Wednesday, November 25, 2009

time to pull out the thanksgiving pants

Pug got word that tomorrow involves an abundance of delicious food...specifically turkey.

So he's practicing his "pitiful begger-i'm so sweet-no one ever feeds me" face.

I think it might work.

Happy Thanksgiving bloggy friends! I'm so thankful for y'all! I hope your day spent surrounded by loved ones and lots of great food.

Friday, November 20, 2009

the gift that stumps me every year

I've mentioned in years past that I like to get a good majority of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. I'm just so organized like that.

Okay so no not at all, but this way I can avoid multiple last minute trips to Wally World that involve tears and long lines.

I find this plan also avoids losing my sanity.

So, I'm proud to say that I'm about 86.4% done with my shopping. There's a "Lost" DVD set waiting to be purchased, a toy for a 12 year old boy who has everything, and some Grandma gifts.

I always struggle with the Grandma gifts because how many fuzzy slippers and I heart Grandma mugs can you give?

What are you giving your Grandma/MeMaw/Gigi/Granny this year?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

eau de pug

In high school my perfumes of choice were CK's Eternity and Tommy Girl.

Oh how the high school hallways reeked of Tommy fragrance and ignorance.

I can still smell it now.

This weekend while taking a phone call pug secretly pulled out a magazine from the recycling bin, hid from my view and decided it would suffice his boredom to rip it to pieces. That dog must be entertained 24/7 I tell you. So, as I'm on the phone I'm thinking pug's gnawing on a toy (mistake number one he never does what he should be) when instead he's doing a little recycling of his own.

When I hang up the phone and plop back on the couch pug appears next to me and I find myself exclaiming, "My, you smell fantastic!"

And then I rewind what just came out of my mouth and say "Wait, why do you smell so good?". And my investigation quickly leads me to the magazine behind the sofa and a half eaten Eternity sample insert. With a proud pug displaying his destruction work.

I have to say though, he worked that fragrance.

Friday, November 13, 2009

miscellaneous bin

Just a few things that are ever so not important...

1. I still have not been able to get my flu shot...the original one. I'm on a wait list. Or so they say. After being on the list for over a month I'm kind of wondering about this "list". Anyone else not been able to get their shot?

2. Thank you all for helping a girl out and brainstorming on this post. Still haven't remembered the shoe, but if anyone gets a fashion flashback let me know.

3. I'm reading Max Lucado's "Cast of Characters". It is absolutely wonderful. I think this would be such a great gift or perfect for a bible study group book as well. Check it out if you haven't.

4. I've been doing some Christmas card searching online today. I can't decide to do picture or no picture. I'm kind of running out of time, we might just do the picture ourselves. Have you found your Christmas cards yet?

5. Is anyone else thrilled that Raver has joined Grey's? I'm loving this season.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

the shoes

Wanted: Name of my totally awesome childhood sneakers

Last Seen: Sported with probably an Espirit outfit, crimped hair and an array of slap bracelets dancing to New Kids on the Block

So, this past weekend I watched one of my favorite chick flicks..."Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" {oh how I love this movie} and in between noticing how SJP desperately needed her eyebrows waxed I couldn't help but notice the rad fashion choices. It got me thinking of my own 80's choices that I sported {many regrettable ones I'm sure}. Then I had a flashback to my shoes the keds & jellies and the ones I cannot remember.

And it's driving me crazy.

I even googled it and found nothing.

I'm really embarrassed to tell you I googled that.

So, fellow 80's friends if anyone can help put my fashion mystery to an end you'd be cooler than "Dance TV". They were a slip on canvas sneaker, usually in bright obtrusive colors with a bow on the toe and the awesomeness to them was the ribbons that you could tuck in your shoe or lace up the leg.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

dreaming of a winter wardrobe wonderland

Two posts in one day...oh my I'm on a roll!

I got the e-mail yesterday about the Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic 30% off and 5% towards charity sale. I love that they've done this a few times this year. I made a point to browse around tonight, and friends when did Old Navy get such cute winter items? I'm loving all their tees and jackets. So, I had to do a little playing on polyvore (so addicting by the way). Here's my finds.

black & white chic

I never get tired of a cute black & white outfit.



How cute is this jacket? I think this would be so cute for a family pic.


repeat dream

I have this recurring dream that is ever so annoying.

Does anyone else have a pesky dream?

Now I graduated from college over 4 years ago, but at least 3 or 4 times a month I have this dream where I'm walking around campus getting ready to graduate and some random fella informs me that I'm missing a credit hour and can't graduate. And that credit hour is either Statistics, Spanish or Intro. to Art.

They rotate.

Just to annoy me.

And then I wake up heart pounding and go "did I graduate?"..."oh thank goodness" and go back to sleep.

At least I'm not naked in it.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

girly week

How is it November already? This week has just flown by. Boy had a business trip up to Kansas City this week, so Big Daddy took a trip up the Kansas as well to visit some family and then they met up Tuesday at Allen Field House to cheer on the Jayhawks. Very jealous I missed that.

While the guys were away mom and I had a fun girlie week (with a pug) at the lake. We watched tons of Lifetime, enjoyed the gorgeous weather and read Nicholas Sparks till our hearts content. Pug spent his week being spoiled and lounging on the back of the sofa so he could keep an eye on those pesky ducks in the lake!

Now I'm off to put up the Halloween decorations and watch The Real Housewives of OC...I know I'm a self admitted Bravo Junkie!