Friday, October 18, 2013

::five on friday::


I'm linking up with the lovely Five on Friday ladies sharing a few thoughts from the week.


I had gotten my mom a simple little bouncer for her house, which I should have thought that through because that kid is held the entire time he's around her, and hasn't been used once.  I borrowed it for our trip and Declan has loved it.  My world has changed with this bouncy seat...go figure.  So guess what mom I'm stealing it back.


Thanks for helping me decide on which birth announcement to choose.  It's been fun watching which ones you like.  Here's that post.


One of our new favorite comedys this fall has become "The Goldbergs".  Anyone watching it?  It's
super cute and the best part is the 80's music they play during it.  I'm a sucker for 80's music and find myself singing along.


Yeah so your hips change after having a baby.  Which means that collection of denim you accumulated isn't so much on your side right now.  I discovered these from skinny jeans from Target and am in love.  They save the day while I hold onto hope my hips return.


Pug's had a rough week.  It ended with him getting a sticker on his bottom lip that I could not get off.  Those things hurt.  We had to wait for boy to get home to help 


Rebecca Jo said...

I LOVE the Goldbergs! Brings back awesome 80's memories :)

Payton's mom said...

That show is great and so is the photo of pug. I hope his weekend was better.