Thursday, March 31, 2011

spring lovin'

Where can I move so I can get spring weather 365 days a year?

My bags will be packed in no time.

I love spring. 

I love the breeze coming threw my windows.

I love the return sound of lawn mowers (just not at 8 in the morning) and the smell of fresh cut grass.

I love strawberry smoothies from smoothie factory or king...I can't remember which one.

I love the sun hanging around a little longer in the evenings.

I love my neighbor's tulips.

I love flutter tees and flip flops.

I love peeps and reese's shaped like eggs...for some reason they taste so much better in an egg shape.

I even love the rainy showers.

I love spring!

Monday, March 28, 2011

second favorite

Even though pug was my wedding gift and is technically my dog.

He likes boy best.  One is never far from the other.

Unless, I'm eating AppleJacks then I'm definitely his favorite.

Boy was in Seattle most of last week and I thought great, I get pug all to myself.  I'm for sure getting the better end of this deal.

And then boy sends me a text of the claw foot tub with a view of the ocean from his hotel room.

He's so mean...he knows I dream of claw foot tubs.

And then he texts me a picture of his lobster mac & cheese.

I don't even like lobster and I'm lactose intolerant now, but boy howdy I'd eat it in a claw foot tub.

I realized quickly I did not get the better end of this deal as pug and I munch on our stale AppleJacks.

He's missing boy badly I do believe.  He gets in a funk when boy travels.

I decided to cheer him up with some Lifetime movies.

I'm not sure it's working.

I will say pug and I were ever so thrilled to see boy home safely!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a few thoughts

1. Thank you all for your sweet comments on pug.  My poor little anxious pug.  I've been reading my vet recommended pamphlets and re-potty training this week.  He's been a little calmer...I say little because that Febreeze commerical with it's stupid whistling sent him into a flying tizzy.  Also, I feel compelled to add in that I really hope I'm not changing anyone's mind about getting a dog or pug for that matter.  I don't think they're all this crazy.  And I'd totally do it again in a heartbeat because his little bug eyes and curly tail just melt my heart.  He's the sweetest!

2. Oh and more on that beam that came through our window.  It could have been worse...I can't complain...just laugh about it now.  My favorite part was that I stood their for a few minutes in complete shock of the crazy mess and thought surely someone should have come rung my door bell by now...but no one did.  So I go out there and their all busy working away like nothing happened.  They stopped when they saw a crazy blond woman flailing her arms hollering "el window is brokeno!!" At that moment I regretted taking that 7 am spanish class in college that I may or may not have dozed off in.  And by the end of the day and all glass I had been picked up...I told boy I think I'm done playing grown-up and I need to go back to Barbie's dream house asap.

3. Is anyone watching "Celebrity Apprentice"...I love it!!  It is truly a runaway train this year with quite a cast of characters on board.  I hope Busey stays on a little longer because I need to hear some more of his word definitions.  He fascinates me.

4. I just finished Pioneer Woman's "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" and it was delicious!  A perfect read over a relaxing weekend.  Do pick it up if you haven't.

And that is all friends!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

my anxious pug

First:  How was your St. Patty's Day?  I would like to confess that I did not wear green at all.  I really don't look good in it or own anything green now that I think about it.  Oh and boy has his St. Patty's tradition of watching "The Departed", but this year he didn't watch it because of a late meeting so I'm not sure what this means.

Second: The vet robbed me blind today...again.  I've mentioned that pug has been doing a lot of tt'ing in the house lately.  At first I thought he was just doing it because he enjoys watching me pull out my hair every time I have to clean it up, but then talking to my aunt she suggested we make sure it's not something medical like a urinary tract infection. 

Did you know dogs can get these?

I did not.

I bet it's in that manual I never got around to reading though.

So, I made an appointment for him today.  They wanted me to just drop him off so they could run some tests and then I'd come back and pick him up.  Perfect I thought I can get all my errands run.  But we show up and I guess his nurse didn't get the same memo because she was appalled I was just dropping him off and so I my plans quickly changed and I felt like a mama that didn't show up for her kid's first play.

Oh and did I mention I hadn't eaten anything yet.

