Friday, November 13, 2009

miscellaneous bin

Just a few things that are ever so not important...

1. I still have not been able to get my flu shot...the original one. I'm on a wait list. Or so they say. After being on the list for over a month I'm kind of wondering about this "list". Anyone else not been able to get their shot?

2. Thank you all for helping a girl out and brainstorming on this post. Still haven't remembered the shoe, but if anyone gets a fashion flashback let me know.

3. I'm reading Max Lucado's "Cast of Characters". It is absolutely wonderful. I think this would be such a great gift or perfect for a bible study group book as well. Check it out if you haven't.

4. I've been doing some Christmas card searching online today. I can't decide to do picture or no picture. I'm kind of running out of time, we might just do the picture ourselves. Have you found your Christmas cards yet?

5. Is anyone else thrilled that Raver has joined Grey's? I'm loving this season.


Heather said...

so hooked on greys! did you ever take the leap and join FB?

Heather said...

I loved Raver last night!!! Grey's is my fav! Happy weekend!

Heather said...

love Raver too but she makes me miss Lipstick Jungle!

Rebecca Jo said...

I LOVED that Max Lucado book!!! That would be a good gift for Christmas!