Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sofa goldmine

I've kind of been in project mode lately. This is a bit unusual and also a bit dangerous. Boy always gets nervous when I reach this level because he knows his assistance is going to be called upon like for this project I saw on Southern Hospitality's blog. I love this idea...this girl's going to have to do some serious sweet talkin' to get this one done.

But this morning after organizing some spring inventory and giving the bathroom a good scrub down I decided to tackle the sofas.

It's amazing and ever so gross how stuff creeps in the sofa's black hole so I like to take a vacuum to it every now and again. Then I tell boy no more eating on the sofa EVER again...which lasts about 30 minutes. It's worth a try.

And did I mention that pug decided to help when he found a goldfish cracker under the first cushion?

So as one of us is vacuuming and the other is snacking we come across something hard in the corner of the sofa. Pug gets very excited at what sort of big crumb this could be and goes at it clawing away to retrieve it. I shimmied my hand in there just right and low and behold pull this bad boy out.

The official missing phone from this previous blog post. I just knew it'd come back. I'm so excited!

After some praises for pug I asked him if this was his reimbursement for the heels of mine he decided to devour.

He's now out of the doghouse (no pun intended).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ready for spring

Is it obvious that I have Restless Blog Design Syndrome? Because if it existed I seriously think I do. I love changing it up and Kelly did a fabulous job once again!! I'm so ready for spring {only 5 more days till March... whoa}. I had her go a little more mod & simple this time around and I also melt just a little seeing all the cute clothes in the dark blue, turquoise and lime. CANNOT GET ENOUGH!

Anyone else ready for spring?

Monday, February 23, 2009

they told it

**SPOILER ALERT** Don't read any further if you haven't finished watching tonight's episode.

So, tonight's episode was "The Women Tell All". What'd y'all think? I probably would have enjoyed watching this better if they would flip flop next week's with this week's because I'm extremely impatient and am really anxious to see who he picks. Molly or Melissa...who will it be?

My thoughts may be short on this episode since it seemed the first 30 minutes were just recaps and then we got to check in on some party where we discovered how quickly Jesse has moved on. Apparently he is taken ladies. But how fun to get to see Jeremy again...he was one of my favorites from last season.

Oh, and let's not forget Trista and Ryan. I just love those too! They give us hope for some happily ever afters...what are they 1 out of 12? No pressure though Jason.

I would have loved to have seen more chat among the girls and Jason. But wasn't it fun to see Shannon again? I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I had to pause the Tivo and examine what girlfriend did different to her hair. It really caused me some distress. For sure it's darker, but is it possible that one's hair can get wider? Then Miss Natalie, as she sat in her self destructing "hot seat" explaining to Chris that "I don't like jewelry?" REALLY! Umm. And then how she wasn't herself because she didn't have her iPod and her Blackberry. What did she do before the year 2000 to cope in life? Chris' slam on that and her telling him to calm down made my night. It actually made the whole episode.

And can I tell y'all again how much I miss Stephanie? I know no chemistry, but she had the sweetest heart!! Jillian did a fab job in talking to Jason too. Chris, were you offering her the Bachelorette position?

So, dear Bachelor buds we have a week? I'll really be good with whoever he picks. Y'all know I tilt a little more to the Molly side, but I will be thrilled with whoever...I just hope it lasts!

Sorry for a lame Bachelor post this week!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

when mantle ideas go bad

Yesterday when I stopped over to say hello to the parentals I made the mistake of knocking my mom's decorated home off it's axis.

She showed me this clock that belonged to my grandfather that she hung up in the dining room and I might have rattled off some something like...

"Well now it's thrown off the whole room and you need to replace that picture over there with a big mirror and add a scroll thingy above it to fix it. Easy enough."

"Well, what do I do with the picture?"

"How about you put that picture above the mantel because I've never thought the other looked that good?"

Big mistake because my mother realizes her mantle hasn't been cutting it the last 3 years. MUST BE FIXED. So, we do some switching around and decide the picture is looking better, but it needs something else. We tried out a couple of options, but honestly we've hit unknown territory. WHY ARE THESE MANTLES SO DIFFICULT? So, dear bloggy friends would you be ever so kind to lend us some assistance to get me back on the family will and allow my dad to stop pretending to care what the mantle looks like. Ignore the glare, her point and shoot wasn't cooperating.

