. but if it's someone you're not so sure about you just sit and stare at them.  i'm pleased to say that i'm the only one you reach out for.  my heart swoons when you do.

we love you so much little man.  everyday is such a blessing watching you grow.

all my love,

Monday, April 21, 2014

happy easter

We hope everyone had a beautiful Easter.  We had such a blessed first Easter with Declan celebrating Jesus' resurrection. 

Go figure that we had to wake Declan up Easter morning for church.  The one day of the week this kid decides to sleep in.  We got ready then threw on his Easter outfit and off to church we went.  We met my parents there and then after the service Declan did a little egg hunt or more like daddy and big daddy picked them up for him, then ate his goods.
We ran back to our house to change and see what the Easter bunny had left for Declan.  I really would have been okay just buying a large bag of empty plastic eggs because this kid was all over them.

 Then we headed to my parents for lunch.  My dad, for some reason, can't stand Peeps much less the sight of them.  So for dessert I made a lemon cake topped with Peeps and set it by his spot at the table for lunch.  We're that kind of family.  He happily ate the cake part.

The more generous Easter bunny made a stop for Declan at my parents house too.  My mom put his gifts in those giant eggs and I love his face checking out those eggs.  Like he just cannot believe those plastic eggs come that big.   And, thankfully, the Easter bunny brought this mama a large Dove dark chocolate bunny too.

Literally, chewing on God's word with his first bible.
And no Easter is complete without a good nap and some backyard swinging!

"Puddle Pug" winner!

Congratulations Treesa
on winning a copy of "Puddle Pug" in the giveaway!

Friday, April 18, 2014

bluebonnet baby

 Our first bluebonnet pictures.  
I always thought the Texas tradition was a bit cheesy, but never say never because before you know it you're running up to a stranger's door with a friend sweetly asking if you can photograph your baby in their bluebonnets. Thankfully he cooperated with mama while I snapped a few.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Good Friday and a blessed Easter weekend too!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

the costcos

This week my mom and I loaded up the babe and ventured into the big city to visit the costcos  (I do realize costco is singular, but I've noticed that in the south people pluralize it and just the sound of it that way cracks me up so I'm going with it).  This was my first trip back in quite a few years because I came to the realization a few years into our marriage that the membership was just being used to purchase books, dvds and the occasional birthday cake (they have really good birthday cake if I remember correctly). 

I have fond memories of costco, specifically, that time I waited in line behind a monkey at the customer service desk.  I promise true story.  The strange part was I seemed to be the only one in line baffled at a real life monkey being in the costcos.  No one else batted an eye as they rolled out their tubs of goldfish crackers at the dressed up monkey on someone's back.  Oh, so many questions went unanswered that day. 

So, anyway, I quit the costcos a few years ago thinking I'll return when our household expands and we can put those gallon jars of relish to actual use.  My mom did too when they moved out of the city, but apparently those aisles of bestseller books where calling her name or she was in serious need of box of AA batteries because she called me a few weeks ago to tell me she rejoined the costcos.

I was ever so glad because I'd been a little curious about their baby selection and let's face it, she just saved me $50 because I can tag along when she goes.  So, that's just what we did this week.  I'm sad to report back that we still not in a postition to be buying gallon jars of relish and frankly I'd like to camp out in that aisle and find out who besides a hot dog vendor is.  But I did get very excited about a 10 pack of toothbrushes that I got for $9.99, until I got home and boy pointed out that they are medium bristles and not soft bristles, and he only uses soft bristles.  Ugh. 

Also, anyone else bummed about the baby selection?  I was hoping they'd have a few more things.  I use pampers on Declan and they only carry their brand and huggies and frankly not sure if they beat out the amazon mom pricing.  So, any thoughts on the costco diaper situtation?  Or maybe I missed an aisle.

So, that's our exciting reunion with costcos.  It is quite a trek with a baby in tow, so that's why I treated myself to a bag, twice the size, of my head of Veggie Stiks for $4.99.  Twice the size people.

Monday, April 14, 2014

"Puddle Pug" review & giveaway

One of my favorite parts of the day is reading with Declan.  Since he was born we've been picking up books and reading to him throughout the day.  He absolutely loves it and kicks his legs in excitement as you turn the page.  We're also in that phase where we like to help gnaw on the pages too.  I was thrilled when the wonderful people at Sterling Publishing contacted me about reviewing a new children's book by Kim Norman titled "Puddle Pug".

Children's book + yes please!!

Let me tell you this has become a new favorite read in our house since it arrived.  And I know we're a little pug biased around here with our deep pug love, but this really is such a cute read.  We've absolutely loved reading about Percy the Pug and his puddle adventures and the adorable illustrations, by Keika Yamaguchi, truly captures a pug's spunky personality.  In fact, the pug's have been known to jump up on the sofa and join in for story time here and there.

Here's a synopsis of "Puddle Pug" from Sterling Publishing.

“Blue puddles, dew puddles, thick as turtle stew puddles . . .” Percy the Pug loves puddles of all sorts, but every one he finds is lacking. He soon realizes what is missing when he comes across a big, muddy puddle that is home to three friendly piglets and their mother. But Mama Pig is quite adamant that this puddle is for pigs only, and Percy’s clever attempts to enter are all foiled. How will Percy ever find a way to play with his new friends in the perfect puddle?

If you're needing a last minute Easter basket gift this would so be perfect!  "Puddle Pug" can be purchased from Barnes and Noble and Amazon.  Or just a perfect anytime gift for a pug lover too!

And the best part, you can win your own copy of "Puddle Pug".  Please enter below before Monday, April 21st.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

disclaimer: this book was given to me.  all opinions are my own.  giveaway provided by sterling publishing.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

the view from up here

i attract quite a crowd at my feet while making dinner each night.  i've got both pugs praying i drop something, declan chasing after said pugs in his walker and then my floor sweeper (aka the closest thing i'm ever going to have to a maid) who happened to join the party that evening.  it's a miracle dinner makes the table some nights.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

eight months

dear declan,

once again your mama is late posting this because she is in serious denial that you are now an eight month old.  oh how the time flies.  every day is such a joy with you.  this last month you have just become so much more active and curious about everything around you.  it's so much fun watching you take it all in.  the simplest things make you smile and your mama and daddy are getting quite the comedy ego making you laugh because it's so easy to do.  one day you'll figure out that we're not that funny.

you're quite the chunk (i need to weigh you), but my arms can feel it.  you're rocking size 3 diapers and wearing 6-9 month clothes.  you have the fattest thighs that i could squeeze all day and these dimples on your knuckles that are adorable.  this mama could eat your sweetness up with a spoon! 

still no are much more interested in this walking business and will take off in your walker pestering the pugs.  you're getting the hang of the solids business.  at first you weren't so sure, but if i mix the good stuff with the not so yummy you wolf it right down.  we also branched out with some sweet potato puffs so you can work on self feeding and even though only a few make it to your mouth the pugs have had no problem pitching in and cleaning up the ones that fall.

you're still not a fan of naps unless you're being held.  so some days you and i will just cuddle on the couch and get a nap together.  those are the best moments.  you light up when daddy walks in the door and always want to see what he is doing.  i know you will have the most amazing bond. 

my heart sometimes feels like it might burst when you smile.  we love you so monkey man.

all my love,