Thursday, October 30, 2008


Each year I head out to buy the nastiest tasting Halloween candy on the shelf purposefully steering clear of the Snickers and Reese's so that I'm not tempted to eat it.

But somehow it never fails and that 5 pound bag of grossness starts to taste really good!

It's like the 8th wonder of the world... in sugar form.

Happy Halloween everyone!


Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh...thanks so much for posting a picture of those "gross" candies! Now I want one! Happy Halloweeny to you!!

Heather said...

Happy Halloween! It's a good strategy, you have to admit!

Erin said...

Gross!! :)

Rebecca Jo said...

Unfortuantely - I've never met a candy I havent liked!

sunnymum said...

I have to laugh since I do the same thing. Somehow, my plan never works!
Thanks for visiting our blog giveaway this week. Sorry we couldn’t pick more than one winner to get the magazine! Stop back this week if you’re interested to win a box of Smuckers Uncrustables Sandwiches. I'm sure they have sugar in them too!
Best wishes!

Cosmopolite said...

I ended up with a bag of bit o' honey, so luckily there's no candy munching here!