Thursday, April 7, 2011

the one where i discuss reality tv

Lately, I've been climbing into bed a little earlier and trying to catch up on all the many reality shows that have lured me in with bait. 

I'm pretty sure if Bravo came out with a show titled The Real Housewives of Timbuktu I'd watch it.

I felt like today we must discuss the present happenings of reality tv.  I'll start with a few of my latest favorites.

1. Pregnant in Heels- I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.  I mostly laughed, then called boy in to tell him our first born would be named Fox.  I kid.  That is if the ridiculous baby naming focus group approves first.  I do have to say I just adored Rosie and am excited to be very entertained on Tuesdays.

2. Real Housewives of Orange County- I'm not sure why I'm still watching this one.  I dearly miss the old school days of the O.C. one.  Anyone else?  It just seems sad and there's a little too much plastic surgery for me.

3. Extreme Couponing- holy coupon cutting batman!  $600 of stuff for $6.  My hat goes totally off to truly is a talent.  Also, I've decided I need to make friends with an extreme couponer so I can come shop in their stock piles.  My very least favorite part of my week is grocery shopping.  If I had to spend 5 hours in a grocery store like many of them do hunting down deals, I'm pretty sure you'd have to drop me off at the looney bin on my way home.

3. The Apprentice- One word Busey.
Do you get it?  I think Busey makes my week with his phrases.  I'm rooting for Marlee, Nee Nee, or Rich.

4. My favorite Bethenny Ever her!  And how sweet is Jason.  I hope they do this show more than once a year because I can't get enough.

5. Oh, and whose excited for some Real Housewives of New York?!?!

I know I'm forgetting others, but it's late as I'm blogging this...oh and I'm probably going to bum a few of you out when I tell you I have never watched an episode of Dancing with the Stars or Idol.  So, sorry I'm clueless on those.


candy said...

Exactly - I was just nodding my head reading your blog, love Bethenny's spin off show, and they are fastracking Bethenny Ever After to Australia, so we should have it by the end of this month (usuallly we are a year behind you guys - so annoying!).
Just watched O.C and was thinking the same thing about those girls - and I'm like you - no clue about Idol or Dancing.
Can't wait for the New York Housewives to come back - so funny to think that Jill used to be my favourite? Just can't love her anymore after her whole performance over Bettheny. I love Ne Ne the most, can't get enough, but wish she hadnt got any surgery done, to me she was more beautiful before.
PS - long time reader of your blog, but I've been very busy with 2 young bubs so I've only really been able to read you through my iphone. Nice to be able to send you a quick email xoxox

kate said...

I miss the old OC ladies too! The new cast is so dull! I also love Bethenny!

Wanted to drop by your blog and see if you have any advice for me-today on my blog I posted about my pug and the mailman..long story short they are not getting along and we got an interesting letter yesterday. Not quite sure what to do! Any advice is appreciated!:)

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

As a reality show junkie, I agree with you 100%. Same with five hours in the grocery store. And 1 hour checking out? Arghhhhh

Laurie (Gracie's mom)

Rebecca Jo said...

I totally just laughed out loud at your Busey comment... the man is a GENUIS - right? That's what Marlee says anyways. I'm rooting for Nene!! She cracks me UP!!!!!

I get ticked off having to lug in my 6 bags of groceries every week. I cant imagine putting all THAT stuff up.. no thank you

Courtney said...

Busey is perhaps the most entertaining train wreck I've ever seen, I cannot stop laughing!

Happiness Is... said...

OMG. I post before I read every day, so I wrote my post and started reading and we posted about almost the exact same thing - funny! Anyway, had to share b/c I was like "crap, if she comes to my blog she will think I read hers first!" Ha ha! great minds think alike?

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more about the OC ladies. Too much plastic, not enough personality. Alos, Bethany is one of my favs! Love her!

Whitney said...

Gary Busey is GOLDEN. Love him.
There is a guy on Survivor this season that is the non-celebrity version of him and he's just as hilarious. Loving reality tv right now!

Madison's Mommy said...

I Bethenny Ever After...I really think that she and I would be super fabulous friends! How fun would they be to double date with!?
So happy that the NY Housewives are back....that show is my guilty pleasure!
The Hubs and I are OBSESSED with Top is by far our can't live without realty show LOVE IT!