Monday, February 16, 2009

episode seven

**SPOILER ALERT** Don't read any further if you haven't finished watching tonight's episode.

hello Bachelor bloggy buddies!!

First off before we dig into tonight's episode, I would like to share my Bachelor suggestion with y'all for next season. The Bachelor: Recession Edition. Seriously, this could be gold. Drop the fancy restaurants instead for a trip to Chili's or even McDonald's then replace the roses with some carnations. Comical yet economical.

But back to tonight's recap. I'm going to try not to sound sad in this post...but seriously y'all I am. I really wanted Jillian to be the one. I'll get more to that later. I also have to say the "away" dates are never my favorite; although what a relief that poor Jason wasn't battling jet lag. There just awkward to me and a little TMI for my taste. I sound like my mother saying that.

I'll start with Molly's date. So, it made me extremely nervous to watch someone bungee jump with a cute little long sweater and some chunky beads on. That just looked like a Gap disaster waiting to happen. She really just deserved a rose for doing that because I'm pretty sure I'd be on my knees crying for my mom...jumping off a bridge with a rope tied to my feet is just not one of my life goals. I did love her questions for Jason...they were so cute. Glad she got a rose.

Melissa...I guess it really bothers me about the whole parent thing. I haven't gotten over that, so I'm not really jumping for joy that she stayed. I know you can't help love, but family is so important in a marriage. I hope that gets straightened out.

Poor Jillian. She deserves that best friend to fall in love with. I kind of sensed something with the date when they kept bringing up the "best friend" thing. I just assumed there was more chemistry there. I feel very blessed to have married my best friend!! Her rose ceremony dress was gorgeous though...she left in style.

So, for two whole weeks we're going to be left in suspense. OH THE AGONY!! I'm really anxious to find out who he picks, but now more curious to find out what goes down that Mr. Chris cannot show us after the finale. Any ideas? Oh, and that DeAnna comes back because she has the nerve to fly all the way to New Zealand to confuse the poor man. Honey, we could have saved you the miles and told you you made the wrong decision last year.

Who do you think it's going it be? I've been so wrong this whole episode, but I hope it's Molly.

See you next week...this Tell All should be great!


Mrs. Nurse said...

Glad you had a great Valentines Day. I was with you on bungee jumping. No way.. No how! Although I do not think Molly is ready to be a mom, I do think she is brave. I would have been sent home on the spot! And Jillian.. she is just fabulous. I like Stephanie but I think Jillian just might have a high chance at being the next Bachelorette!

Scrapper Mom said...

Hey girl. I hate to dissapoint, but I'm not so with you this time. Although I agree with the Melissa and the whole parent thing, I can totally understand, bc my parent's would NEVER be on TV in a gazillion years. I keep thinking that maybe he could meet them without it being televised...maybe in a private setting..especially if he is considering popping the question. I like her alot. I think she is very sweet (although the "Absolutely's" tend to get on my nerves). I like Molly too, but just not as well.

I was very shocked about Jillian. I think I was hoping it would be between her and Melissa. I don't understand his reasoning though. If you can't be best friends with your mate, then really, what have you got?

Whitney said...

Bungee jumping would not have happened for me either. Believe that.
I am beyond irritated that he booted "Jill" and kept "Mel" and "Mol" I have to say that I am Team Melissa, just because Molly has really irritated me the whole season and her mother was honestly more than I could take.

Aubs said... I am so in shock right now! I really thought it would be jillian and melissa in the end. Now i know for sure that i want it to be melissa but i don't really know what he's thinking. this wait is gonna be tough! And then the previews.....i have NO IDEA what that whole after the rose ceremony was about. so many thoughts going thru my mind right now....this episode was not what i thought it would be at all!

Angela said...

Molly and Jillian were my picks from the very first night. I was really wanting Jillian though. I thought the hot tub scene was SO steamy. I just knew he had fallen for her. I think if her date had not been the first one, she would still be there. Don't. Like. Melissa. At. All.

So, Go Molly!

Oh and DeAnna (who I really liked at first) has turned out to be an attention hog.

Heather said...

I was bummed about Jillian too! I think Melissa is gorgeous, but I have kind of grown to like Molly alot and that is my daughter's name. What if at the next rose ceremony, he tells both girls good-bye to be with Deanna?? I hope not because she is kind of getting on my nerves, I mean she did have her chance and she said goodbye, just hope he still doesn't love her!

