Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the one where we discuss summer tv

Praise the Lord boy is finally feeling better.  He had an allergic reaction to the pain pills so we had to add in some benadryl, which made him rather loopy and some great humorous entertainment over the long weekend.  For my memory and to embarrass him I'll share one with you.  I walked into the room to check on him and pug sleeping next to him and our conversation went a little like this:

boy:  he's playing tricks on me.

me: who, hon, is playing tricks on you?

boy: that dog.

{insert pug looking at me with a this dude's lost it face}

me: how is he playing tricks on you?

boy: he's just being really sneaky.

poor pug...this sweet face always the blame. 

So, go figure I get a weekend to just be at home, stay in my jammies and there is not a single good thing on tv.  Isn't that how it always goes?  Even my Lifetime back-up channel was a bummer in selection.  Because I have nothing more exciting to discuss I felt today's post would be a good one to discuss the happenings of summer tv.

1. AMC's "The Killing": This had us hooked from the first episode...so good.  If you haven't watched it you must.  I can't wait for season 2!! 

2. My Yard Goes Disney:  Super cute for the family getting the backyard, but I don't know how I'd feel if I was the neighbor and had to stare at a giant Fantasia Mickey hat from my kitchen window.  The fuddy duddy in me also goes "isn't the kid going to outgrow this stuff in 2 years?". 

3. Food Network Star:  Love that it's back on.  Can't tell though yet who I'm rooting for...anyone else watching.  I try and workout while I watch this otherwise I'd sit there and eat...makes me so hungry all the yummy food.

4.  Big Brother:  Only 8.5 days away!!!!  Cannot wait.  Always the highlight of summer around our house.

5. Hot In Cleveland:  Two words...Betty White!  Super cute show.

6. Real Housewives of New Jersey:  I am enjoying this season way more than I ever have.  I think it's because the tension with Danielle was so overwhelming in the past.  Also can't wait for Dina's new show on HGTV...I've missed her. 

7. Flipping Out:  Can't wait for this tomorrow...Jeff cracks me up.

Sadly, this our just a few I try and catch during the week.  What summer shows are you watching?

Friday, June 24, 2011

nurse pug

Yesterday was boy's sinus surgery.  Praise the Lord everything went smoothly and no one had to pick me off the floor due to a panic attack.  It turned out to be a little more invasive than we thought and I was so unbelievably grateful for his parents and sister to help and support both of us throughout the day.  It's been a long and painful day for him, so I'm praying he gets some relief by the end of the weekend.

Oh and note to self I still am not a fan of hospitals even ones that offer valet parking or have high tech waiting rooms.  No I will not fall for it.  I did discover where our deductible is going though.  Have you seen these?

It's a hospital gown that you plug into a machine and there's various pockets in the gown that inflate and heats or cools you down. You would of thought we were Jed and Ellie Mae checking out this fangled contraption while waiting for the surgeon.  I might need to get one to wear around during this hot summer. 

So pug and I are off to check on our patient.  I've become a rather talented gauze expert and pug is still determined to get that gauze off his face. 

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

hodge podge of happenings

1. Hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day weekend!  We sure did.  We were blessed to spend it with both our dads.  I found this card for boy and just had to get it, so pug generously gave boy a card this year.  Love it!

2.  Boy's sweet grandmother went home to be with the Lord this past week.  Her home and graciousness just looked like it fell right out of a Southern Living magazine.  I've also never meet anyone that loved pink more than her.  I just had to share a picture of some of the flowers we brought home from the funeral.  They were absolutely gorgeous.

3.  You must try this recipe.  It's Lemon Buddies, kind of a summer take on Chex mix puppy chow.  I made some this weekend and it didn't last long.  Delicious!!

4. Boy is having sinus surgery Thursday.  I am a hot mess of nerves.  I know it's a simple outpatient procedure, but oh I hate seeing anyone in pain or being at hospitals either.  I think it's fair to say that I'm ready for June to be over....it's been a long month.

