Tuesday, October 29, 2013

meltdown at the pumpkin patch

Declan's first trip to the pumpkin patch and he just wasn't feeling the photo opportunities like his mama.  Major meltdown in front of the pumpkin filled truck followed by a nap.  Needless to say it was a really quick first trip to the pumpkin patch.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

three months

dear declan,

you turned three months this past weekend.  how is this even possible?  you are growing so fast and it's so bittersweet because as much as i love watching you grow i can't help but want to freeze time and keep you my little baby forever.  i took you to a new pediatrician today and you weighed in right at 12 lbs. 7 oz.  you have almost doubled your birth weight.  you are turning into quite a chunky monkey and i love it.  you're still in a size one diaper, but not for long.  you're also just on the verge of busting out of all your 0-3 month outfits...those footed pjs are getting a little short for you.

we've still had our battle with your reflux this month.  mama had to take you to cook's childrens for a sonogram so they could get a really good look at what was going on.  you were so brave and the nurse said she had never had a baby your age do so well.  proud mama moment.  i really pray this time we have it figured out.  you are such a happy baby most of the time, but you sure know how to work a room with your pouty lip to get what you want.  your daddy is a sucker for it every time.  

we've made huge strides in the sleep department over the last week.  we figured out if we put your bouncy seat in the pack n' play you're
at the perfect angle for your reflex and it's right by our bed so you can see us.  sometimes i'll wake up to see you staring at me and then you smile so big.  melts my heart.  you're falling asleep around 9 pm and waking up at 4 or 5 am for a feeding then going back to sleep till 8 or 9 am.  keep it up little man...mama is loving her sleep.

you had lots of firsts this month.  first hotel stay, first wedding to attend and even first public diaper blow out.  i'm so excited to see all the strides you make this month and all our new adventures together. 

with all my love, 

Friday, October 18, 2013

::five on friday::


I'm linking up with the lovely Five on Friday ladies sharing a few thoughts from the week.


I had gotten my mom a simple little bouncer for her house, which I should have thought that through because that kid is held the entire time he's around her, and hasn't been used once.  I borrowed it for our trip and Declan has loved it.  My world has changed with this bouncy seat...go figure.  So guess what mom I'm stealing it back.


Thanks for helping me decide on which birth announcement to choose.  It's been fun watching which ones you like.  Here's that post.


One of our new favorite comedys this fall has become "The Goldbergs".  Anyone watching it?  It's
super cute and the best part is the 80's music they play during it.  I'm a sucker for 80's music and find myself singing along.


Yeah so your hips change after having a baby.  Which means that collection of denim you accumulated isn't so much on your side right now.  I discovered these from skinny jeans from Target and am in love.  They save the day while I hold onto hope my hips return.


Pug's had a rough week.  It ended with him getting a sticker on his bottom lip that I could not get off.  Those things hurt.  We had to wait for boy to get home to help 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

declan's birth announcement: i can't decide

So I'm just now getting around to putting together Declan's birth announcements.  Better late than never right?  Once upon a time I was an organized person.  I love getting birth announcements and am so excited to send them out for the first time.  I received an email from Tiny Prints about their adorable birth announcements and could not be more thrilled to use them for Declan’s announcements since I am head over heels in love with their designs.  So much so I can't decide which one is my favorite.

Will you help me?

I put together my favorites.  His newborn pictures where taken by the talented and oh so lovely Christy Nickell Photography.  I love all the black and whites she took, but felt like I've got to show off that red hair for the announcement picture.  Thanks for voting...we'll see which one is your favorite on Monday and then I'll get these ordered and mailed out.

::poll at the top of blog::


Monday, October 14, 2013

weekend wedding

I've apparently fallen off the blog bandwagon once again.  We've had a busy few weeks all done on little sleep.  Anyone want to come sleep train my child?  Any takers?

Boy's BFF got married this weekend and boy was in the wedding so we loaded up and headed out of town.  And when I say loaded up we literally had our car filled with everything except the kitchen sink.  If I could have brought that along I would have. 

So off we headed for middle of nowhere Texas, seriously it was out in the boonies.

He did fantastic on the drive down sleeping the whole way.  Then checking out the digs at the swanky motel.  A motel with a ceiling fan.  Forget two star ratings my kid was sold at the ceiling fan.  He slept like a champ for once... o we will now be moving into a best western permanently  (no he didn't sleep like that).

Despite the fact it was so hot and humid oh and rainy too Declan was such a trooper and quite the ladies man at the wedding. 

I have to add a few pictures of the ranch that was owned by some friends of theirs.   The barn were the reception was held. 

And here it is at night.  The antique chandeliers had me drooling.  Such a gorgeous rustic wedding...looked like it fell straight out of pinterest.