Thursday, October 30, 2008


Each year I head out to buy the nastiest tasting Halloween candy on the shelf purposefully steering clear of the Snickers and Reese's so that I'm not tempted to eat it.

But somehow it never fails and that 5 pound bag of grossness starts to taste really good!

It's like the 8th wonder of the world... in sugar form.

Happy Halloween everyone!

I promise not to talk about television for a long time

This past week while lying around and being pretty certain that the flu was going to strike me dead at any moment. I decided that it would be wise to catch up on all the recorded episodes of HGTV's House Hunters.

I'm a huge House Hunter's fan. Nothing more thrilling than watching someone else shop for a home while you scream from your couch "Go for #2 and so what if it's 60 grand more...that one has prettier granite!!"

I even watched when it first came on way back when and sometimes they didn't even get their first offer and 30 minutes later that episode just sort of ended with some #15 option that we the viewers never approved of. Such a disappointment when that happened.

But back to my important story. So I'm watching and realize something is very off.

Where is Suzanne Whang?!?!

I thought maybe she was just out sick that house hunting day, but as I watched the rest I discovered a new voice.

And the new voice doesn't make me like any of the houses.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well, I survived The Great Sickness of '08...praise the Lord!!

I seriously cannot remember that last time I've been that sick. 7 very long days!! And my sweet mother came to the rescue and stayed with me one night when boy was out. Oh bless her for that because that was the night I hit the point where I didn't really care if the dog did in fact eat the entire house just as long as I did not have to lift an arm.

But I'm back gradually catching up on your happenings over the past week. Thank you sweet friends for love and prayers.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Like NyQuil Only Better

I'm sick with the flu and popping Tylenol left and right hoping to subside the whiny-ness that comes with.

It's just the worse being sick as an adult isn't it?

I blame it on my recent trip to Wally World (remember last year) where I got so desperate for ink cartridges at 11 at night that I had no other choice. So, I sprinted to the back of the store as fast as I could...while holding my breathe.

I must have breathed.

And now I'm sick.

But guess what's better than being sick??

Being sick with free HBO...Sweet!!

Our cable company totally screwed up (again) and so they gave us a free month of HBO. It started this week so it worked out perfectly because HBO has been curing my flu with some great movies like Because I Said So, Music & Lyrics and Things We Lost in the Fire.

I think I need a sign like Motel 6 in my yard flashing {Free HBO}.

Monday, October 20, 2008

fish out of water

I have to confess...I'm not a fan of eating anything that comes from the sea, lake, small ponds or fish tanks.

The smell.

It gets to me.

Oh and the taste makes me gag.

Please don't take offense my seafood loving fans.

It's a shame really because I grew up in a lobster loving home. You'd think I would have picked up the taste for it. And then I met boy who loves those crab cakes drenched in butter and somewhere in those marriage vows I pledged to never make him a seafood dinner.

He still said I Do. Bless him for that.

And then 3 months into our marriage I learned of a family tradition on boy's side that involved hands down the nastiest seafood joint that probably violated every health code in the book you ever did see. You could smell it a mile away and see the big flashing sign five miles away. I tried many a time to come down with Cholera on those day, but my immune system failed me. So, I put on the biggest smile and ordered a side salad and retreated to gaining my nutrients for that meal off the table's tray of saltine crackers. I swear on my life that salad had a very fishy taste though. I prayed many a prayer that a new restaurant would become favored and y'all guess what my prayers were answered. Two months ago that place went flat out of business. I screamed and wept tears of joy!!

But I started feeling a little sorry for hubs and his lack of seafood intake so while at the grocery store this weekend I did the unthinkable.

I bought crab.

And cooked it.

I was super proud.

Pug looked on super excited...while I ran around with a bottle of Febreeze and opened every single window in the house and lit every single candle I could find.

Oh the smell.

Boy will now be seen at Red Lobster for his seafood cravings.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


hello cheap feels like ages since we last saw you. But oh how we are enjoying your visit. I'm afraid it's going to be a rather short one, but my checkbook and I are ever so glad to see you as a size 2.

hugs & kisses,

BTW- I don't know if I looked like a bigger dork giddily whipping out my phone to snap a picture at a gas station or the fact that I had to resort to taking a picture of the picture on my phone. Could be a toss up.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Why I don't travel

My parent's just returned from being on a 2 week Mediterranean cruise.

It was killing me to not have our twice daily phone calls for that long. So my mom and I have had some serious primetime t.v. catching up to do.

But they brought us back loads of fabulous chocolates, which more than made up for these. And since Spain's nutritional facts are in kilos...and since I slept through the part of converting kilos into grams I'm going to take a pretty good educated guess and say these wonderful delicacies have only 10 calories.

