Thursday, October 30, 2008

I promise not to talk about television for a long time

This past week while lying around and being pretty certain that the flu was going to strike me dead at any moment. I decided that it would be wise to catch up on all the recorded episodes of HGTV's House Hunters.

I'm a huge House Hunter's fan. Nothing more thrilling than watching someone else shop for a home while you scream from your couch "Go for #2 and so what if it's 60 grand more...that one has prettier granite!!"

I even watched when it first came on way back when and sometimes they didn't even get their first offer and 30 minutes later that episode just sort of ended with some #15 option that we the viewers never approved of. Such a disappointment when that happened.

But back to my important story. So I'm watching and realize something is very off.

Where is Suzanne Whang?!?!

I thought maybe she was just out sick that house hunting day, but as I watched the rest I discovered a new voice.

And the new voice doesn't make me like any of the houses.


Anonymous said...

Thank God I don't have cable . . . or satellite . . . or any of that stuff.

That sort of stuff makes me cranky . . . when they change hosts like that, as if I, the viewer, have nothing emotional invested in the show at all, or might actually care.

The holy dollar rules, I guess . . . .

Aubs said... Suzanne Whang?? Hubby and I love that show and even though it always drove me nuts how she always stood so stiff and there was just something akward about her, she made the show! I'm kind of sad now...we haven't had much time to watch tv lately so we haven't seen it in a while. =( So sorry to hear the sad news but glad to know you are feeling better...i'm sad with you about losing Suzanne Whang. Who does HGTV think they are?!? ;)

Cosmopolite said...

I hate it when they switch people out of TV shows. Reminds me of the days of Paige Davis on trading spaces. Sure, I was 8, but when they switched her out with someone else I just stopped watching.
And thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll be subscribing to yours!