Natalie said...

I am sooooooooooo mad about the review episode! And I didn't peek at your blog...thanks for the spoiler alert though -- because it always pops up on my google reader, that's how I see it! So I skipped past it!!!

I pegged it with Jillian -- just when she kept talking about the best friend thing and he kept saying how that wasn't what he wanted. But really -- you need a best friend in a marriage so much!! I mean, passion is important too, but they are taking on a KID here, you need to be good friends for that!! Plus the girl is going to be moving to a new area, she needs a best friend!

The family thing wasn't weird to me at first, but it's getting weirder -- umm, she hasn't called them?

I'm so mad about the two weeks and no Deanna!

Rebecca Jo said...

I was bummed too... I was hoping Molly would go... I just dont feel her for some reason. Jillian was so classy though, wasn't she... her words got Jason... his little red nose made me so sad!

& I think the "after the rose" show with Chris shows its going to be Melissa that wins... I think her parents are going to be there for their first meeting - but they probably didnt want all the hoop-la - that's my guess....

Heather said...

I really thought Deanna was coming back last night!!! I still stand by my thought that she comes to give him advice on what girl to pick, not to ask for him back. I think those sneaky editors are trying to trick us. There is much buzz in the bloggy world that Melissa is the winner and I have to say I agree and couldn't be happier. She seems so real and I think they are a great pair.

But as to this up coming "drama" I have no idea what it could be and it is driving me nuts!!! I agree with the other Heather's thinking that maybe he will ditch both and pick Deanna but I really don't think that is the whole point with Deanna coming back.

Oh one more thing! Jason really annoyed me when he told Jillian their lives were too different. That was such a cop out and a flat out lie. Their lives are so similiar! The first time we met Jillian I thought they seemed like a perfect fit. I'm glad he finally got around to telling her it was more about just feeling like there was a friendship there but still...

Ok I can't wait for two weeks from now!!!

Niki said...

I'm rooting for Melissa. I know the whole family thing stinks but she can't help it and I just see more chemistry between her and Jason than between Molly and Jason. Melissa has been my choice from the beginning!

I can't wait to see the drama that goes down in the next 2 weeks! I will be very interesting!

The Mrs. said...

I would gloat and brag that I called the top two being melissa and molly, except now I don't want to. I would have preferred that melissa go home last night and it's not b/c of the parents. (BTW--WHAT WAS SHE WEARING AT THE ROSE CEREMONY?) I think Melissa, who I liked at the beginning of the season, is trying WAAAAY too hard to be "cutesy". The man thinks she's a reality show junkie who wants a career in television. I reminded him that the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader show isn't broadway or anything!

I think, though, that Jillian deserves someone different, better. I think in the end it will be Molly, but with all the drama and Deanna coming back on the scene--who knows? All I recall from the previews for the finale last night was Jason hanging over the balcony sobbing in what appeared to be absolute agony.

Drama, drama, drama!

I like your recession version idea better...fall in the love the way the rest of us "normal folks" did. My husband (the man) watches with me and gripes every week that anyone could feel a "connection" to another attractive person on a free trip in New Zealand! (lol!)

I told the Man that he should write a cynical blog after each bachelor episode--he is hilarious with his running commentary every monday night.

Have a great week! We'll gasp together in two weeks when it all unfolds.

I vote for Jillian for Season 14!

The Mrs. said...

oh and the bungee jumping---you and I were on the same page...I was thinking a boob might fly out, a necklace would scatter...but she held it all together. That molly!

Jenna said...

I just love your recaps!!!! I am not happy about having to wait @ WEEKS to know the ending!! My heart can't take it!

Heather said...

Ok I had to come back and comment again tonight because I read a theory online tonight and I think it is dead on. Someone commented on Chris' Harrison's blog on Entertainment Weekly that they think that the after the rose ceremony drama is that Jason asks Melissa's parents for her hand in marriage and proposes to her on the after the rose ceremony. I have to agree with this thinking! We shall see though...

The Bradford Blog said...

I was so for Jillian. Sorry to see her go. My guess is that the intimate taping after the rose show is Jason getting to meet Melissa's rents - since they don't like the "publicness" (not a word Melissa) of The Bachelor.

I don't like either of the final girls... but my guess is that he is going to pick Melissa.

Jillian deserves to be the Bachelorette... especially since the show created a soft core porn hot tub scene staring her and then she got the boot. Embarassing.