Yep that sounds about right...okay just don't correct me and let me continue to live in caloric denial because they are really good.

When we sent them off we were commenting how bummed we were that we couldn't go and then 2 days later my mom called and said that she was panty less in Barcelona (not by choice) because Mr. Airline decided that bag just wasn't necessary.

And then I was no longer jealous.

Because that's a crucial piece in travel-packing and it's not like the streets of Spain are loaded with Hanes and Victoria Secrets, but thankfully a few stores and two interpreters later she found some to board the plane in hopes that her luggage would find her as promised.

And it did 10 days later.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I guess it wasn't meant to be

One of my all time favorite movie snacks is popcorn with Nestle's Buncha Crunch dumped in.

Oh friends it's a match made in Heaven.

It's the Brangelina of salty and sweet. Although I'd prefer to think of it as the Brannifer of treats because I'm still ticked at Brad for breaking it off with Jennifer. They might have moved on, but I have not.

So, after working out...running over a mile to be exact Nestle!! I decided to blow it all and rent a movie and buy my treat.

I was very excited to so I go to open the chocolate and look.

It's like a crater of nastified chocolate.

What a bummer.

So, my tub-o-buttery popcorn and I will be chocolate less tonight.

Maybe another day.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Friday, October 10, 2008


The Fabulous Kelly so gracious transformed my blog from drab to fab. What do you think? Thank you Kelly a million times over. You're amazing!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

the apple

I've invented a new game and it's called

"You'll Never Guess How Much William Sonoma Is Selling That For!!!"

It's great fun.

But mostly it's me waving the latest catalogue in his annoyed face during "the greatest football game of the season" (there are quite a few of these I've learned) and him guessing a random amount, and me shouting back the the crazed price, and him going "that's insane"!

Oh the fun.

Now I must say that I do adore William Sonoma. Every time I spot their cute little pineapple my heart skips a beat and everything that I've purchased from them holds up like no other.

But it is a hoot to see the prices charged for some of their things and this one I'm still bewildered at.

The Halloween Apple. William Sonoma I love you dearly, but I'm not paying $22.50 for ONE apple. I'm sure it's delicious and beautiful and all, but you see I just don't feel right about paying $22.50 plus the $6 for shipping.

That's like 27 hamburgers at Mickey D's.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm going to mail myself to you...

Okay, no not really. But does anyone remember that song? It's now painful stuck in my head and I'm going to be singing it all evening.

any who...

I {heart} stationary, post cards, letters. I love it all! Getting mail is the best! Especially the Christmas cards. Long live those fun and cute mailed Christmas cards!!

I also love Etsy. There are so many adorable and genius things there. I did a lot of my Christmas shopping there last year and am finding some great stuff for this year too. Everybody loves a fun unique gift. My Etsy love is a whole other post, but I will share one fun find that I bought this weekend. It's from the shop Little Brown Pen. They have the sweetest little stationary and the best part is that you are just purchasing the pdf file so you can print them up whenever you want. Great for those impromptu notes!

Look at my note I made. It's double sided and I just printed it up on some card stock, cut it out, and folded it together. How precious is that!!

She's on my blog roll, but Courtney at Come Together Cards has some fabulous stationary as well that she lovingly hand draws. I had her do up our Christmas cards for last year and they turned out great (if you click on her Christmas card section ours is the lime green damask with the 3 crosses). She does some amazingly cute things if you haven't found your 2008 Christmas cards yet.

Also, I love Sarah & Abraham...a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! She has great simple yet sweet stationary and really fun nursery prints. Love it all!

Anyone have a fun stationary shop to share?

Also, thanks y'all for Friends reminiscing with me. I read all the comments going "yeah that one too!"

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The one where I blog about a television show

After my last post I learned that I have something in common with so many of you sweet bloggers..."Friends"!!

Oh so many of you!

And then fellow bloggers Erin and Heather shared some recent Friends love on their blogs and that stirred up some Friends memories...and well we need to have a Friends chat because it's been a long 4 years. Am I right?

I mentioned in my previous post that I usually fall asleep to a DVD and a good majority of the time it's one of these.

Here's the ole' gang. Notice the lovingly-used-worn-out appearance they hold.

Anyone remember the day the season finale aired?

I got pulled over for speeding that evening rushing home to watch it. I think the cop thought I was crying because of the ticket, but the emotions of preparing to loose some dear buds on Thursday evening were taking over instead.

And what extensively long post about a television show wouldn't be complete with out a favorites list. Here's my top 5. Be sure that you comment and leave me yours.

1. The One with the Apothecary Table
2. The One with the Prom Video
3. The One where Phoebe Hates PBS
4. The One with Ross's Tan
5. The One with Ross's Sandwhich

I think I might laminate this list now.