Friday, June 17, 2011

dear sonic

Dear Sonic Drive-Thru,

We go way back.  I love you dearly for your ice nuggets and your happy hours.  I'm afraid to even try to add up the miles driven to you in a rush to be there by 4 o'clock to get my refreshing fix.  But I have a bone to pick with you dear Sonic.  Two summers ago you brought to your summer menu the Mango Breeze and we were hooked.  It's deliciousness rocked our world.  And I think I shed a tear when you took it away that fall.  But I thought no worries there is hope it might return, and then the summer of 2010 came and no Mango, but you brought the Sparkling Lemonade and I fell hard for it.  Me and that Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade became inseperable.  So, this spring I have anxiously awaited your new summer drink.  Might it be the return of the Mango Breeze or something unfathomably better.  Oh the hope my little heart had. 

But nothing.

Why dear Sonic, why no summer drink?  You're killing me here.  I need my summer fix and a break from my usual sprite.

Thirsty with a broken heart


Payton said...

Oh, those sound so delicious that I am now unbearably thirsty! I always get their strawberry limeade and am a big fan of the ice nuggets too.
Christy (and Payton)

Anna Elder said...

ohhh sonic. growing up with sonic, i'm still not quite used to all of the stuff they've got going on these days. i do love their cream pie shakes. and i will forever love a lemon slush! makes me think of high school, summer, and washing cars. (the car wash was right by sonic and we would hang out there...haha). hope you get your summer drink!

Chelsea Faherty said...

Oh I LOVE Sonic! Everything about to me is Summery!!!!

flip flops on lex said...

I feel so gypped having not grown up with Sonic. But it is one of my favorite things about coming to your neck of the woods! My dad tells me they are bringing them back to So Cal. Figures... I'm not there. I hear there are some in Jersey...

Madison's Mommy said...

Totally had a love affair with the sparkling lemonade too...yummy and missed! Now, I need a Sonic drink in a majorly bad now!

nonnie said...

Just happened onto your blog~saw the title with "pug" in it and had to stop by. LOVE IT.

I am a whole hearted, crazy in love, give me Jesus kinda of girl (woman, lady, grandmother, etc.). I also happened to love like crazy, Pugs. We had a pug for thirteen years. He was the sweetest, most precious of all the dogs we have had.

Thanks for your witness to our Lord and Savior. Loving reading your heart in your blog!