Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Oh how I love the Christmas season. The presents under the tree, the cider on the stove, but for me nothing says Christmas like Christmas movies! Whoa. I think we have had a Christmas movie on every day for the past week. I may not be able to tell you who is supports what in the political running, but I can share useless knowledge of a Christmas movie. I love them all from the classics to the sappy bad acting ones. They all rock! I felt it would be ever so appropriate to share my favorites and let you in on what my TiVo will be recording for the next month. Also, can anyone tell me what movie the title of this post if from??

Here are some of our favorites:
1. A Christmas Story- so cute! We usually wait and watch this on Christmas Eve.

2. Christmas Vacation- probably our favorite. A Christmas is not complete without this one.

3. Santa Claus- have not seen the 3rd yet.

4. Christmas with the Kranks

5. Home Alone- both of them. Such good memories watching this.

6. Elf-we LOVE Will Farrell.

7. The Grinch- both the animated and Jim Carrey films.
8. A Charlie Brown Christmas
9. A Muppet Christmas- watching this film is a tradition on my hubs side of the family.

My list could go on and on. And then here are so fun ones I can't wait to watch. You can't go wrong with finding a Christmas movie on the ABC Family channel and their 25 Days of Christmas. And we must not forget the Hallmark channel. I can't wait to watch this one on December 8th, Notes.


Erin said...

the title's from Elf of course!! Such a great movie.
One of my favorite's is White Christmas! I love the classics. Have you seen it?

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi! Great Blog :)
I love all of those movies too and of course all of the Rudolph, Frosty and other puppet movies I grew up with. I think the year without a santa claus with heat meizer and snow meizer is my all time favorite.
Melissa and Emmitt
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Wendy said...

My favorite is "It's A Wonderful Life." I bet I was over 30 before I saw it for the first time! My favorite part is where Mary and George are talking to Sam Wainwright on the phone and trying not to be attracted to one another. Sigh....