Tuesday, April 17, 2012

no place like home

we'll we made it up to kansas last week for my grandma's funeral. 

i successfully managed not to pee at a gas station restroom during the duration of our driving. 

grandma would be so proud.

i weighed the pros and cons, and my germophobic self decided i'd rather run the risk of a kidney explosion than ask for that restroom key.  why do men have it so easy when it comes to traveling?

we headed out early tuesday morning, made it to the wichita area where my grandpa lives, took him to dinner and visited, then headed up to northern kansas that night.  the funeral was wednesday morning, and after the beautiful service we stayed as long as we could catching up with everyone before we had to hit the rode back to texas. 

after that quick 9 hours up and 9 hours back i wouldn't count on seeing us taking any road trips in the near future.  we ran out of things to talk about and various ways to play the alphabet game.

and the pugs happily returned back home to their respected sofas after their two night stay at the local puppy resort.

which ironically cost more than our night at the local "inn".

and was probably a lot cleaner too.


Maggie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma, but I am so glad to hear you didn't have a kidney explosion :)

Let me know if y'all need anything...I mean, I know we're in two different states, but that's a minor detail.

Rebecca Jo said...

Sorry about your g-pa :(

I've got a few road trips planned... & dreading every single one... ugh!