Friday, November 30, 2007

And next year we'll donate to their college funds

I get lots of good ideas...sadly about 75% of them turn out bad.

To prove my bad idea hall of fame I thought I would share the latest event.

I've mentioned before that boy and I teach Sunday school each week to 2nd graders. We taught them last year when they were in 1st grade and because they melt our hearts so much we took the opportunity to continue our journey with them. It could also be that they finally learned how to read and if you've ever tried to get a 1st graders to read from Genesis...well nuff said. Well stick with the "melt our hearts" sounds better.

Truly we love them to pieces and are so blessed to get to encourage them spiritually that I wanted to do something special to reward them. Each week if they bring their Bible they get a sticker, if they bring their devotional completed they get a sticker and good behavior also earns them a sticker. These stickers go into a book and each child has their own page. After 20 stickers they get a prize. We thought a big goal would be more motivating.

Well before ever researching prize options, I blurted out back in August that if they get 20 stickers they get a coupon for an ice cream cone from Chick-fil-a. Eyes lit up and the Heavens opened for these little ones with the mention of the chicken palace. They were thrilled.

I thought surely Chick-fil-a would allow me to purchase such a gift card. Ha that would be too easy.

On Sunday our 1st child will receive his prize this Sunday. Yes, I know the whole idea is awfully motivational seeing as how it has taken almost 4 months to get are 1st prize winner. I callled up Fil-a and asked about purchasing these tickets because they are for the church and the children. They tell me they can ring up $1.07 on each gift card...the full amount of an ice cream cone. So I head that way today and low and behold I get to the counter and apparently they were mistaken they have a minimum of $5 for gift cards. I beg and I plead because it's for the children and the church. No such luck. I cannot back out of this now and break their sweet little Jesus loving hearts so I break out my debit and purchase $5 gift cards. I did a dreadful looking calendar with coupons to remind me each month in 2008 of what I sucker I am.

Looking back it might have been cheaper to sign over some stock bonds to them.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

Last night we endured our little family tradition of putting up the Christmas tree. Each year I have to bribe boy a bit to help me pull the sucker out of the attic. For him it's like getting a shot. You dread it even though you have to do it, it may hurt a little, but in the end it's all worth it. Now don't get me wrong he loves Christmas like the rest of us, he just did not realize that a 9ft. pre-lite Christmas tree was in the marriage vows.

So we head up to the attic and for 30 minutes yank and pull that sucker out into tree pieces. Drag it down the stairs and then begin to assemble. He bickers for 45 minutes about why I had to buy pre-lite because by the time you find all the plugs and outlets you could have had 20 trees wrapped with lights and Costco is such a rip for selling a lousy tree. We finally get A connected to B and B connected to C. Flip the switch and of course the very top layer does not light up. As he searches in the tree for the problem I hear a shriek and turn to see boy lying on the floor yelling in pain.

Found the problem.

Looks like a light was broken and boy got an electric shock because he forgot to turn it all off. And then we have a pug that is in distress at this new object he only slightly remembers from last year until he smells it and finds the faint scent of his urine from years past and is comforted to know it is his Christmas tree.

And so together we held bandaged hands, sipped hot chocolate, sang "Oh Christmas Tree" and sniffed each branch on the tree. It's officially Christmas time.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Oh how I love the Christmas season. The presents under the tree, the cider on the stove, but for me nothing says Christmas like Christmas movies! Whoa. I think we have had a Christmas movie on every day for the past week. I may not be able to tell you who is supports what in the political running, but I can share useless knowledge of a Christmas movie. I love them all from the classics to the sappy bad acting ones. They all rock! I felt it would be ever so appropriate to share my favorites and let you in on what my TiVo will be recording for the next month. Also, can anyone tell me what movie the title of this post if from??

Here are some of our favorites:
1. A Christmas Story- so cute! We usually wait and watch this on Christmas Eve.

2. Christmas Vacation- probably our favorite. A Christmas is not complete without this one.

3. Santa Claus- have not seen the 3rd yet.

4. Christmas with the Kranks

5. Home Alone- both of them. Such good memories watching this.

6. Elf-we LOVE Will Farrell.

7. The Grinch- both the animated and Jim Carrey films.
8. A Charlie Brown Christmas
9. A Muppet Christmas- watching this film is a tradition on my hubs side of the family.

My list could go on and on. And then here are so fun ones I can't wait to watch. You can't go wrong with finding a Christmas movie on the ABC Family channel and their 25 Days of Christmas. And we must not forget the Hallmark channel. I can't wait to watch this one on December 8th, Notes.

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Thanksgiving without Pictures

Yes, ma'am the title says it all. We have no Thanksgiving pictures because well...I'm lazy and forgetful. You would think that with 3 Thanksgivings the odds would be in my favor. But that's life as a blonde I guess.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We sure did and can feel it as we have to hold our breathe now to squeeze into our pants. I mentioned we have 3 Thanksgivings, yes it's truly painful to eat that much, but seeing all our family makes it so worth it. Last Tuesday we headed to the lake house for Thanksgiving with my parents. This is perfect to just chill out, eat and of course break out a few games of Spades.

