Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Today I somehow spent a majority of my day returning phone calls and being put on hold.  I feel a migraine coming on with all the muzak I've endured.  One can only listen to the best of smooth jazz for so long before their thoughts make no sense.  So pardon my list of ramblings.

1.  I have to say first that my prayers are with all those from Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas effected by the storms.  My heart breaks for you and your families.  DFW got hit by some bad storms yesterday and we spent some time huddled in our windowless bathroom waiting it out.  Just the sound of a tornado siren going off has me running for cover with my pug.  Thankfully it passed and we just had lots of hail.  Here's a pic I took when it first started.  The hail got a little bigger later on.

2.  Good-bye Oprah!  I have lots memories growing up of getting off the school bus and walking in the front door and hearing Oprah on the television.  Then growing up to watch the occasional episode at 4:00 myself while working or folding laundry.  Some days she made me laugh, some days she made me ugly cry and even some days she made me disagree.  But I will miss her voice filling my house in the afternoons.

3. I dragged boy with me to Hallmark the other day.  We were out and drove by one and because we don't have one real close I made him stop.  I love Hallmark.  Give me the funny card aisle and I'll be entertained all day.  So, I grabbed a few cards and head to check out and hand over my debit card.  The older lady asked to see my ID.  I've never been asked to show ID when I use my debit, but I handed it over.  Then she made me stand up tall and smile and held my ID up close to my face to compare (for a many seconds).  I was trying so hard not to laugh because whose out stealing birthday cards.  I might have been offended if she didn't do it to the lady behind me.  Kudos to Hallmark for being thorough.

4.  I'm redoing our game room/man cave.  I'm disappointed I didn't take a before.  Actually, no I'm not because it was horrendous, but I'm anxious to show you the after.  Once I add some finishing touches I'll share.  I love a good room redo!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

never too old

i do believe one is never too old for a push-pop.

i myself had many memorable summers rocking a slap bracelet on one hand and a flinestone push-pop in the other.

good times.

i've seen the push-pop cupcakes around and knew i had to try them out for our birthday treat so i ordered a few containers.

 they turned out really fun and made us feel young again. 

**update- i purchased the containers off etsy, but the seller i ordered from doesn't seem to have them in their shop anymore.  here are a few other links i found that carry them.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

catch up

hey y'all...

i've missed you.  i honestly didn't mean to take a vacation from the blog and visiting blogs, but the time is seriously flying away too fast!!  i need it to slow down...i mean how is it almost june?  we've been busy with life.  we celebrated boy's 29th birthday last friday (gulp) and my 27th is this friday (double gulp).  this why i need time to slow down...i'm not ready for 27 yet!!  so we've been celebrating it up since boy took the week off which was well needed to catch up with family and friends, hang out at the lake and get some projects done around the house oh and can i add in morn the loss of my beloved sunday show "brothers & sisters" (i'll miss the walkers).

i started editing some pics off my camera tonight and found this one of pug watching boy kayak away into the sweet!!

be back soon!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

reason #589 why we don't check out library books

Six years ago I loved going to the library.

You couldn't tear me away.

And then I got a dog.

Specifically a bookworm breed of pug who once in a blue moon has gotten his paws on a few other literary pieces here and here.

I was on day two of reading Ms. Fey's new book.  Which I might add is hilarious.  So hilarious in fact that you may want to avoid reading it in public places due to the occasional embarrassing laughing outbursts.  Oh and you may even wear a pair of depends because it's just that funny of a read.  Well I had about 15 pages left and got up to use the restroom (see sentence above) and was not gone half a minute and came back to find a guilty looking pug and the remains of the book.

I guess he thought it was good too.

I stood there stunned.

"Seriously, this couldn't even wait to till I was finished"

And that it why we avoid all libraries and will most definitely never get to meet Liz Lemon.