Tuesday, April 1, 2014

eight months

dear declan,

once again your mama is late posting this because she is in serious denial that you are now an eight month old.  oh how the time flies.  every day is such a joy with you.  this last month you have just become so much more active and curious about everything around you.  it's so much fun watching you take it all in.  the simplest things make you smile and your mama and daddy are getting quite the comedy ego making you laugh because it's so easy to do.  one day you'll figure out that we're not that funny.

you're quite the chunk (i need to weigh you), but my arms can feel it.  you're rocking size 3 diapers and wearing 6-9 month clothes.  you have the fattest thighs that i could squeeze all day and these dimples on your knuckles that are adorable.  this mama could eat your sweetness up with a spoon! 

still no crawling...you are much more interested in this walking business and will take off in your walker pestering the pugs.  you're getting the hang of the solids business.  at first you weren't so sure, but if i mix the good stuff with the not so yummy you wolf it right down.  we also branched out with some sweet potato puffs so you can work on self feeding and even though only a few make it to your mouth the pugs have had no problem pitching in and cleaning up the ones that fall.

you're still not a fan of naps unless you're being held.  so some days you and i will just cuddle on the couch and get a nap together.  those are the best moments.  you light up when daddy walks in the door and always want to see what he is doing.  i know you will have the most amazing bond. 

my heart sometimes feels like it might burst when you smile.  we love you so monkey man.

all my love,

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