So we gathered up some stuff that she owned to play... the first two show a lamp which would need some more weight too it. What would you add? We're leaning more towards the vase but maybe a little skinner and taller? What color would you do? Or is the picture too big? Tear it apart friends!

Thank y'all for your suggestions!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

guacomole always makes things better

So, today I had to run out to the store. On the way out I swung by my parents to say hello and pick up a rather large bag of Central Market's flour tortillas that my mom grabbed for me on her last run. Friends, these tortillas are might delicious if you have a Central Market near you. So, yes we stock pile ridiculous amounts tortillas in our freezer and pretend it's normal.

Then, I'm heading back home chatting on the phone and what do you know I look in my rear view mirror and I'm getting pulled over.


Is it just me or does anyone else get extremely nervous being pulled over? And no I have nothing to hide.

So, I'm sitting on the side of the road (with a suspicious amount of tortillas beside me) waiting for him to come to the window while trying to A. Not cry and B. Stop shaking. I suddenly realize I've only had a half of a sad protein bar for breakfast and it's now 5:00 so that's probably not helping the nerves any. But the sweet officer probably thinking I was late to a mexican fiesta only gave me a warning for my absent front bumper license plate. It flew off during an accident 3 years ago and apparently it does need to go back on despite the collison repair place morons that insisted it did not. So whew.

And yes, I stopped at a mexican resaurant on the way home for some guacomole to go with a few of those tortillas.

It was a good day.

Monday, February 16, 2009

episode seven

**SPOILER ALERT** Don't read any further if you haven't finished watching tonight's episode.

hello Bachelor bloggy buddies!!

First off before we dig into tonight's episode, I would like to share my Bachelor suggestion with y'all for next season. The Bachelor: Recession Edition. Seriously, this could be gold. Drop the fancy restaurants instead for a trip to Chili's or even McDonald's then replace the roses with some carnations. Comical yet economical.

But back to tonight's recap. I'm going to try not to sound sad in this post...but seriously y'all I am. I really wanted Jillian to be the one. I'll get more to that later. I also have to say the "away" dates are never my favorite; although what a relief that poor Jason wasn't battling jet lag. There just awkward to me and a little TMI for my taste. I sound like my mother saying that.

I'll start with Molly's date. So, it made me extremely nervous to watch someone bungee jump with a cute little long sweater and some chunky beads on. That just looked like a Gap disaster waiting to happen. She really just deserved a rose for doing that because I'm pretty sure I'd be on my knees crying for my mom...jumping off a bridge with a rope tied to my feet is just not one of my life goals. I did love her questions for Jason...they were so cute. Glad she got a rose.

Melissa...I guess it really bothers me about the whole parent thing. I haven't gotten over that, so I'm not really jumping for joy that she stayed. I know you can't help love, but family is so important in a marriage. I hope that gets straightened out.

Poor Jillian. She deserves that best friend to fall in love with. I kind of sensed something with the date when they kept bringing up the "best friend" thing. I just assumed there was more chemistry there. I feel very blessed to have married my best friend!! Her rose ceremony dress was gorgeous though...she left in style.

So, for two whole weeks we're going to be left in suspense. OH THE AGONY!! I'm really anxious to find out who he picks, but now more curious to find out what goes down that Mr. Chris cannot show us after the finale. Any ideas? Oh, and that DeAnna comes back because she has the nerve to fly all the way to New Zealand to confuse the poor man. Honey, we could have saved you the miles and told you you made the wrong decision last year.

Who do you think it's going it be? I've been so wrong this whole episode, but I hope it's Molly.

See you next week...this Tell All should be great!

Happy 2 Days After Valentine's Day

So, Happy {2-Days after Valentine's Day/President's Day} Day! That President's Day always messes with me because I can never seem to remember who is open and who is closed. So far I've found that my mailman may be the only one that celebrates today since my trash man and Fedex man do not.

But back to Valentine's Day...I hope you all had a good time sharing the day with friends and family that you love. We had a low key day, which to me there is no better way to celebrate. Boy caught up on his ESPN and I struggled to decide which sappy love movie I should watch. SO MANY CHOICES!! I do have to point out how humorous it was to me that the Lifetime Movie Network did not buy into this Valentine's Day love stuff and instead choose to air movies that show when love goes bad. How about some Valentine's Day cheer for the love pessimists with a movie called "Deceit"?

I settled on a Delta Burke award winner, which made me begin to question my ability to make good decisions.


