Monday, November 26, 2007

The Thanksgiving without Pictures

Yes, ma'am the title says it all. We have no Thanksgiving pictures because well...I'm lazy and forgetful. You would think that with 3 Thanksgivings the odds would be in my favor. But that's life as a blonde I guess.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We sure did and can feel it as we have to hold our breathe now to squeeze into our pants. I mentioned we have 3 Thanksgivings, yes it's truly painful to eat that much, but seeing all our family makes it so worth it. Last Tuesday we headed to the lake house for Thanksgiving with my parents. This is perfect to just chill out, eat and of course break out a few games of Spades.

We headed back to our home Wednesday and Thursday morning boy's folks came to stay. Sadly I did not cook a turkey. We did have another big meal of sorts that I'm sure carried the same amount of calories. And no gathering with boys family is complete without an ultimate game of Cranium's Pop 5. We went to bed that night with a full belly and cheeks hurting from all the laughter.

Then Friday we all headed down to boy's extended family to have another turkey dinner (mashed potato less I might's hard to call a Thankgiving meal a meal without mashed potatos and gravy). I might have to fix that next year. Always a blast to get together with our baby cousins on that side. This is the truly Texas side, where we don't say dog we a daaaawg!

And that completes our Thanksgiving without Pictures...oh yeah and add in a glorious amount of sports including a game by our beloved Kansas Jayhawks. I may have not shared this passion with you before. We oh so love our Jayhawk basketball team and like so many of you before 2007 we forgot we even had a football team. Rock chalk!


Heather said...

I'm a mom who is CRAZY about taking pictures! And I DID.NOT.GET.O.N.E!! I'm shooting myself right now!

Oh and what do you think about survivor? Who do you think will win? Any thoughts? I hope they get rid of James before he uses the idols, though I think that chance has passed!

Erin said...

no mashed potatoes?? now that's just sad.

Pandora said...

Great blog! And a fun Thanksgiving story even without the pictures :-)