We headed back to our home Wednesday and Thursday morning boy's folks came to stay. Sadly I did not cook a turkey. We did have another big meal of sorts that I'm sure carried the same amount of calories. And no gathering with boys family is complete without an ultimate game of Cranium's Pop 5. We went to bed that night with a full belly and cheeks hurting from all the laughter.

Then Friday we all headed down to boy's extended family to have another turkey dinner (mashed potato less I might's hard to call a Thankgiving meal a meal without mashed potatos and gravy). I might have to fix that next year. Always a blast to get together with our baby cousins on that side. This is the truly Texas side, where we don't say dog we a daaaawg!

And that completes our Thanksgiving without Pictures...oh yeah and add in a glorious amount of sports including a game by our beloved Kansas Jayhawks. I may have not shared this passion with you before. We oh so love our Jayhawk basketball team and like so many of you before 2007 we forgot we even had a football team. Rock chalk!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Truly Thankful

I am thankful for:
- God overwhelming grace and mercy.
- My hubby and the laughter he brings to this marriage each day.
- An abundantly supportive and loving family.
- A mischevious yet lovable pug.
- Sweet friends that will help you out at the drop of a hat.
- All my blogging friends...I just love y'all!
- And the semi-homemade oatmeal cookies that are baking in the oven (hey..I had to add eggs, butter and water).

I hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Time to put on the Thanksgiving Pants!

I'm having a difficult time getting into the Thanksgiving spirit when my a/c is on and I'm walking around in a tank top, capris and flip flops wipping sweat from my forehead.

I will, however, get over it quickly for the food. I love Thanksgiving food. Nothing better then mom's homemade mashed potatoes. Yummy.

We begin our series of Thanksgiving dinners tomorrow and then finish up on Friday. It's rough, but someone must do it. By Friday the calories will have set in completely and the gym will be waiting my arrival Saturday. So worth it though!

And on a different note. I am looking for a song. I'm sitting at my computer trying to find this awesome song I heard on a Christian radio station. They never mention who sings it and if I could talk to y'all I'd sing it for you and you could put my hunt to an end and tell me who sings it. This is a very important mission and so I have the radio on the internet on with itunes ready to go. I'll let you know if I find it.

UPDATE: Whoa! I kid you not as soon as I hit publish I found it. The song is "Undeniable" by Mat Kearney. We have us some good traveling music now!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Because No Trip to Ikea is Complete without a 6ft. stuffed snake.

I made a quick trip up to Ikea the other day. I saw this for $4.99 and knew a pug that would love this. It's his new bud that he drags around the house. This pug is so spoiled.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tag you're It

Ms. Tam over at InProgress has tagged me to provide y'all with 7 random things about me. This outta be fun and a little embarrassing.

Here's the rules:
Link to the person that tagged you.
Share 7 random or weird facts about yourself.
Tag 7 people with their links at the end of the post then scout them out and let them know they've been tagged.

So here goes. Beware you may think less of me at the end of this.

1. I sleep with a blanket. Oh yes not just bedding an actually blanket, binkie, lovey yadda yadda I've had for decades. Go ahead laugh about the grown up with a blanket. It looks like it's been through a war, but it's so comforting to have. Boy laughs consistently at the fact that he is married to a woman with a blanket.

2. I can't fall asleep without the tv on. Praise the Lord that my husband is the same way. But college was rough with a roommate that needed total silence. It's a horrible habit I know that started in High School. We usually fall asleep to a comedy or a sitcom on Nick @ Nite. Definitely no crime shows.

3. I hate pie. Just not a huge fan of the taste of the crust. Give me a chocolate chip cookie instead and I'll be one happy girl.

4. Growing up I wanted to be a flight attendant. Some kids want to be doctors or astronauts. I wanted to wear the navy skirt with heels and hand out peanuts and cokes. Never became a flight attendant by the way.

5. I love the color blanket. Okay I know it's a shade rather than a color. I'm not gothic. I just have blonde hair and love wearing a cute black top with black heels. It's classy. Although at one garage sale on lady came up and asked if there were any other color tops besides black.

6. I hate playdoh. The smell makes me gag and the texture feels so weird. I'm going to make a horrible mom with that one.

7. I love doing meme's but hate asking people to do them for fear they may hate me so sorry if I tag you. Don't hate me :-)

Here's who I tag...sorry.
Kellys Korner
Flying Mum
Pug Posse
Okay seriously, it's hard finding friends to do this because everyone is either already tagged or done it.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas Shopping Carnival Whoa!!

Oh, I love me some Christmas shopping. I love getting and giving friends and family something unique each year, so the Christmas Shopping Carnival is such a great idea. Here are some items that I think you all may enjoy.

1. Tyler Candles Tyler Candles- These I actually love to keep on hand because you never know when someone may stop by with a gift and you didn't know you were exchanging gifts and now you don't have anything for them, but gets these and then you actually have something to give back. It's an akward moment. The 3.4 oz. candles are only $5.50 and are amazing. I always have either "Diva" or "High Maintence" lit in my own home. Truly the best candles I've ever found.