Then my parent's sent us a goodie box for Valentine's Day and in it was this movie.

Sadly, we tried to see it in theater (but missed it) and then rent it over the last few weeks (always out) so we were thrilled to finally get to see it. It was wonderful...a perfect finish to a great Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

miscellaneous bin

How about some entertainment with a list?

1. I always seem to stumble into Target 30 minutes before they close. Why do they close so stinkin' early? This make it very difficult to grab bread, trash bags, scan the remaining items in the 50% home design, check out the new clothing and browse the shoes just to be sure you're not missing anything in under 30 minutes. I did manage to find one pair of these left in my size for $11.00.
Love those deals and even though I made it to the check out out of of breathe; I still made it there before they started to dim the lights. Shopping should be an Olympic event.

2. I'll admit I did not watch the Grammys Sunday for two reasons. One It's too long and two because Brothers & Sisters was on. I love those Walkers. But I was tickled that the morning shows caught me up and even more tickled when they showed a very pregnant (like due that day) woman rapping in giant polka dots. Did anyone else see this? My word what was option B on the outfit choices? But high five for hopping and skipping like that without going into labor.

3. Is it safe to eat Peanut Butter yet? These things always make me very nervous.

4. Valentine's Day is only two day away, so don't forget your cards. I love card shopping by the way? I'm usually the one laughing out loud in the aisle (alone). So, I'm curious do you go sweet & romantic for your Valentine's card or hilariously funny?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a delicious birthday

My mama's birthday was Monday {happy birthday}. And what a wonderful mom too, I might add since she accompanied me to my hair appointment and chatted with me as my ugly roots vanished and my blonde highlights returned. So actually we had two great celebrations that day.

Since my dad's retirement a few years ago he has traded in his blackberry for some baby back rib cooking and we are ever so grateful for this change. There have been many times where boy and I are at our own house and stop and discuss the deliciousness of these ribs and dream about our next visit with them because what's so magical about these ribs is that they get more delicious each time. They're just that good. So, in honor of mama's birthday dad felt some ribs where the only appropriate way to celebrate such an occasion.

Gotta rub those suckers down.

Yes, my dad still sports his WWJD? bracelet. Oh how we love him!

He's got those things timed to a "T" better than a surgeon operating. After basking in the glow of some BBQ sauce they are ready to be devoured.

And what BBQ meal would be complete without some baked beans. I have to be honest with y'all and say that I truly hate canned baked beans. They don't cut it. So, I'd been searching for a good recipe to try and I think I found one. They were delicious. It's from Paula Deen so you know this recipe means business.

4 (16 oz.) canned baked beans
1 (20 oz.) can crushed pineapple drained
1 cup molasses
1 cup plain BBQ sauce
2 TBS regular mustard
5 slices of cooked and crumbled bacon
1 (6 oz.) can crushed Fried Onions
some salt and pepper

Preheat to 350. Mix all the ingredients together, but only use 2 oz. of the fried onions. Pour into a 13x9 baking dish, sprinkle remaining onions on top and bake for 1 hour.

I didn't say they were healthy, but they are good.

And that wraps up the birthday {and hair highlight} extravaganza.

Love you mom!

Monday, February 9, 2009

meet the parents

How did The Bachelor get down to 3 so fast? This is really going by quickly.

Okay, so we said bye to Naomi tonight. Not a huge shocker...kind of guessed that's how it'd go down. But let's get into the Hometown Dates because this was full of fun wasn't it...well some at least...or like one.

1. Jillian- okay just loved her family and I'm not going to lie I love hearing a Canadian say 'again'. But her sweet family survived a difficult journey together and made it out stronger...gotta love that. Her family was just so welcoming and fun. They didn't make it awkward and it was really like they'd known Jason for years. If they picked from in-laws I think you'd have a winner here.

2. Molly- just the sweetest golfer I've ever seen in plaid. Her parent's seemed really sweet and down to earth. I thought it was going really well and then mama pulled out the "hat collection" and truth be told I held my breathe. I was so embarrassed for her. If that wasn't enough she dragged him down to the basement for some art therapy. At first I thought "oh maybe this will be just a quick pencil sketch?" Nope. The water colors came out blazing. A bit much for me but I guess it could have been worse.

Like this one...

