Tuesday, April 24, 2012

tuesday randomness

1. previously titled monday randomness because i wrote it yesterday, but then forgot to post.  i'm so bad about that.

2. i ventured out with the pugs this weekend to check out a newer dog park.  this lasted all of about 10 minutes then pug crashed a family's little picnic and landry got the runs.  so we left.

3. while at the dog park, a man across the fence in the "big dog" area asked if those were my pugs.  i paused for a few minutes before answering thinking to myself...maybe...what'd they do? ha  he was looking to get a pug and i was super happy to hear he's going to give our local pug rescue a call and look at adoption.  hooray for dog rescuing!!

4. my tivo recording is complete...real housewives of new jersey is back on.  bring on the leopard print and ridiculous drama please.

5. boy and i discovered the app draw something and all it's awesomeness.  the highlight has to have been boy's clue for the singer rihanna, featuring an umbrella and everything y'all.  very proud.

hope you enjoyed your monday and have an even better tuesday.

Friday, April 20, 2012

items may appear larger in store

a few months ago i was doing some shopping in kirkland's, which i love, and saw sitting all by it's lonesome self on a very very tall shelf this gorgeous lantern.  i'm in kind of a lantern phase right now, and just loved the look of this one.  i commented on it while checking out and the lady said it's the only one and said it has some damage.  originally, it was like $150 something ridiculous like that and it was marked down pretty good, but i was in a rush and passed on it.

i still thought of it though.

and a few weeks later, i made my way back into kirkland's to get a gift and low and behold there it was sitting in the same spot by itself.  so sad.

while checking out i asked again how much it was and it was discounted down even more to hardly anything. 


it's missing a side, but who cares for that price.

i guess this lantern and i were meant to be.  so i load it up and bring it home and notice something.

it's really big.

like ginormous.  here's pug, being bribed by a treat, to show you how tall it is.

it either grew on the way home, or the shelf was a lot higher up than i thought and need my eyes checked. 

when my husband walked in the door he asked "are the british coming?"

but i love it still!  i have some led candles on timers in it, but need some bigger ones that i'm on the hunt for.

 gotta love a deal that's meant to be.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


boy turns 30 in less than a month...YIKES!!  i'm not ready for us to be changing out the 2's to 3's.  thankfully he gets to go first and i get 2 more years to mentally prepare myself for this.  it's coming fast and i really want to do something special for the his big day.  i'm just not sure what.

thank goodness for pinterest.  lots of good ideas.  surprise party is totally out.  he's just like me where he doesn't even like restaurants coming out and singing "happy birthday" to you.  also, i'm terrible at keeping secrets, so i'd giggle the surprise right out.

i've even thought maybe just a small get together.  maybe with a little theme...i'd like to take an ode to "30 rock" theme, but that may be to girlie for boy?  or here's some fun other ideas.

or just celebrate the 2 of us and keep it low key.  so many choices!!  thankfully, i know he'll be happy with whatever since he's so laid back. 

i'd love to hear any ideas if you have them.  how'd you celebrate a big milestone birthday or any thoughts on throwing a fun one?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

no place like home

we'll we made it up to kansas last week for my grandma's funeral. 

i successfully managed not to pee at a gas station restroom during the duration of our driving. 

grandma would be so proud.

i weighed the pros and cons, and my germophobic self decided i'd rather run the risk of a kidney explosion than ask for that restroom key.  why do men have it so easy when it comes to traveling?

we headed out early tuesday morning, made it to the wichita area where my grandpa lives, took him to dinner and visited, then headed up to northern kansas that night.  the funeral was wednesday morning, and after the beautiful service we stayed as long as we could catching up with everyone before we had to hit the rode back to texas. 

after that quick 9 hours up and 9 hours back i wouldn't count on seeing us taking any road trips in the near future.  we ran out of things to talk about and various ways to play the alphabet game.

and the pugs happily returned back home to their respected sofas after their two night stay at the local puppy resort.

which ironically cost more than our night at the local "inn".

and was probably a lot cleaner too.

Monday, April 9, 2012

he must do yoga

landry's no fool.  he loves a good nap.

he's really good at them too. 

and resourceful during naptime.  when a comfy couch isn't comfy enough.  one must sleep on their leg.

i have a very flexible pug.

until i disturb his slumber with my camera clicking away.

don't worry...he had no trouble picking up where his nap left off.

we're headed to my grandma's funeral tomorrow.  it will be a long drive and a few nights without my snuggly pugs.  this pug mama is going to be a mess.

Friday, April 6, 2012


"sorrowful, yet always rejoicing" 2 Corinthians 6:10

the past few weeks we've been weathering a little storm around here.  and by storm i mean spiritually, thankfully not physically we had no damage from the tornado's that hit dfw tuesday.  i feel such shame to sit here and share our storm while others are suffering and dealing with far worse things.  but i'm trying to be more of an open book here and really hope to look back on this post in a few years and see how God's present workings unfold.  bare with me sweet friends.

my precious grandmother went to be with the Lord wednesday.  although it is so selfishly painful for us to let her go, the truth of the matter is she is home!!

through this sadness, we are rejoicing.

my grandmother was an amazing woman with a feisty spirit.  through those years of laughter, she also endured a lot of pain burying her oldest daughter from a car accident at a young age and my grandfather committing suicide six years ago.  the strength and courage she carried humbles me.  so i cannot stop praising him because i know she is reunited with her soul mate and her first born.  and grandma always had perfect timing...how awesome to celebrate His rising then with the Man himself!!

the past few months (many months) i have really struggled with my relationship with the Lord.  i've never wavered from loving Him or knowing His unmeasurable love for us.  but i'm not gonna lie these last few months with my husband suffering in pain there were many moments in doctor's offices or the hospital when i exhaled a "where are you?"  i was struggling to accept His will and not mine of fix my husband right this minute!!  all the while i had a procedure to remove some polyps from my stomach lining and some biopsies to see the cause of some my digestive pain that we're praying will hopefully allow us to get on the baby train we so desperately want to board. 

my husband is doing so much better.  we still don't know a really good cause of the build up that led to his lung collapsing, and last week this lack of knowledge would keep me up at night.  but i'm working on always rejoicing.

my results came back benign...praise the Lord.  but my issues are still there and we're talking plan b.  it's not going to be today or probably tomorrow or even the next before we find a treatment that works.  but i'm learning to always rejoice.

so this Easter I am rejoicing!  i'm rejoicing for the storm.  for these trials that teach us to trust and cling to His love more.  for His patience with His stubborn sheep like myself that think they know the way.  for His perfect timing.  and for His grace.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


1. happy april's fool day!  i was going to tell y'all we're getting another pug, but pug was very against joking about that.  he's still convinced anytime someone new walks thru the door that their taking landry with them.   how about y'all any pranks pulled?

2. thank you for the sweet comments on boy.  so thankful for your prayers.  he's doing much better, but still recouping and catching up on sleep.  we're also not used to having someone not come bouncing in the doors every five minutes to check some vital of his.  it's very refreshing.

3. y'all know i love my kansas jayhawks, but i went fully prepared into last night's game that we might not win.  total surprise...rock chalk!!  we are very excited for tomorrow's game.

4. i'm working on updating my blog design.  maybe one day i'll get it up.  i so wish that i had taken a screen shot of every blog header i've had over the years.  i think it's been like 6 or 7 different ones and it'd be so fun to have them to look back on.  i'm also trying to organize the blog a little bit and finally get sweet landry's face up there too.

5. amc's "the killing" comes back on tonight and i can't wait.  if you haven't seen it you've got to run out and rent them.  anyone else a fan of the show?

hope you enjoy the rest of your sunday!