Friday, June 17, 2011

dear sonic

Dear Sonic Drive-Thru,

We go way back.  I love you dearly for your ice nuggets and your happy hours.  I'm afraid to even try to add up the miles driven to you in a rush to be there by 4 o'clock to get my refreshing fix.  But I have a bone to pick with you dear Sonic.  Two summers ago you brought to your summer menu the Mango Breeze and we were hooked.  It's deliciousness rocked our world.  And I think I shed a tear when you took it away that fall.  But I thought no worries there is hope it might return, and then the summer of 2010 came and no Mango, but you brought the Sparkling Lemonade and I fell hard for it.  Me and that Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade became inseperable.  So, this spring I have anxiously awaited your new summer drink.  Might it be the return of the Mango Breeze or something unfathomably better.  Oh the hope my little heart had. 

But nothing.

Why dear Sonic, why no summer drink?  You're killing me here.  I need my summer fix and a break from my usual sprite.

Thirsty with a broken heart

Saturday, June 11, 2011

the birthday pug

my little puglet turns six today!!

birthdays wear him out!

Friday, June 10, 2011

book shopping

I've been on a Diane Chamberlain book kick lately so i need to mix it up a little.  Time to try something new.  Here' s what's been on my list, on my shelf and soon to be read.  And of course I'm always anxious to hear what's on your list too.

just read:

"Swimsuit" - James Patterson:  Don't judge I can't resist a Patterson novel.  I have to say this one may have even been a little too cheesy for me.  I love a good mystery novel, but this one was missing the mystery.  I won't give up you Patterson.

"The Midwive's Confession- Diane Chamberlain: good read, but honestly not my favorite of hers.  I don't know if I'm being too picky with my reads or what, but this was hard to get into.


"Love the One Your With"- Emily Giffin

to read:

"One Day"- David Nicholls

So tell me what are you reading poolside this summer?

today's smiles

1. the mavs won- i'm not so much the pro sports fan as i am with college sports, but it's fun watching them do so well.  hubs is on cloud nine!

2. fresh strawberries- ours store's selection has been so picked over for the last few weeks so i was thrilled to see tons today in the store.  and love my little strawberry stem remover...whoever invented this thing is a genius.

3. an empty laundry basket- enough said!!

4. freshly painted toes- i ever so gracefully tripped over a ginormous hose in the home depot parking lot this week (how i spent my teen years in pointe shoes still amazes me) and hurt my back.  i'm thinking it was my purse that weighs a trillion pounds that did it oh and boy laughing hysterically at me didn't help either.  so after a long day i headed over this evening to get a polish change on my toes JUST so i could sit in one of their awesome massage chairs.  i curled up in that thing and could have stayed all night.  now my back feels better and my piggies are pretty in pink.

5. a lazy weekend on the horizon.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

being real

I'm always real on my blog.  But truth be told I prefer to share the fun real stuff and leave out the sad real stuff.  I've prayed on this post over the last couple days and feel really called to share this realness going on in my life.  Trust me when I tell you I'd much rather share about pug dirtying up 6 yards of white fabric or talk about the Housewives of New Jersey, but I'll save that for another day.

Almost 4 years ago my dear sweet grandfather, my mother's father, committed suicide.  On that day my family was thrown onto a path we never knew existed and one we never wanted to be on.  We kept thinking this thing isn't supposed to happen; this isn't part of our journey.  But there we were left shocked, hopeless, alone and ill equipped.  It was a dark and long path friends.  But slowly we found our footing, my family got involved with Survivors of Suicide and received wonderful guidance and support and for the last two years my mom and dad facilitate their own groups to help other families walk that long ugly path.  I was driving home Sunday alone in the car and just praising God that we made it out and better yet stronger than ever. 

I tell you this back story, because the next night we received a phone call that our precious family friend of twenty two years committed suicide.  It has been a rough week.  She and her twin grew up with me.  All my childhood memories involve her and her laughter and that place I went to to remember all those good times feels so empty now.  We're left with a million whys...which won't get answered. 

I mentioned I really felt called to share and not as a poor family or whoa is us, but unfortunately it does exist and it effects WAY too many people.  If anyone has been effected please know we weep with you and I truly believe God does too.  If we can pray for you or someone you know on this path, please know my family would be honored to.

Thanks for listening to my heart today and I'll be back with a happier post quickly.