3. Naomi- Hello Meet the Crazies! I think we were all a little prepared for some awkwardness with this one from the preview, but never to it's true depth. I'm going to have to call my mom and thank her for not making us hula hoop and bury a dead bird the day I brought boy home to meet the family. I swear if she did I would be in some serious therapy at the moment. I won't go much further into this hometown date, but of course I was very on board with her dad's talk with Jason. Y'all know I love Jesus too. Just a little strong and then did anyone else find it odd how different the talk with her mom was? I was screaming for someone to bring out a cheese platter to ease the moment.

4. Melissa- love how excited she was to see Jason. My heart breaks for her that her parent's weren't a part of it though. It didn't effect this week, but those in-laws are a big part of the whole deal so for Jason I'd be really stunned if he proposed having not met them. He seems to old school not to ask dad's permission. I also have to let y'all in on some scoop... I went to high school with one of the friend's at the dinner with Melissa. She was older, but always so very sweet. Small world.

And that's that. Any guesses on the final two? I'm going with Jillian & Molly.

Oh and cannot wait to see DeAnna again. Boy she's one determined woman to fly all the way to New Zealand.

Friday, February 6, 2009

crumb inspector

who needs a vacuum when you have this four legged friend?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

we're cool now

Hello my name is Megan and I just joined the 21st century.

We now are texting folks.

Yes, please have pity on us because we are probably the last 20 somethings to have this added to our plan. I really can't muster up an excuse for what our deal was. It wasn't the money or a hatred towards technology (I've been a tivoer for almost a decade now). I don't know maybe we were making a stand to preserve good ole' fashion communication. Nothing drives me crazier then to try a have a conversation with someone while they finish up their text (hint to the receptionist at the salon) or texting at church (what's with that?).

We caved.

It really came down to the fact that last month our bill was $20 extra in texts. Ridiculous I know. And about $10 of that was because I have one friend who only communicates with texts (no one has heard her voice in a year now) and another who insists on texting "are you up?" first before going into a message. Why would I not be up at 2 in the afternoon? Do people think I'm that lazy?

So C U L8R...LOL.

Monday, February 2, 2009

what episode is this?

Give me a minute while I pick my jaw up off the ground.

Okay, so no surprise I was a huge Stephanie fan and am a little shocked that she just got the boot (although a very sweet boot). I was going to make fun of her abominable snowman jacket and massive amounts of blush, but I feel that would ever so inappropriate. There was just no sparks between the too and I think I started seeing that two episodes ago. I'm so glad Jason didn't take any long to figure that out, but at the same time why did it take him so long? She was just the sweetest and left so eloquently. I hope she finds her Prince Charming very soon!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but can y'all think of a recent season where there were truly 5 great ones left? What a tough decision. This week was also a little uneventful without the drama and the nose-picking, but we did get the joy of hearing Jillian's Canadian accent come out in full force. Oh, and where is that DeAna? I was really hoping she'd pop out in the first couple episodes.

So, we are down to four chicas. Let's lay out the pros and cons and I must add that I'm not usually a fan of a pro and con list regarding relationships because we all learned from Ross in "Friends" that it will most likely get you in trouble. But since no one cares what we think on the matter I think we're good.
1. Jillian:
PROS- I like the Canadian accent, eh! I feel like she is probably the most mature out of the remaining bunch. She's sweet and gorgeous. She also seems really down to earth and easy going.
CONS- I still can't look at her without thinking of that ridiculous hot dog condiment analogy. I'm still not sure that she really wants this...just not getting that vibe.
2. Molly:
PROS- She is just so adorably sweet. I think Jason and her have great chemistry. He thinks she is the best kisser. She likes scarves. Funny. I'm running out of things here.
CONS- She looks so young to me, but love has no age limit I guess.
3. Naomi:
PROS- Sweet.
CONS- I honestly think she'll be the next to go. I don't get the vibe that she's ready for marriage yet, much less a kid. And did y'all see the preview for next week of her mom. Oh my! You have to be careful with those mother-in-laws.
4. Melissa:
PROS: She's just the cutest. She's from Dallas. Although she is young I think she is really ready for it. Easy going.
CONS: Her dress with Jason drove me NUTS! The snake thing freaked me out. Would not wear that to meet your maybe soon to be stepson even if he was asleep. But we saw in the preview that her parent's did not want to be apart of the taping so who knows that could really hurt her chances.

And there we go. Crazy that we're down to four already. Who do you think is going home next week (or shall I say staying home)?