2. The Crayon Keeper- The perfect gift for kiddos. I'm handing this out for Christmas this year. It is so stinkin' cute y'all. It comes with 32 crayons and was super expensive. I had to get a little creative this year because I know the mamas get real sick of all the toys they make sounds, so I can't wait to give this.

3. Vinyl Attractions- This is a fun gift. I bought one for myself a little bit back while we were building our home. I had a scripture done and then one day came into the room and found that pug had eaten it before it even got up on the wall. Yes, he ate a scripture. So I do not have one for myself now, but these are really fun gifts for moms, sisters, and grandmas. Something very different.

4. Whomi- my ultimate favorite. I love my whomi!! I tossed my palm pilot long ago because this planner rocks. Great gift since a new year is just around the corner.

5. PSA Essentials- And last but not least. My heart skips a beat when I talk about PSA Essential's stampers. They are so sweet and fun! Just love these!

There are so many more I could list all day. Hope this helps. I also can't forget to mention a great resource etsy. There are some great finds here. Happy shopping friends!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tis the season...

for the craziness and fun to kick in.

Y'all I about got into a car accident today while driving to the post office when I heard Christmas music being played on the radio.

What? No ma'am. I am no grinch, but there should be a law that prohibits Christmas lights from being put up and Christmas music blaring before Thanksgiving.

Let's just enjoy Thanksgiving first.

All though I'm contradicting myself when I say that I am proud to admit I have completed about half my Holiday shopping already. Whoa! And speaking of Christmas gifts...on Monday I am pumped to join in with the Christmas Carnival of gifts to share my favorites to give.

I'm going to pretend I'm Oprah that day, share my favorite gifts, but just not give you anything. Sorry. But I do love this idea so y'all be sure to join in because I'm still in desperate need of some good gift ideas.

Oh and also The Open Window is doing a blog ornament fun is that. So y'all head on over there too.

Well I'm off to clean my home. I just happen to be heading out of town this weekend leaving a boy and a pug to tend to company staying one night while I'm gone. This makes me very nervous leaving them up to the entertaining and hostessing. I'm making a variety of muffins before I go so our guests are not sentenced to cold pop tarts for their breakfast.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The next best thing to the AC

I should go ahead an apologize for the fact that this post will not make you think intellectually or challenge you spirtually (not that any of my other posts have lately), but I just had to address a very pressing matter on my heart...or should I say stomach.

The Mac and Cheese snacks at Sonic.

Now friends, let me remind you of my past weeks of grueling detox for my crazy liver and the fact that I could only eat veggies, fruits, water and chicken. And I might have to add that while all this was occuring my dear friend Sonic, who I rely on to quench my thrist so frequently, came out with maybe the most ingenious little drops of heaven since Girl Scout Cookies...Fried Mac and Cheese. So for the past few weeks I've rehearsed the day that Fried Mac and I would meet.

Well friends that day came today. I'm pretty sure that a choir broke out as I took my first bite of yumminess. My tastebuds did not know what to do with themselves and I'm pretty sure I heard my arteries clog a bit as I swallowed. I stopped at 2. Tossed out the rest to avoid sending my body into complete shock and then came home and headed for the elliptical machine.

It was a good day. I now feel whole.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Totally "What Not to Wear"

Hubs recently sent me a forwarded e-mail with all these pictures someone found from a 1977 JcPenney catalogue. I was on the floor dying of laughter. Boy and I also been inspired to wear coordinating outfits. Check it out!

I particulary enjoy this one for a casual evening out on the town or a rodeo even. Notice how the high waisted jean really completes the top.


Now this is something really spiffy. No wardrobe is complete with out a TERRY CLOTH white.


Warning: Must be worn with a turtle neck and goofy grin.

The Queen of TV theme songs

For some apparent reason I'm turning into an insomniac. I could not fall asleep last night. You'd think I'd have some reason like being hyped up on our abundant supply of pixey sticks, but no nothing.

So I laid in bed ALL night wide awake watching HGTV, then Home Improvement, then "Funny Farm" (love this movie by the way). Finally at about 5:00 I got out of bed worked on my computer for a little (okay and read blogs too). Went back to bed around around 6:30 and and watched "Saved by the Bell: The College Years" and reminisced of the good ole' days when my plan was to marry Zach Morris. I also have to mention that it is extremely sad that although I cannot remember where I put my keys or keep forgeting to return a movie to blockbuster; I can in fact remember/sing along with "The College Years" theme song that I have not heard in a decade.

That's some serious talent. Especially after no sleep.

By the way, I did fall asleep and slept for 3 hours before my voicemail finally had enough. Praise the Lord I work from home.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

pixey stick anyone?

our neighbors must have read my last post...because we had a total of 10 trick or treaters. yep, that's it. so now I'm left with a basket full of narly candy. We had a Bob-the Builder, Snow White and a Scooby Doo with sweat dripping down his face because it was so stinkin' hot today. Poor Scooby-Doo!

I should have handed out bottled water.

And as you can see I'm going to be extremely busy tomorrow taking down my 2 Halloween decorations. I sort of failed at getting my decorating act together this year. I might even use them as Thanksgiving decorations.

Happy November friends...I so love this month!!