Thursday, March 31, 2011

spring lovin'

Where can I move so I can get spring weather 365 days a year?

My bags will be packed in no time.

I love spring. 

I love the breeze coming threw my windows.

I love the return sound of lawn mowers (just not at 8 in the morning) and the smell of fresh cut grass.

I love strawberry smoothies from smoothie factory or king...I can't remember which one.

I love the sun hanging around a little longer in the evenings.

I love my neighbor's tulips.

I love flutter tees and flip flops.

I love peeps and reese's shaped like eggs...for some reason they taste so much better in an egg shape.

I even love the rainy showers.

I love spring!


Madison's Mommy said...

I HEART Spring too!!! I love it especially b/c we can still take the crazy fur kids for a walk when my hubby gets home....without being creeped out a little that it's dark!! How is pug these days?


Samantha said...

I agree completely! I bought some peeps tonight (the bunnies they are best if you ask me haha) and the Egg Reese's are amazing. I think it just might be the peanut butter to chocolate ratio is better in the egg shape or just that it means warm weather is here or not too far away!?

David and Elizabeth said...

Perfect spring post!

Debbie Corbari said...

Here Here! ME TOO! And you are so right...Reese's Totally taste so much better when they are eggs! What's up with that?! ;)

Erin said...

Oh flip flops. How I've missed you.

Cat said...

Ditto! From the looks of the comments it sounds like this "Spring all-the-time" place would be over-populated in a heartbeat :) Flip flops make me so happy!!!!