So pug and I are shuffled into a 2x2 room full of cat posters.  And we wait.

And the appointment was full of lots of pug wrangling and treat bribery.

And then they'd disappear for long periods of time and pug and I are just left to stare at one another wishing he could playing 20 questions or tic tac toe.

And he's got his pitiful face on and I'm tempted to eat a dog biscuit because I am starving and growing increasingly claustrophobic.

Thankfully, it's was not a urinary tract infection, he's just stressed.  I know I crack jokes at pug a lot on the blog and even to his face, but in all seriousness poor little guy has had a rough month.  There's a house being built by us and we recently had a large beam from said house fall and come crashing into a bedroom shattering everything.

We were very grateful no one was hurt.  But the crash was loud enough that I'm pretty sure both pug and myself peed our pants.  So with the construction mess and multiple people coming in through the house for repairs, add the fact he's seriously territorial, and the recent Sheen phrase "winning"...he's just beat.

So 2 hours later we leave with a phamplet on having a territorial pug, empty pockets and some anxiety medication.

Which I was tempted try myself when I finally got to the car.

Gotta love these pugs!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

it's madness i tell you!

This is one of our favorite times of the year....March Madness!!

Rock Chalk!!

We had a wonderful weekend cheering on our beloved Jayhawks in the Big 12 tournament and now the fun really begins this week with the selections and first games.  We're just hoping we can hang on a little longer in the tournament this year! ha!

This came out of my laundry from just this week (not ironed yet).  Sadly, it's only a quarter of our KU gear.

And Pug even gets involved with his KU toys.

But that's probably because we take away all his others and only let him play with these for good luck.  I kid.  But maybe that might get us to the Final Four.

So who are you cheering for?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

his & hers

Nothing says romance like cleaning out your sinuses next to the one you love.

It's like a new trend apparently.

Only super gross.

But seriously this little thing has become my allergy fighting best friend and the person who thought this up is genius I tell you.

hello allergy season!

Monday, March 7, 2011

my dream tv home

Every Sunday when I sit to watch Brothers & Sisters I can't help but drool over Nora's Pasadena home.  The kitchen is calling my name!  I started thinking and if you could pick any tv show house to live in which one screams home to you?

Would it you pick Nora's gorgeous pad on Brother's & Sisters with that amazing subway tile back splash and gorgeous lighting?

Or maybe Adam & Kristina's house on Parenthood.  I'm obsessed with the striped roman blinds throughout the house.

Look at those roman shades...stunning!

And then there's Phil & Claire's cozy and cute home from Modern Family. 

Or maybe something from the past like Monica's dreamy lavender eclectic apartment.

So what home would you pick it can be anything past or present...did you have a favorite growing up or one on a show right now that you love?  There's so many I love!

images via here and here

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

miscellaneous bin

1. "The Bachelor" & "Private Practice" have done it again.  They've sucked me in.  I didn't watch the previous season when Brad was on and decided not to watch this time around because everyone was like "he's the biggest jerk ever!!" and even the previews when he got slapped didn't drag me in.  But one lonely Monday when boy was gone and from mama's persistent phone calls that I had to watch "the craziest girl EVER on the show!!"  I caved.  And can I say:

a. I think Brad is really sweet and genuine
b. I heart Emily and will be ever so sad if she doesn't get picked
c. I liked the added touch of everyone wearing safari/cargo attire for their dates
d. ABC is so cruel with their editing in the previews for the next episode each week

And then Private Practice...I came into this season around Christmas.  What can I's my southern fondness for Charlotte and my bafflement at an all in one traveling doctor's office that gets me!

2. I made a return visit to the dentist again today.  Such fun I know.  They took my blood pressure and the assistant said that it was the highest she's ever seen in all her years.  Not really a record you want to hold.  I asked if my prize for that was a defibrillator.

3. I finished "Catching Fire" this weekend and loved it.  I'm trying to decide if I should just end the series there or pick up the last one.  I've heard some people say it was dissapointing.

4. I am so happy that it's March!  I love Spring!!

5. I can't believe it's been a week since my last post...I'll try and get better this month.